“Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it." - Klaus


5. Chapter 4

Wonderful, I thought screwing up my nose as I walked through the door to my mother’s room. The scent was strong, acidic, and alcoholic. Disgusting. She was flopped over the dressing table chair, one of the many scattered vodka bottles still in her grasp.
“Mummy…” I whispered, trying my best not to startle her fragile frame.
I sighed loudly as I knelt before her clasping the bottle and removing it from her hand. She was light, bony and physically fragile. You could see the affects the divorce and death had on her, emotionally and physically. It was heart-breaking to see, and painful to watch.
I swung an arm around her waist, hers draping over my shoulder as I dragged her over to the bed. I placed her gently down, all previous experiences doing this same thing day in, day out, returned. My mum was a mixture of drunks; angry, sad, clingy, but most of all aggressive. When she wasn’t in a passed out state she would claw, scream, attack whoever it was rescuing her from herself. I had watched all too many times how she fort against Ashton, clawed at him and so many times both Catherine and myself were scared he would leave us.
I shook myself back to the present, a small smile grazing my lips as I noticed how peaceful she looked. Her chest rising and falling gently under the duvet, and the little smile playing on her lips informing me her dreams were at peace. I quickly scampered out of the room, closing the door a little behind me.

Rain clattered roughly against the windows, thunder rattling the skies giving the streets an eerie gloom. I slouched into the chair watching the droplets of rain illuminate every now and then, my mind whirling in thought. Simple things; the weather, school tomorrow, what I was going to wear…the deaths that kept popping up around town. Nothing about them seemed “accidental” or “animal” …it was a person, someone out there in the streets just picking people out like toys on a shelf.
A hard knocking on the front door torn my attention away. I wandered over, a little anxious as I wrapped my fingers around the brass handle. Nonetheless I opened it to find a tiny blonde girl soaked down to the bone shivering on the doorstep.
“Sophie!” I exhaled.
Without hesitation I yanked her inside, water pooling at her feet. I quickly grabbed a few towels from the cupboard under the stairs, wrapping her in them. The chattering sound of her teeth filled the empty hall.
“Dad isn’t in.” she managed.
“God, why didn’t you come earlier? You’re freezing, Soph.”
I walked the shaking girl up to the guest bedroom before quietly scampering into my own room to find some warm clothes for her. I placed a pair of tracksuit bottoms along with a jumper next to fresh towels on the bed. I hurried her into the bathroom, turning on the shower as she was still shaking wildly.
“I think I’ll leave you to do the clothes part yourself.” She giggled, thanking me as I closed the door behind me.
I returned to my spot in the living room turning on both the television and the side lamp. As usual there was nothing on, out of all the channels there was nothing. I turned over to BBC 1 upon noticing the Eastenders omnibus showing. About 15 minutes into the program tiny footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. The blonde girl appeared shyly smiling as she took a place on the sofa.
“Would you like some tea? I was just about to flick the kettle…”
“Yeah, that would be lovely. Thanks, Em.”
I lifted myself wandering idly into the kitchen picking up the kettle and filling it with water. A loud clatter of thunder took me by surprise, water from the kettle spilling across the tiled floor. I huffed placing the kettle angrily back on the counter and wiping up the spilt liquid.
Finally I got the kettle boiling, taking two mugs from the cupboard, adding the milk as neither of us drank sugar before popping two teabags into the colourful little teapot we used when guests were round. Upon hearing the kettle click I poured the steaming water into the pot before moving it on the tray. I slowly walked back into the living room, Sophie was wrapped up in a blanket watching the soap on the tele smiling as I placed the tray on the coffee table.
“Pouring it straight into the mug would have been fine, love.” She giggled sweetly.
“Shut-up Soph.” I giggled back, poking my tongue out.
After a few short moment I poured the tea into the mug, giving it a stir before handing it to her. Her skin had returned to its usual light tan as had her lips.
“Is there anything I need to bring tomorrow?”
“Oh, no. We’re just doing a normal writing exercise, planning for the exam and such.” I smiled.
“E-exam?” She stuttered before taking a sip of her tea.
“Oh honey, don’t worry about it. It’s not really an exam as such. It’s more of a practical exercise. And its not limited, theres about three weeks plus class time in which you will be allowed…” upon seeing her confused expression I stopped. “I’ll explain when I hand out the booklets tomorrow.”
“You’re so cute, Em.”
I scowled playfully, poking my tongue out again. Sophie was sweet, a lot more than just one of the people in my class. She was a friend. I could trust her, not something I did easily.
Once again a small knocking on the front door took my attention. I sighed putting the mug on the table as I lifted myself, lazily strolling over feeling Sophie’s eyes following me. I clasped the door handle, the hinges squeaking as I pulled open the door. A strong gush of cold air swept in under my feet, shivers tingling through my entirety. I gazed up after shaking off the shivers, eyes being met with bright green orbs.
“Hi.” He said softly.
“Hello.” I almost whispered taking in the boy’s appearance.
Messy dark hair covered his head falling smoothly to one side, two hopped earrings poking out of each ear lobe, black trench coat hugging tightly to his torso, hands in pockets, skinny jeans and mud covered army boots…
“c-can I help you?” I struggled.
“Yeah, maybe. My battery died, car is stuffed and its kind of raining.” He smirked, dropping his head letting go of a deep raspy chuckle. “Can I perhaps borrow a phone?”
“You know, there are easier ways to pick up girls than with that excuse.” I joked.
The punk looking version of James Dean chuckled again before meeting my eyes. His presences terrified me, similar to how Luke’s did only, with Luke I didn’t feel threatened.
“Em…” Sophie’s voice echoed from the living room.
“I’ll be there in a second.”
I stepped to the side letting the tall male walk into the hall. I showed him to the phone, nervously smiling.
“I’ll be in there if you need anything.”
“Thanks, love.” He whispered, picking up the cordless phone and punching in the phone number.
I returned to my spot in the chair feeling Sophie’s eyes questioning me. I watched as she poked her head around the corner, quickly huddling back into the blanket. She tried her best to cover up the blush forming on her cheeks but failed. I pressed my lips together in a hard line trying to hold back my giggle, but as usual I wasn’t very good at laughing softly. I giggled a little too loud, seeming to startle the boy as he mumbled into the phone. He was mysterious, extremely confident but I noticed he hid it behind his awkward darkness. Once again a fearful ball started to form in the pit of my stomach as he smiled, it was wicked and deadly.
“Sorry, what’s your name?” I asked shakily as he put the phone down.
The boy wandered into the room the two of us were sitting in, darting his eyes between myself and Sophie. He slowly swept his tongue across his lips, wetting them before returning them to their previous pout.
“Did you get everything sorted, Michael?” Sophie asked in an excited tone.
“Yeah, thanks. They’re on their way now.”
A flash of dark green glinted in his eyes as he spoke and I became wary and uncomfortable with him in my house. I tightly gripped the remote, eyes darting back and forth between the ticking clock and the love drunk girl next to me on the other sofa.

“Well they’re here.” Michael spoke quickly.
He jumped up, pulling his coat over his shoulders greeting Sophie with a small kiss to her cheek. I squeezed her shoulder wandering into the hall, leaving her blushing wildly as the boy followed me to the door.
I turned to face him not expecting him to be so close, chest inches from mine. I swallowed, body erupting in panic as my back pressed against the wall. His knee edged between my legs keeping me up, feeding off my fear. He swiped a finger down the length of my neck seeming a lot more interested in it that a normal person should be.
“Good vein that, want to keep it hidden my love.” He whispered against my ear.
“Go before you break that girls heart.” I snapped back in an equal tone.
“Feisty little one aren’t you, I can’t see why he’s holding off.” A chuckle erupted from inside his throat for only my ears. I wasn’t sure about his words, where they were coming from, who he was talking about. But all my racing mind could think about was the love sick puppy sitting in my living room. Michael, still running his finger up and down the length of my neck seemed to notice where my thoughts were focused, commenting and sniggering as he tortured me silently.
“I said go!”
“Cheerio darling, best keep that door of yours locked.”
I closed my eyes hoping he would disappear quicker, trying to rid my mind of his torturous voice. I slid down the length of the wall, heart swelling with fear. My mind was still focused on Sophie, glad she didn’t witness what had just happened. I wondered if that’s what Michael wanted, the two of us fighting…one for his attention and the other against it.
I tried my best to shake him off my mind as I stood, hoping the smile on my face looked that of a happy cheerful person as I wandered back into the living room. I resumed my position in the arm chair, pressing the play button on the remote and casting all my attention to the soap hoping to rid myself of the reminder of him. 

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