How To Break A Heartbreaker

Kelsey Jane was a girl who had been broken one too many times. She was tired of the slow pain in her chest, tired of feeling alone and tired of feeling as if there were a hole in her heart. She swore to herself that she would never be heart broken again, so she became the heartbreaker. But will she change her ways when she meets Niall Horan? Will his quirky charm and determination to make her happy change how she feels about men all together?


11. Fake

"No, Lou. I'm not going." I told him, pulling the covers back up over my head. Louis laughed and pulled  them from me, throwing them to the floor. I gasped, the sudden cool air colliding with my skin and sat up, throwing my pillow at his head. Louis laughed even louder and walked over to the bed, scooping me up into his arms and walked with me towards the bathroom. "Louis, put me down. NOW!" I ordered, kicking as he refused and plopped me in the bath, he then put his hand on the showers 'on' button and looked down at me.

"Either you go with us, or I'm turning the shower on." He threatened. "And there isn't any hot water." He reminded me. Zayn had been taking a lovely hot shower yesterday, only for the water to suddenly turn freezing cold - he was not happy about it. Anne had called someone and they were coming over later today to fix it but until then, we had no hot water, only freezing cold. I glanced up at the shower head before looking down at Louis before sighing and nodding.

"Alright, alright. I'll go." I told him. Louis grinned but pressed the on button anyway. I gasped and squealed as freezing cold water began erupting from the shower head and landing on me. "I SAID I'LL GO!" I shouted at him as I quickly scrambled from the bath. Louis laughed and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around me as I now stood in wet pajamas in the middle of the bathroom.

"I know, but that was funny." He said, giving me a sloppy kiss on the cheek before heading out of the bathroom and towards the bedroom door. "Now get ready, me and Niall will be waiting downstairs." He added, shutting the door behind him as he left. I sighed and walked back into the bedroom, sitting down on the bed for a moment. Niall and Louis were going into town and, according to Louis, I had to go with them. I didn't want to, partly because I didn't want to be around Niall anymore than I already had to. We had been at Harry's house for around 2 weeks now and Niall was driving me insane - in fact, all the boys were and I had vowed to myself to never live with a boy by choice again. I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out an outfit, glancing outside to see that it was no longer sunny and sighed, stuffing the outfit I had previously picked out, back into the suitcase and pulling out something a bit warmed before stripping out of my pajamas and getting dressed. I then put on some light make up, dragged a brush through my hair and head downstairs.

"Ah, the princess finally awakes!" Anne exclaimed as I walk into the kitchen. I frowned and glare at Louis, who is sat at the table with Niall, who is busy placing on his phone. Louis laughs and stands up from the chair he was sitting on and walks over to me, draping an arm around my shoulders.

"I kind of woke her up very rudely this morning." He admitted, causing Anne to raise an eyebrow, intrigued. "I put her in the shower and turned it on." Louis explained, causing Niall to immediately burst into laughter from behind where me and Louis were stood and Anne bit her lit, trying to keep herself from laughing as she saw the displeased look on my face. "She forgives me though, ain't that right, babe?" Louis asked me, turning his head to look at me. I rolled my eyes and nodded before finally cracking a smile. I wasn't good at staying angry with people. Once Niall had stopped laughing, he stood up from the table.

"Right, lets go." He said, smiling. We all said goodbye to Anne and then head out Harry's front door and down the road and into town. I sighed as we walked along, Niall and Louis were in a very hilarious conversation obviously as they would burst out laughing every other second, whereas I, walked along slowly behind. "Come on, Kels." Niall called over his shoulder as he realized just how far back I was.

"How come no one else wanted to come to town?" I asked, a pout on my face. Louis grinned.

"I didn't ask them, I thought it should just be us so that, well, you and Niall could get out of the house and could be together freely around me because I already know about you both." Louis explained, a smile on his face. I frowned but Niall grinned and thanked him before stopping to walk with me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder as we walked. I glared up at him for a moment before smiling to Louis. "Right, I'm gonna head back." Louis said after a moment of  grinning at the pair of us. My eyebrows furrowed.

"What? Why?" I asked with a small pout. Louis laughed.

"Because I wanna leave you two to it." He said and with that, he gave my cheek a light kiss and Niall the thumbs up before heading off, leaving just myself and Niall alone. Niall and I stood beside each other silently for a moment before glanced at me.

"McDonald's?" He suggested. I nodded , shrugging a shoulder and we both quickly made out way to McDonald's. Once we got there, it was slightly packed and felt a little scared, I mean, I was out with The Niall Horan from One Direction. I was afraid we'd get mobbed or something  considering how many girls there were in here but we weren't. A few girls screamed and ran over, got his autograph and a picture with him before going back to their food. I suppose people were more laid back out him here as Harry Styles lived here, they'd probably seen him around before. I told Niall what I wanted and decided to leave him, finding us a table. Niall joined me a few moments later with a tray of our food and sat opposite me, a grin on his face as he placed my food in front of me. "So, how are you?" Niall asked, trying to make conversation after a couple moments silence. I laughed at his feeble attempt and smiled a little, nodding my head.

"I'm good. How are you?" I asked, continuing the weak conversation. Niall chuckled and shrugged.

"I think life is pretty good at the moment. I've got not cause for complaints." He said happily, taking a big bite of his burger. I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh really? So having to pretend to date me isn't a burden?" I asked, glancing around quickly to see if anyone had heard, but everyone was too busy enjoying their food to listen to our conversation. Niall shook his head.

"Nope, it's kinda fun really. I mean, you're a good looking girl, you're nice, funny..and you love McDonald's." Niall said, a grin on his face as he took another bite of his burger and I rolled my eyes playfully, taking a french fry and popping it in my mouth.

"Everyone loves McDonald's." I stated. Niall laughed a little, flecks of burger flying from his mouth and landing in front of me. Niall laughed at this, only for more specks of burger to leave his mouth and land on the table in front of me. I held back a laugh and shook my head. "That's disgusting." I told him as Niall tried to contain his laughter.

"Come on, laugh! You're trying not to!" Niall said, still with a mouthful of burger as he pointed at the smile tugging at my lips. I finally laughed, with made Niall smile a great big burgery smile. I grabbed a french fry ad threw it at him, but Niall only opened his mouth and tried to catch it. I rolled my eyes and laughed, throwing another one at him and soon, it turned into a game. After about an hour and a half at McDonald's just messing around and having a laugh, we decided to leave. I sipped on my coke as we walked down the road together and Niall told me about him dropping his cup of tea while on air at an interview on the radio. I laughed and shook my head.

"You're such an idiot." I told him, taking another sip of my coke. Niall laughed and shrugged, taking my coke from my hand and taking a sip of it himself before handing it back to me. As we walked along in a comfortable silence, I felt Niall's hand intertwine with mine. I glanced down at our hands, then back up at him but he looked away. I smiled slightly before taking another sip of my coke. "You know, maybe 'dating' you won't be so bad." I admitted, causing Niall to grin as he looked at me. Suddenly, a bunch of men and woman alike appeared, cameras in hand and began to take pictures of us both together, flashes blinding me. Niall shielding his eyes before letting go of my hand and getting a tight grip on my arm, dragging me down the road as we ran from the paparazzi. Niall quickly pulled me into a small alley and stood with me for a moment before taking a look outside and making his way back to me.

"I think we should wait here a little longer, I can't see anyone but they are good at hiding." Niall said as he stood close in front of me. Niall frowned. "Hey, are you crying?" He asked in disbelief. I shook my head and quickly wiped the tears from my eyes. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"We can't do this, Niall. I can't do it. Seeing the paparazzi just freaked me out, we were holding hands when they found us! They're going to spread those pictures everywhere, I'm going to get hate, I'm going to get followed around by paparazzi and then what happens if your fans find out it was all fake?! They are going to hate me!" I rambled on, running a hand through my hair as I leaned back against the wall. "I can't do this, Niall. Everyone's going to hate me!" I told him with a sigh. Niall chewed his bottom lip, pulling me into a tight hug. "This fake dating thing isn't right." I mumbled into his shoulder. Niall pulled away, looking down at me.

"Who says it has to be fake?" He asked, leaning down and pressing his lips to mine. I didn't kiss back for a moment, but after a couple of seconds, I kissed back, causing him to smile into the kiss. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck and Niall lay his hands on my hips. We were so engrossed in the kiss that we didn't even notice the sudden flash of light and the click of a camera.


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