The "Normal" Life

Alexis McGee is a normal 13 year old girl living in a small town. She hates girls that are well just mean. She is the most popular girl in her small school and she loves all her friends a lot. What happens when she gets three opportunities that can change her life forever? Will she leave behind her bet friends Orla and Nereida and her boyfriend Jack or will she pass up on her dreams and stay home? She has four choices but can only chose one what will be her choice?


3. A day in Disney

I woke up and looked at my I phone it was 8:47 so I decited to wake up Allison and nichole since we wanted to spend our whole day in Disney. "Alli Nikki wake upppp we have to go to Disney and maybe hit the pool!!"" uuuggg fine" they said in unison. I wore really cute floral shorts with a white loose lace tee shirt I put my hair in a messy bun and I wore my favorite white shades. Allison wore pink denim shorts with an orange tanktop. Nichole wore americcan flag shorts and and a white v nack. we went toa little café in downtown Disney and had eggs and ancakes. then we went shopping and bought a bunch of cute clothes.

After that we decided to go on some rides my favorite was the tower of terror but Allison got sooo scared on it. After that we went back to our room because we had to get ready for the competition. We took showers and I straitened my naturally wavy hair then I put in in a ponytail with my pink bow. I put on my uniform which was lime green with pink wording. Then I put on some mascara and I was ready. It was 5:30 when Coach Lissy called us to the bus we got on and it was about a fifteen minute ride to the arena place. We got there and we stretched. Then we did some practice tumbling and went through our routine twice.

We are on our way to the mat  I am really nervous because I don't know how I will do. We started our routine. Our routine was to the song Wings by Little Mix. So far the routine is flawless. Now this is my time to shine and end the performance I do my round off double back handspring with no problem but I landed wrong on my back whip. I hut my ankle but I knew I had to stick my landing for the team. We got 2nd place and right after we got out trophies Coach Lissy took me to the hospital. They took some x-rays and said I broke my ankle. They asked me what color cast I wanted and I said teal. They put on my cast and told me I could leave so I could catch my flight back to new York.

I got to the airport and had to go strait on the plane. All the girls on the cheer team signed my cast. "Alexis you sit in seat 32a" Coach Lissy said. " ok" I went to my seat. great I have to sit next to a complete stranger. I sat down, then a girl came over and sat in the seat next to me she said "hi i'm Hayden what's your name?" the girl looked like she was about my age she had blond hair with the ends died pink and hazel eyes. I had a best friend in preschool named Hayden but this cant be her." i'm Alexis. By any chance did you go to Love to Learn pre school." "yeah why" oh well I just had a best friend when I went there and she had the same name as you and I don't know many people with your name" " wait how old are you because I think I remember you ,you always wore this one jean jacket that you loved do much" "yep that's me and i'm 13 i'm gana be 14 in a few months. " wow Cool um if you don't mind me asking what happened to your leg." " oh I broke it in a cheer competition". "aww can I sign your cast" "sure I don't mind" after that we just talked and caught up on thing in out lives that have happened since we were in preschool. by the time the plane ride ended we knew everything about eachother. I found out that she is a major Directioner and Selenator too.

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