Choosing Fame

High school junior Haley Watson has just arrived at her new school in Providence, Rhode Island. Haley is hoping that moving to a new place will help her pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. But thats not her only issue. Before she arrives, she does not know what would be in store, making friends is definitely not her strong point. But sooner than she would think, she has made some great friends. Her friends are separated into two different groups. One group is Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. The other is Jacob Hudson, Zac Rivers, Tyler Jones, Jackson Moore, and Andrew Olson. But all together they make great friends.


1. Arrived


         The thick black sky brightened by city lights was the first thing I saw as my eyes flickered open. I heard the tap tap tap of rain dripping on the roof, as my cheek pressed against the cold window. The only thing I didn't recognize was the area around me. I quickly lifted my head off the door and skimmed the city. It was hard to see as I was in a moving vehicle, and then realized as well that it was not my family's van, it was a moving truck. 

 "Glad you finally woke up, we're almost there!"

Mom said while she turned away from the road, and turned towards me. 

I yawned,  "wh-where are we?" I ask, stretching my arms up to the celling.

"We have just arrived in Rhode Island! And now, welcome to our new home!' 

We pulled the truck into a driveway infront of a big beautiful light brown house. The windows were shaped as diamonds and squares, with two mutton bars in each. the roof was made of nice wooden shafts. The top left light was the only light shining throughout all the house, so dad must be home!


I crack my door open and rush out the truck, slamming the door behind me. Running up the steep driveway hurt my ankles in my four inch pumps, but I would not stop. I rushed through the screen door, only to find that the main door was locked. Easily, I picked the lock with my thumb nail.  Not thinking all the way through, I decided to go to the middle hallway, turn right and up the stairs. Turn into the third room to the left, open the squeaky wooden door and...


I jumped up and threw myself onto the bed, pulling dad into a hug. 

"My sweetheart, how good to see you!! Oh my goodness, how much you've grown!" 

"Its been so long, what now, a year?!"

"Yeah, but sweetie you know that was not my choice." 

My father said in a serious tone, pulling away from the hug till he was only holding my shoulders and looking me in the eye. 

"My company had to do some research and go to some meetings in order to get our company upgraded to the most used Oil company in the country. We had no house, we were just going week by week in different places and different hotels, it would not have been good for you, because of school and friends."

"I know, but at least we're here now!"  

I pulled my father back into a hug and a few moments later, the door squeaked open again.

"I see you two have caught up!" 

Mom said while she entered the room. Dad pulled away from the hug again to say hello to mom.

"Hey tater tot, i missed you."

Mom instantly came over and gave him a peck on the cheek. Oh no, romantic talk was just around the corner.

"Hey Haley sweetie, why don't you go unpack some boxes and start setting up your room, huh?"

"Yea I think I am going to do that!" 

I jumped off the bed, eager to leave taking big, fast, loud strides. I then shut the door behind me, and before I left, made sure it was soundproof. I would not want to hear them talking all night...


I turned to go find where my room would be. I had thought it would be hard to find, because there were so many rooms in this house. But to my surprise, it was quite easy. Apparently my parents thought ahead, as for all the doors had signs and labels stuck to them. Once I found where my room was, fourth room to the right, I slowly opened the door, to make sure it did not squeak like my parents room. Luckily, I would not have to put up with that as well, for my door was as good as new.


My arm went up to touch the wall, searching for the light switch. When I found it, i switched the lights on, then looked around the room. My room had two square windows on one wall, one on each side. The room also had one of the shorter walls with two doors on it. One led to a beautiful white painted shelf walk in closet. Where the other one led to a light green tile bathroom. That would go perfectly with my towels. I walked back into the bedroom, glancing up and down. there was beautiful light green paint and a five light chandelier with green gems hanging from it. There was no mistake, this was my dream room. Maybe moving wouldn't be so bad after all.




Hey guys! Thanks for reading. I am recently new to movellas so my writing is yet to improve... I hope you liked the first chapter of my first book. I will update our book almost every week so stay in tune. Thanks again!


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