In The Woods

"Valerie my dear you must not go into that forest", were my grandmothers last words to me before her throat was ripped out by a raged werewolf.

Valerie's village has lived in fear for centuries, their fear was a mythical creature that the surrounding villages did not believe in, a werewolf pack that lived in the surrounding mountains and forests.

She meets with the alpha, who is someone close to her, will you listen when I say do not go into the woods today?


1. Chapter One

29 January ‘12

“7 am waking up in the morning” my alarm goes off.

Shit, I really hate this song but it makes me want to get out of bed to turn it off so I suppose it serves its purpose. First day of my last year of high school, oh yay, I get up and turn my phone off and make my bed. Oh crap my dog Kermit decided to pee on my floor again. You see Kermit is an Italian Greyhound so here in Colorado it’s too cold for him to sleep outside so he sleeps with me on my daybed.

“Oi Valerie breakfast is ready, get your ass down here!” My lovely brother calls me; let me rephrase that, annoying, horrible and popular brother.

You see I am not pretty nor beautiful I am just ugly with my dull brown hair pale skin and don’t get me started on my eyes, I have blue eyes with a largish hazel ring around them. You guessed it (or your thick) I have Heterochromia, when a person has different variations between their eye colours, but it’s very rare to get born with it. I am called a freak at school.

I walk over to my closet and pick out a pair of black skinny jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and my red coat. I live long way away from school if you go by the main roads but there is a forest behind my house that makes it a whole lot shorter. I head to my bathroom and put a light amount of foundation and mascara on and straighten my hair, when I finished I walked down the stairs to the kitchen to meet my brother Nate and my mother Sherry. Our father supposedly died in a hunting trip four years ago. We never found his body which made my mother and I upset being there bears and all types of animals that could well e-eat him.

“Good morning mom” I greet her with a smile, “how are you this morning sweetie? Nate was telling me you were sick and had an upset tummy, he said you were on the floor rolling around clenching your stomach?” she questioned me “I was fine mom I swear!” I yell. I sit down net to Nate and whisper into his ear “You bitch I’ll get you back” he turns to face me and smiles “Oh and mom didn’t Nate tell you he’s dating a 14 year old?” I turn to face her and try to keep a straight face, “Nathaniel what have I told you? You must not date girls who are this young! You are 19 and expected to be responsible and not a paedophile! DID I RAISE YOU LIKE VIKINGS?!” she screams at him, oh yeah bro I got you good “but mom she’s lying! Can’t you see!?” he says back “but nothing you are grounded for a week!” she says back to him. “Bitch” he mutters to me as he walks up to his room sulking. Big bro Nate is an adult, yes but he was kept back in primary school for bad behaviour so he’s in the same year as I.

My mother places two waffles onto my plate and I start to eat them, god she makes them good. After I finish eating I place my plate into the dishwasher and head up to my room to grab my school bag and say bye bye to Kermit. On the way up I see my brother on my laptop on Facebook, trying to hack my account. “Hello? Get out and stop hacking my Facebook you nosey sod!” I practically screech at him.

He spins around to look at me before getting of my chair and walking out the door.

I grab my books for my classes and my iPhone and say goodbye to my mom and start the walk through the forest to school.

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