How To Break A Heartbreaker

Kelsey Jane was a girl who had been broken one too many times. She was tired of the slow pain in her chest, tired of feeling alone and tired of feeling as if there were a hole in her heart. She swore to herself that she would never be heart broken again, so she became the heartbreaker. But will she change her ways when she meets Niall Horan? Will his quirky charm and determination to make her happy change how she feels about men all together?


9. Confusion

Memories of last night washed over me as I slowly opened my eyes, coming face to face with a sleeping Niall. I smiled slightly before sitting up and turning my head, my eyes scanning over Niall, a smile still etched upon my face. I glanced up at the clock on the wall which read 6:23am and chewed my bottom lip, trying to decide whether it was worth bothering to try and go back to sleep. In the end, I decided against it and climbed out of bed, heading into the bathroom and removing my clothes before taking a quick shower. After my shower, I wrapped a soft white towel around my body and opened the door to reveal an empty bedroom. I furrowed my eyebrows slightly but grabbed my clothes for the day and dashed back into the bathroom before getting changed. Just as I began to do my make up, a light knock came at the door.

"Kels?" A  familiar voice said. I sighed and balanced my mascara wand and pot in one hand and reached over to unlock the bathroom door.

"Its open." I announced as I then continued to do my make up. The door opened and a sleepy Niall walked in, a hand his hair as he yawned.

"Do you mind if I use this shower? Harry's in the other one." He explained. I shook my head and Niall smiled in thanks and before I could begin to collect my stuff, he began changing.

"Woah, there!" I exclaimed, as he pulled off his tank top. Niall turned to look at me, an amused look on his face and he shrugged.

"What? It isn't like you haven't seen it before." He reminded. I rolled my eyes.

"I was intoxicated!" I told him, he chuckled and shrugged yet again before stepping out of his grey tracksuit bottoms. I quickly turned back to face the mirror and covered my eyes lightly with my hands. There was a little fumbling around for a moment before I heard the shower start and the shower curtain was pulled across the rail. I cautiously took my hands away from my eyes and sighed as the coast was clear and then continued with my make up.

"You know what I really feel like watching?" Niall asked loudly above the noise of the shower. I laughed a little and shook my head.

"No, what?" I asked, putting my mascara wand back into the pot and taking out my eyebrow pencil.

"Shrek." He answered. "I really love that song they sing at the end." He added with a chuckle. I furrowed my eyebrows for a moment as I tried to recall, but I didn't have too. "Don't go changing!" He sang, causing a smile to quickly spread across my face as I remembered the song. "To try and please me.." He continued. "You've never let me down before..ooohhh!" We sang along together before laughing loudly.

"Well, aren't we cosy!" A voice exclaimed. I glanced to the doorway and smiled as Ashlee leaned against the doorframe, a very amused look on her face. Niall poked his head around the shower curtain and grinned.

"Oh, hi, Ashlee!" He greeted before disappearing again. I laughed and Ashlee grinned before turning back to me.

"What's up?" I asked her, rubbing some of the condensation from the mirror and continuing to do my eyebrows. Ashlee sighed, folding her arms as she stood upright.

"Well, I was going to have a shower but apparently the shower's are fully booked." She said with a laugh. I laughed and nodded.

"Yeah, Harry is in the other one apparently." I told her. She shrugged.

"I guess I've just got to be quicker." She said, turning to leave. "Oh, Louis is looking for you by the way, he says its urgent." Ashlee added before leaving. I shrugged and put down my make up before leaving the bathroom and closing the door behind me. I quickly dragged a brush through my hair and then left the bedroom and head downstairs.

"Lou?" I called out as I walked down the hall and into the living room to see Liam and Zayn - who were both in the process of getting dressed. "Sorry guys but have you seen Lou?" I asked. Zayn nodded as he pulled a shirt over his head.

"Kitchen." He told me. I grinned in thanks and continued on down the hall and into the kitchen. Just as Zayn had said, there was Louis, sat at the table with a glass of water in his hand. I smiled.

"Hey." I greeted. Louis looked up and grinned.

"Hey, smelly!" He said, causing me to laugh.

"Ashlee said you needed to talk to me?" I asked. Louis nodded as he put his glass down and took my hand, leading me outside into the back garden. He took me over to the bench on the other side of the garden and pulled me down next to him before turning to me, a massive grin on his face.

"I didn't want to say anything in front of the others in case you were both trying to keep it a secret but I just had to ask, how long have you been together?" Louis asked excitedly. I furrowed my eyebrows a little

"What?" I asked with a laugh. Louis smirked.

"It's okay, I know about you and Niall. You don't have to hide it, Niall told me." Louis reassured as a look of confusion spread across my face. "Did you know that Ashlee and Zayn are together as well? Crazy stuff right!?" Louis blabbed. My eyes widened slightly but I chose to ignore Ashlee's and Zayn's situation for the time being.

"Niall told you what?" I asked, crossing my arms against my chest. Louis' smile began to fade slightly as he began to realise that I didn't know what he was talking about. Louis frowned and his eyes filled with confusion.

"He told me that you two are together?" He answered. I raised my eyebrows and scoffed.

"When exactly did he tell you that?" I asked sternly. Louis frowned.

"This morning before he went for a shower." He answered.

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