It's Gotta Be You

Lily Martinez is a nice,funny,sweet,pretty girl. She lives with her dad and her older brother,Jordan.She is 18 years old. Her mother pasted away a couple of years ago. Lily used to be in a relationship with a jockey,John. He was an abuser. Lily jas a bunch of scares from John. When she is alone, she always cries, but she broke up with John over a month ago. John is somehow is gonna get her back. She lives in Mami, but then, they moved to Homes Chapel. One of those days she meets One Direction. What would happen? Will she fall for one of the boys? Will John get her back?


2. Getting Use To It

We got to our new home. I was glad because we were far away from the raper, Lucas. When we parked I already saw Jordan and Lily running into the house. When I got in I heard them saying "I call this room". 
I got the room I wanted. I was wondering about what school I was going to go to. So I asked my dad. "Dad what school am I going to?" "Well your going to go to the school... well you will see tomorrow" my dad said. "Will I be going to the same school as Jordan?" "No because Jordan and I will be going camping tomorrow" my dad said. "Oh" I went to my new room and started unpacking. It was so warm and I felt safe in this house. I got bored after 35 minutes so I started to watch Vampires Suck. I watched movies for the rest of the day. I fell asleep while watching New York Minute. In the middle of the night, I heard a sound coming from the back door in the kitchen and someone or something eating our food. So, I went downstairs to go check it out.

I started getting out of my room quietly. I didn't want to wake Jordan or my dad. I pasted their rooms. I started walking down the stair slowly. When I got to the bottom, I started acting like the pink panther. I got to the door to enter the kitchen. I open it alittle so I can peek in and see what was making that noise. I saw it. The figure looked like a person with really weird hair. I walked in and yelled "Hey! What are you doing in my kitchen in the middle of the night!!!" The person turned around. It was a clown. The clown said "I can explain". "Okay then why are you here?" I said. "I'm really sorry, I was really"...... Then he dropped this little ball thing and smoke came out of it. When the smoke faded, the clown was gone. "What!? Where did he go!? Fuck!! He all of our food!!" I said. I got so mad. I went towards the door and shut it closed. I locked the door. I went back to the kitchen. What a mess that clown made. I started cleaning the mess up. It took my and hour to finish. It was 1:30am. I went to back to my bedroom. I was so tired. OMFG I FORGOT I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW!! So I ran and jumped into my bed. After 5 mins I fell asleep again.

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