“Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it." - Klaus


4. Chapter 3

An unexpected breath escaped my lips as our eyes met. He was standing just inside the HMV store searching through what looked like the band section… somewhere I would most likely be. Dark skinny jeans clung to his ever so long legs, classic Nirvana band shirt hanging from his torso tightening at the sleeves around the biceps that bulged there. His hair was different today, up in a messy quiff… sexy. In that moment I was breathless. Luke smirked tilting his head slightly backwards elongating the prominent jaw as if to look further up the rack of CD’s. A heavy gulp slid down my throat, the seconds passing felt so long, so deadly. I felt powerless against the blonde, nevertheless the moments were filled with enjoyment.
“Em…” Another breath slipped from my mouth, this time one of surprise. I wasn’t expecting Ashton to be finished so quickly, he never was when it came down to shopping for Catherine.
“I’m all done, love.”
He smiled cheekily, dimples popping into both cheeks. I giggled as he proudly held up the overflowing shopping bags. As he adjusted them beside me I cast my eyes back on the blonde. He was still stood in the same spot, but instead of the playful face I was expecting … I saw darkness clouding his blue orbs, his features had tightened, body stiffened. His posture terrified me, I was left yet again breathless … Luke was beautiful, a deadly kind of beautiful.
Ashton shared my sight, looking at the boy before stepping a foot forwards. Instinctively I pulled him back, not wanting Luke’s thoughts to cause trouble. I gently shook my head as I began to notice what was whirling around in his thoughts. I curled my lips up slightly, hoping to ease him back into a happy mood…
The past few weeks upon meeting Luke had been different, he wasn’t a regular boy … he wasn’t exactly a boy being 20 years of age. He held a captivating personality, dark and mysterious but the glimmer in his eyes radiated nothing but love and beauty. Ashton picked up his backs again and wandered down the cobble street heading towards the car. Town was busy on a Saturday morning, but Luke’s presence seemed to overcast all of the ciaos, sooth my racing mind to only focus upon him.
I waved softly, still unsure of what to do around him… how to act. He returned my wave with a small nod, a shadow of a dimple grazing his cheek before continuing searching through the CD’s as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, god.” I said loudly.
Two hands gripped my upper arms rather tightly for someone who was just steadying me. I shook my head, hoping the person would let go but was disappointed when they didn’t. I sighed angrily before shifting my gaze from my feet. I was met with brown eyes piercing into mine, a smile taking up half of the guys face. After a few moments, and a struggle to step back I realised the male was Xavier.
“No worries, babe.” He grinned.
“I have to go, Ashton is waiting for me.” I said bluntly.
“Aww, well it’s alright I can take you home.”
“Xavier, let me go.” I demanded.
The boy holding me subtly captive caught hold of my stare. As I swallowed his grip loosened, somewhat noticing the fear that I knew glazed the blue of my eyes. He hummed, huffed, scoffed under his breath keeping as little eye contact as possible before stepping slightly back. I let go of a relieved breath, still a little scared. Xavier wasn’t the most patient person, I knew his history with girls…he had a temper and as I stood there looking at him I couldn’t quite remember how I had let him slip into my life.
His hands made contact with me upper arms once more, a breath caught in my throat…I was helpless, until I felt his fingers running lightly up and down the bare skin. I didn’t like the feel of his fingers touching my skin but the more I squirmed them more he persisted, enjoying my reaction.
A few moments passed, a lot longer than those from previously…the shared glances and smiles I had with Luke. These moments were almost painful, a knot of fear balling tighter inside my stomach as I watched him silently abuse my skin. My chest rose and fell at a rapid speed, he taking it as a chance to move closer. I couldn’t understand why no-one had noticed my discomfort, no-one had considered trying to free me from my captor.
Xavier’s head lowered, his eyes closed…I instinctively pressed my palms flat against his chest shoving him backwards with all force I had in my arms.
“No!” I protested.
His eyes blazed a darker shade of brown, questioning my protest. My thoughts scattered as they tried to figure out what had given him the motive to pull a move like that, why on earth he’d think it was okay…
“You’re not my boyfriend, Xavier.”
“Not your boyfriend? Wow, Emilia.”
The tone in his voice was a mixture of anger and pain, eyes piercing into mine searching for an explanation. He wasn’t my boyfriend, he wasn’t even remotely allowed to call himself my friend. How dare he, I thought. As I stood before him, the coolness of the spring air whirled gently around my exposed skin and the fear I held previously escalated into anger.
“Wow what? You’re not my boyfriend, I don’t even know what gave you that idea in the first place!” My voice grew louder with each word and I was sure the few bodies in the small street were able to hear my outburst.
“We can be, darling. That night at the fire, that was wonderful…” He trailed off, fingers attempting to return to their place on my arm before being swatted away. I was more than furious.
“The time at the fire, you mean the time you forced your drunken self on me and Calum beat the shit out of you. You mean that time? Yeah, that was pretty great.”
My heart skipped a few beats upon hearing the strange, but still familiar voice calling my name. The rising and falling of my chest returned, this time excitement bubbling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t help the tiny smirk playing on my lips. Xavier stared at me, confusion spreading wildly across his face until he looked past me.
“Luke.” I quickly spoke.
“Is there a problem?”
His words were deep, the Australian accent rasping around them. My heart pounded inside its small confines, fear and excitement pulsing through my blood stream, the last thing I wanted was a fight. The pedestrians around me soon came to a halt, seeming to notice who I was. My father always had myself and Catherine with him at every speech, always one the television, or in some form of photo in the newspaper.
Luke stood firmly behind me, his hand on the small of my back almost as if to claim his territory. I could feel the bitter coolness of his skin through the material of my shirt, but putting the coolness aside his touch was warm and full of concern.
“You know what, you don’t give a crap about me. You use and abuse, Em. If you’d just open up to me, baby.” My lips parted, a small “o” forming as I ran his words back through my mind. What are you talking about? I thought.
“Back off.” Luke firmly stated. “You need to go.”
Xavier stepped backwards, defeat stretching across his features. He shook his head, grunting unhappily before wandering off into the distance. I sighed, the ball of fear slowly disappearing as he did.
“Are you alright?” He was now in front of me, concern clouding his eyes as he examined me with them. I nodded, another sigh escaping my lips. I ran my hand through the length of my hair, flipping it back over my shoulder. “Lets get you back to Ashton then.” My head snapped up upon hearing Ashton’s name…how did he know? I swallowed hard, that same ball returning quickly, I wasn’t sure why I was scared of the blonde I just was.
“How-how did you know his name?” I stuttered.
“Calum mentioned it, and that’s why I asked if he was your boyfriend. But, when I knew he wasn’t I assumed he was Ashton.”
“You hardly asked.” I giggled looking back into his orbs.
We silently walked up the street, past the Tesco Express to where the car park was. Luke’s taste in music was magnificent, and the pure passion he showed as he spoke about it was beautiful. He knew what he was talking about, every word was pure like he’d been stuck inside music his whole life.
“You play?” he asked, his dimpled smile stretching from ear to ear.
“No, I’m hopeless. But, considering that speech you just gave I assume you do, and I assume you’re very good at it.”
He chuckled, returning his baby blues back to mine. The same excitement from hearing his voice burst inside my stomach as he looked at me. I couldn’t quite place the feeling, but I remember having it throughout telling Ashton about him. I, of course, being the girl I was hid myself under the shadow of my smile. No-one knowing what it was I was really thinking, or what I really wanted. He somewhat made me want to open up, be honest, spill my entire darkness out…but I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t.
Previous relationships, friends and boyfriends, had taught me to keep myself to myself. Hide behind a dimpled smile, never think highly of myself, and most definitely don’t expect to be loved by someone as beautiful as Luke.
The rasp of his voice brought me back to the present. I scuffed my feet against the cobble pavement, frustrated at letting myself fall into the darkness of my mind. Hating myself, and in return hating myself for hating myself.
“Well, Ashton’s over there. I’ll be off then.”
The same half hearted, disappointed small dimpled smile grazed his lips as our time started to come to an end. Once again I was left with a feeling I wasn’t sure about, I felt lost and upset…like I wasn’t going to see him again in a long time. I nodded, unable to speak and wanting to cry, swing my arms around the blonde and never let go. But, I composed myself as the little girl at the back of my mind stomped the thoughts away.
“Thank you, Luke.”
He smiled again, his pace picking up as he walked further with the occasional glance back. The moment he disappeared from view I quickly scampered over to the car. Ashton in the driver’s seat and Calum, surprisingly, sitting in the passenger seat.
“Hey, Em.”
“Hi.” I smiled softly as I climbed into the back seat.
“Getting cosy with Lukey, are we?”
I scowled, throwing the first thing my hands could find at him. He squeaked a fake “ow” playfully, winking before handing me back a newspaper.
“Why are you here anyway?” I asked taking the paper.
I opened it, not bothered about his answer after reading the headline. Campers devoured by monster. I began reading, unable to believe that some form of animal had killed these people in the way they had been killed.
“It’s called a murderer, there aren’t such things as mountain lions in frigging Yorkshire.”
“What the hell?” Calum giggled from the front seat.
“The Mirror needs new reporters because there certainly isn’t such a thing as a mountain lion in Yorkshire, let alone in England.”
“Calm down, love. It’s just an article.” Ashton chuckled along with Calum.
“Whatever, it’s murder and the coppers are too thick to investigate so they blame it on a lion.”
I carried on reading, the details of the attack seeming fictional, cannibalistic and almost terrifying. This was the third attack of its kind in the past few weeks. Whoever it was killing these people had a blood lust, and a desire to devour almost all of its prey.

The thoughts and visions I had taken from the newspaper had escalated into large amounts of my brain, torturing the thoughts, putting people I cared about in the same situation as those victims. I watched hopelessly, my captor holding me until last, letting me watch them tear apart my family, friends…Luke. I couldn’t understand, like most things, why he was in my dream, why he took up a large part of it. His fighting, shouting, crying for me to get out. To run. Broke my heart into tiny shards of heartache. I woke up in tears, the image of their blood still feeling as if it was on my skin. Sickness washed through my entirety, my skin going cold as I snuggled back under my duvet terrified to fall back into the deepness of my dream. 

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