Choosing Fame

High school junior Haley Watson has just arrived at her new school in Providence, Rhode Island. Haley is hoping that moving to a new place will help her pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. But thats not her only issue. Before she arrives, she does not know what would be in store, making friends is definitely not her strong point. But sooner than she would think, she has made some great friends. Her friends are separated into two different groups. One group is Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. The other is Jacob Hudson, Zac Rivers, Tyler Jones, Jackson Moore, and Andrew Olson. But all together they make great friends.


3. Detention

As I walked down to the science room, also used as the detention room, I thought to myself,


"How am i going to explain this to mom? Being late home on my first day without calling? I would be grounded for the rest of my life.." 


I stopped my tracks in front of the big metal door and realised; I have never gotten in trouble for anything before. my first time in detention, my first time at this school. What a great first impression. After a few more minutes of standing there, I had decided that being late for detention would give me an even worse reputation, so I should just go inside.

It wasn't all that new to me, same chairs, walls, and tables. Same people making out on a desk, people tapping their pencils, some doing homework, and others listening to music. 

I sat down at the only open desk, and took out my books to start studying. This school was hard compared to my old school, I needed to study. 


About thirty minutes later the teacher left to go to a meeting. I have no idea where she got the trust in these people to stay on task. So sure enough, as soon as the door closed, the guy in the front of the room went to go look through the window, making sure she was really gone. 

"Coast is Clear!" 

The boy exclaimed. He looked young, must be a freshman. 

Everybody started to run out of the room, making sure to be quiet as they did so. Great.. If I stayed here, I would be respected for staying the full time, but also looked down upon by the teachers because I didn't stop anyone from leaving. But if I left, they would keep record of who was still here. 

To my surprise I was not the only person thinking about this. Five guys were scattered around the classroom. Maybe staying wouldn't be so bad after all.



Sorry I have not updated in a while. sorry for the short chapter!  

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