1 Girl, 5 Boys

Lexi is only a junior when 5 of the hottest seniors notice her on her first day. After that they all try to see who Lexi will pick. Lexi tries to stay calm but sees herself falling in love with all of them. Especially one she's always had a crush on Liam.


1. The Very First Day

It was the very first day of school and as I walked past the hallways I could already feel peoples stares. I had always been told that I was a hottie, and word had gotten around that I was single. As I walked to my locker I saw 5 hot seniors come up to me. I tried to hide my smile as Liam got closer. All 5 of them had cheeky smiles on as they surrounded me. They blocked every space so I couldn't escape. Once they blocked me in they started coming closer and closer until their bodies were pressed against me. Then suddenly they all jumped back, this surprised me so much I stumbled away to the side and bumped into Liam. I smiled a bit and then walked away. Doing this just to make them want me, I skipped a little and could see the surprise looked on their face. Not being used to girls running away as they were the 5 hottest guys in school. They hesitated before catching up, and as they reached me I got to my friend Sabrina.


"Hello dearies," Niall said in his cute irish accent. My friend Saby giggled, me knowing that she has always had a little crush on Niall. We talked and flirted for a while until I heard the morning bell. There were groans from everyone as they rushed off to class. In their british accents they all sang a "goodbye". As 4 of them rushed away Harry stayed back and whispered sexily in my ear," I'm taking you out Friday, pick you up after school." Then rushed away, Saby and I walked to class giggling about how cute they were. She winked to me once saying, " Ha, have fun with Harry honey."

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