How To Break A Heartbreaker

Kelsey Jane was a girl who had been broken one too many times. She was tired of the slow pain in her chest, tired of feeling alone and tired of feeling as if there were a hole in her heart. She swore to herself that she would never be heart broken again, so she became the heartbreaker. But will she change her ways when she meets Niall Horan? Will his quirky charm and determination to make her happy change how she feels about men all together?


8. Drunken Nights

-Niall's POV-

That night, I was awoken by the sound the sound of laughing outside. I groaned, that would be Kelsey, Ashleigh and Zayn as they had all gone out drinking, no one else wanted too. I slowly sat up from my nest of quilts on the living room floor and stretched my arms above my head before flinging the covers back and walking out the living room door and shutting it, making sure that the noise wouldn't wake Louis or Liam, who were also both sleeping in the living room. I frowned as I heard a males voice outside that was not Zayn. Muffled complaints sounded as they could not open the door, obviously  they were too drunk to even put the key in the lock. I walked to the front door, unhooked the chain and took the key off the ledge and unlocked it from my end before stepping back as I opened the door. To my surprise, Kelsey fell through the door and onto the floor. Her hair was pulled back in a high pony tail and she wore a tight, short white dress. The high heels she had previously been carrying in her hands, were now on the floor. Ashleigh, Zayn and the boy were silent for a moment before bursting into loud fits of laughter as I knelt down and pulled Kelsey to her feet before examining the boy that I didn't know. His hair was black, his eyes a dark brown and his skin tanned. His clothes were rather scruffy and he looked like your typical 'bad boy'. 

"Shut up, everyone's sleeping." I told them sternly, shutting the door. When I had  turned around, Zayn and Ashleigh were already heading up the stairs. I sighed, two less drunks I had to deal with. Kelsey stood on her tip-toes whispering something in the boy's ear before giggling as a grin spread across his face.

"Are they?" He asked,  wrapping his arm over her shoulders. "We could go do that too." He added before winking at her. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms against my chest.

"Look, mate, you're gonna have to leave. Everyone's asleep." I told him firmly. The boy smirked.

"Don't worry, man. It won't be me making all the noise." He told me, pulling Kelsey closer to him if that were possible. A look of disgust spread across my face and I stared at him, slightly taken aback by his answer. "Let's go somewhere private." He suggested, taking her hand and pulling her towards the stairs. I scoffed, expecting Kelsey to take control and hopefully sober up a little but she didn't, to my surprise she followed. I grabbed her hand as she began to climb the stairs.

"Kelsey, don't." I told her firmly. She looked at me, her eyes filled with confusion.

"Niall, let go!" Kelsey whined loudly as I tried to hush her.

"What are you doing?" The boy asked me, pulling at her arm again. Before anyone could say a word, the living room door opened and Louis stepped out into the hall, a scowl on his face.

"What the bloody hell is going on? You do know it's like 2 in the fucking morning!?" He hissed before flicking on the hall light. Louis frowned as he noticed the boy on the stairs and raised his eyebrows. "Who's that?" He asked, looking at me. I shrugged.

"I don't know." I told him truthfully, letting Kelsey's hand slip from mine.

"Either way, mate, you've gotta go." Louis told him, nodding his head towards the door. For some reason, the boy didn't argue with Louis and nodded. He let Kelsey's hand slip from his and head back down the stairs. "I'll let him out, you go get her sobered up before she wakes the whole house up." Louis told me, opening the door for the boy. I nodded, grabbing Kelsey's hand and pulling her into the kitchen and sitting her down at the kitchen table before getting her a glass of water and setting it down in front of her.

"Drink it." I demanded, sitting opposite her at the table. Kelsey rolled her eyes but took hold the glass, lifting it to her lips and taking a sip as Louis then entered the kitchen. After about 20 minutes, Kelsey finally sobered up and Louis yawned, standing up.

"Get her to bed, yeah?" He told me, heading over to Kelsey and pulling her into a hug. I nodded and Louis left the kitchen, heading back into the living room. I glanced to Kelsey, who now looked slightly embarrassed. I nodded towards the door and she stood up, making her way out the kitchen and into the hall, me close behind her as we went up the stairs. I went ahead of her and opened the guestroom door, the bedroom was dark and silent except for soft snores coming from Zayn. Kelsey walked past me and didn't bother getting changed as she climbed into bed. I head over and pulled the covers up above her shoulders so that just her head was showing. I then stood up properly and turned to leave.

"Niall?" I heard Kelsey call softly. I turned back around to look at her, my eyebrows furrowed.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Stay with me?" She asked softly, closing her eyes. I chewed my bottom lip and nodded, deciding I'd only stay until she'd fallen asleep. I climbed onto the single bed beside her, our faces opposite each other's. Kelsey smiled slightly and closed her eyes as did I. "I really am sorry, you know." She whispered softly, her hot breath hitting my face. I chewed my bottom lip and nodded slightly, a small smile tugging at my lips.

"It's okay." I told her. We then both fell silent, sleep taking over.

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