The "Normal" Life

Alexis McGee is a normal 13 year old girl living in a small town. She hates girls that are well just mean. She is the most popular girl in her small school and she loves all her friends a lot. What happens when she gets three opportunities that can change her life forever? Will she leave behind her bet friends Orla and Nereida and her boyfriend Jack or will she pass up on her dreams and stay home? She has four choices but can only chose one what will be her choice?


2. Cheerleading compitition

Its 9:00 and I have to wake up on a Saturday because as I forgot to mention before I am also the captain of the compitittion cheer team. Tomorrow are the championships and 3 girls get picked from the winning squad to be on the national cheer team! Even though I am the captain I don't think I am the best on the team. You see my friends Allison and Nichole are much better than me. They are both flyers though. I am the girl who does most of the tumbling. I got dressed in a pair of really cute pink Hollister shorts with a cute pink striped bikini under and a lime green lace shirt over it. I had a small fruit salad for breakfast and drank some orange juice then I headed out the door I  got in the car and drove to the air port where I meet the rest of the team. " Hey Apexis" says Allison(apexis is my nick name). "Heyyyy omg I am like sooo excited I hope we win". I didn't even notice when Nichole snuck up behind me and screamed "boo" ." Oh my gosh I thought you said your parents weren't gana let you come!'" Allison and I said in unison. "They let me come because I told them I woldnt do any thing stupid and there would be atleast one adult there with us." " yay I am sooo happy". On the loud speaker we heard " flight 838 to Orlando Florida now boarding" " well that's our plane" I say.

(skip plane ride)

" I cant believe they are letting us stay at Disney!" I say " I know right we totally have to hit down town Disney" said Allison" and we have to hit all of the rides" said Nichole " ok girls we need to pair up in groups of three and I will put you in your hotel rooms" that was Coach Lissy she graduated from my high school two years ago she sent us to out hotel rooms and I opened the door. "Oh My Gosh this room is perfect!!" it had light pink wall three full size beds and pink mini mouse bedding. it also had a full view of the pool." wow Apexis you are totally right this room is amazing" said Nichole. Allison just jumped on her bed. we all went to the walk in closet and found a bunch of clothes in all our sizes. I picked out a pair of boy shots and a cami and I got dressed the other two girls picked the same thing but in different colors we were about to brush our teeth it was about 11:12 and we knew we had to get to bed if we want to make the most of out day in Disney tomorrow before the championship at 7:00 tomorrow night when Coach Lissy came in she said " its lights out you girls need to get to bed". we all said ok and brushed out teeth I got right into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

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