“Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it." - Klaus


3. Chapter 2


I wiped the hood of my jacket up feeling a strange wisp of coolness against the back of my neck. It was odd to feel the air, as it was odd for me to feel pretty much anything…
I immediately sucked in a deep, useless breath retracting my thoughts back to the present. Idiot! I scowled myself before continuing on my stroll.
The wind whistled through the empty street, darkness cascading through the rows of houses. A small amount of light was provided from the street lights, not that I needed it. I smirked, proud of myself and my abilities.
My nostrils flared at the sudden scent floating around, it was strong, healthy and very close to home. Licking my lips I followed it, stalking it almost, through the alleys behind the houses. My thoughts cleared, allowing me to focus on the sight before me.
Looking at the tanned boy from across the street, shadowed by the wall of the opposite house, he wasn’t my usual pick but something in his strong scent drew me nearer. I wanted to taste, craved it almost.
He hummed softly under his breath, a song I hadn’t heard in all my years. I took in another breath, anxious and somewhat in a frenzied state, a thirsty animal, hungry and ready.
The boy didn’t see me, didn’t hear me nor did he expect me instead being oblivious to his surroundings. Stupid human. I chuckled lowly. He turned seeming a little startled by my chuckle. He smiled before carrying on with placing the remaining dustbin bags into the wheelie-bin assuming I was just walking on by.
He looked up abruptly noticing I hadn’t yet passed, as a normal human on a evening stroll probably would have. His thoughts wandered around like lost puppies as he tried to fathom out my actions, but as always he was too late. Before he could make a move my teeth were deep in his jugular. As I had predicted, strong and full of life. The fluid flowed into my mouth, my thirst quenched as the life was being brought into my body.

The sudden voice startled me, snapping my head up to figure out where it was coming from. My mind was in full ecstasy, the taste and feel of the liquid flowing through my body bringing it to life. I looked up towards the back of the boys house, a light was streaming out from the back door.
“Calum are you there?” The voice was stronger, closer but still soft.
I dropped the boy wanting to investigate who the voice was coming from. I licked my lips to rid them of any red fluid and returned to my, what I assumed was human form. I crept up to the door, peering around it and spotting where the voice had been coming from.
Another human stood before me, strong scent radiating from under her skin. She lazily wandered through the kitchen, arms stretching up revealing a little of her hips as her t-shirt rose.
Breath caught in my throat as she neared seeming to notice my presences. I quickly scampered down the few steps and backed up against the wall disappearing into the shadows.
I silently watched as she poked her head out, waves of blonde hair falling down over her shoulder. My chest rose and fell at a magnifying rate, once again stunning me. I wasn’t prone to these feelings, I didn’t let myself feel like this. Past experiences had taught me well, and to drop it all…for a girl, seemed pointless.
I shook off my beating heart, growling just a little as I emerged from my place in the darkness. The girl, like her friend was oblivious to my presences, still looking out into the street. She shook her head, sighing almost before turning her head slowly in my direction.
“Jesus!” she jolted back into the house. Her hand held on tightly to the door frame as she caught her breath.
“What, who…Are you one of Calum’s friends?”
“Yes.” I said quickly without thinking.
“Well where in god’s name is he?” she spoke abruptly stepping closer to me again, leaning out of the door.
Her neck was in perfect sight, I could hear the soft pumping of liquid flowing through her all so tantalizing veins. I swallowed, that same feeling returning scolding my thoughts of ripping her to shreds. I tried, with all my strength to turn off the emotions, wanting so desperately a second kill. But I was unable. The little blonde before me caused uncontrollable emotions to wash through my body.
My mind skipped back to the boy she was asking about, the boy I had left for dead just a few metres away from the two of us.
“You alright, love?” She smiled, her blue irises beaming into mine.
“Yes, perfectly fine.”
“Well don’t just stand there, come on in.”
Her giggle was infectious and the blush on her cheeks seemed to not have disappeared since our first encounter. I nodded, stepping my foot into the open doorway, a doorway I was now fully free to enter and exit as I pleased. But, instead of rushing right in I let my conscience take me back to the boy laying almost dead in the alley.
“I’ll be one second.”
Blue-eyes nodded, adding a little smile before wandering back down the hall until she was out of my view. I quickly shook her off my mind and continued to focus on getting the boy I now knew as Calum back on his feet. I tore into my skin letting my blood ooze out before shoving it against his lips. It only took a few seconds before he perked up and started to suck. Great, I’ve gone soft! I hissed in my brain, rolling my eyes as the boy slowly came back to life.
“Alright, alright calm yourself.” I whispered pulling him up to his feet.
A few seconds passed as the boys eyes returned to their usual sparkle and his skin back to its dark tan. I looked into his eyes, searching his mind for someone I could replace, someone of little importance to him. I infiltrated into this memory of a boy he seemed to love like a brother, similar features to myself, easily getting away with my inhumane act. I sighed as I removed myself from his thoughts, focusing solely on making the situation believable.
“Alright mate?”
His voice chirped as we wandered back up the alley to the door. I glanced over his neck briefly, his wound had healed and there was no trace of bite mark upon his skin. I smirked again, following Calum into his home I was now free to roam.



And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming. Or the moment of truth in your lies. When everything feels like the movies. Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive…
“Beautiful song.”
My attention was stolen by the baby blues in front of me, the pages of my book suddenly become less interesting and the words streaming through my headphones flowing around both myself and this boy before me. A smile spread on my face, quickly turning to a giggle. Half an hour…and you’re smiling like a fool? Get a grip Em!” My conscience screamed, stomping her little foot in disapproval.
“Yes, it’s a lovely cover.”
I gazed down at my iPod screen, again a smile taking over half of my face as the words continued to flow. I hummed softly along with the tune, turning back to the page I was reading before falling back into the text. I could see the boy from the corner of my eye sitting cross legged up on the sofa next to me. He looked at peace there, at home. Something I remembered feeling the moment I had sat myself down earlier that evening. I watched, disguising my gazing by raising my book slightly placing it upon my knees. I propped myself further up, back pressing against the cushion behind me. Each moment passing slowed as I watched him, the way he smiled at one of Calum’s jokes, the deep rasp of his voice, the darkness of his laugh and most of all, the deep innocent blue of his eyes.
The breath caught inside my throat causing me to exhale rather loudly. I was immediately met with two pairs of eyes, the warm chocolate of Calum’s and the piercing ocean blue of the boy I still didn’t know the name of. Both eyes drew the blood to my cheeks, the burn radiating into the atmosphere. I let go of a jagged huff adjusting the blanket in attempt to cover my red face. I bit my lip in frustration, furrowing my eyebrows as both boys continued staring at me.
“What?” I quickly asked, breaking the silence.
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Calum mocked raising an eyebrow smirking.
“Shut-up, Calum!”
The blonde boy let out a laugh before composing himself again. His actions knocked the words from my mouth once again, every little movement was slowed. Was it just me seeing this…or was Calum too? I thought, watching the boy.
Goosebumps scattered across my bare skin as his eyes connected with mine, the innocence I saw before clouding over with a darker shade of the baby blue. I bit my lip again, soaking in the moment…loosing myself like I promised I wouldn’t in his deep eyes. Nothing in the room seemed to matter as I got sucked in deeper. Instinctively, my little stubborn conscience stepped in, knocking all thought of him from my current view. Another boy appeared, one I knew just by seeing him now that I wasn’t sure about him. Never the less, I freed my thoughts and focused back on what was going on before me.
“I best be off.”
The boys spoke, eyes still connected with mine. I broke away from his stare briefly to look over his shoulder at Calum. He was oblivious, all attention focused solely on the rugby game showing on the television. I swallowed hard as I looked back up at him. He was stood towering over me pulling the hood back over his fluffy blonde hair. Before the light was totally taken away I noticed little blonde ringlets at the back of his neck, possibly one of the cutest things I’d ever seen on a boy. My smile began to grow once again as my imagination wandered, flutters rushing through my body. His chuckle torn me from there, almost as if he knew my thoughts just by looking at me.
Rawring sounds from the crowd as what Calum had told me was a tri was scored took the boys attention from me. “Blues are doing good, aye!” He commented with a huge grin on his face illuminating those baby blues. He was beautiful… again my thoughts were stopped by a certain little girl, stomping her foot down.
“God dammit!” I hissed.
“Something wrong, Em?” Calum said concerned.
“Oh…no. Sorry.” I sheepishly smiled when I realised I had spoken out loud.
“I’ll see you at practice tomorrow then, Cal?”
“Yeah, catch you there Luke.”
Luke… my heart fluttered again as his name resounded in my head.
“I’ll be seeing you, Em.” He spoke softly so Calum’s ears wouldn’t catch it.
I nodded, smiling down at my feet twiddling the ring around my thumb. He walked past, a strange coolness radiating from behind his tall frame. The warning signals in my brain screamed he was trouble, although from looking at him walking out of the living room I couldn’t see why. It screamed, loudly banging all the walls of my skull, ordering me away made me crave it more; his danger and, the lust I was feeling bubbling up wanting to explode.

Although the central heating warmed the entire inside of my house, my feet we still frozen like ice. Everything I walked on burnt the bottom of my bare foot. The house was empty, silent, boring… my mother and her new boyfriend were attending a council meeting, as they usually did every Sunday. Catherine and Ashton were down town, picking up what we needed for the week.
The sight of our living room sofa brought back memories from the previous week when I had seen Calum. I searched my thoughts for any logical explanation why my mother had thought he liked me more than his sister, as he never portrayed any such thing. A tight hug after a long time in not seeing each other, the peck on the cheek I got at my 18th birthday… or was it because she didn’t like him? I shook off the thoughts, sighing and beginning not to care what she thought about my brother, she never listened to my advice on her boyfriend’s anyway.
I walked out onto the patio, the warmth of my house becoming to stuffy to breath. The air was icy against my hot skin, surely I was in for a lovely cold after swapping between cold and hot so abruptly. I saw the new neighbours setting up the garden furniture underneath a very fancy gazebo, giving a friendly wave to the man as he lifted the deck chair. There was a girl standing behind him, on her phone as most teenagers always were. I smiled shaking my head as her father shouted for her help. But she remained glued to the screen.
“Would you like some help?” I offered leaning over the wooden fence.
“Oh, no sweetheart. I have my lovely daughter here to help me.” He said, sarcastically.
“Dad, I’m busy!”
I giggled as she spoke, sounding so serious about whatever it was she was doing. The blonde girl made her way over to me, resting against the fence letting go of an over exaggerated huff allowing her dad to know she wasn’t pleased. I giggled again, softer this time.
“I’m Emilia.”
“Sophia!” She chirped. “I love your jumper!”
“Oh, this old thing…thanks.”
“You work at the school right? As the sub English teacher?”
“No, no. I’m just there for my sixth form work experience thing. Are you doing that English course?”
“Well I was thinking about it, but it clashes with art and I’m kind of into both. So I’m not sure…”
She furrowed her brows, tilting her head thinking about both courses. I laughed gently as I watched her, she was somewhat like me…always drifting off into thought. Wonderful mind! I thought, a smile gracing my lips.
“If you want to do both, you can always take the art class on Wednesdays and Thursdays and have the pleasure of me teaching you for English on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.”
“Really? Is that possible?”
She looked bewildered as I nodded, probably not having been given the option to do both, since Mr Hannah didn’t really understand or appreciate the wonders of the arts. A small smile tinted her lips, thanking me with her shinning green orbs. She scurried back to her dad, arms flying about while she explained our conversation.
“Bye love, see you on Monday.” I poked my tongue out over my shoulder as I wandered back up the patio steps.
“Cheerio, Miss …”
“Just call me Em, love.”
With that, I went back into the comfort and warmth of my house, silent and peaceful. I flicked the kettle on, putting all contents into my tea cup while it boiled. I poured the steamy liquid into my cup, the Thai aromas filling the air around me, soothing my senses. I mixed the contents, frothing the milk in the machine before adding it to the cup. I sipped on the liquid, gazing out the window into the distance. My mind began to wander again…thoughts of the baby blue eyed boy circling around. I hadn’t seen him since that first day, and I often wondered what his story was. As Calum said, his friends were much fitter than Ben.

“Emi, you in?”
I quickly scurried to the front door upon hearing Ashton’s voice. He was bombarded with shopping bags in each hand, knuckles white from carrying them up the drive.
“Jesus, why didn’t you call before walking all this way?!”
“These babies can handle it.”
He joked flexing both his biceps after placing the bags down on the kitchen floor. I shook my head, laughing along with him as we packed out the contents of the carrier bags.
“You didn’t buy this just to break it…or should I say attempt to break it with your nose, did you?”
Ashton snatched the Nutella jar from my grasp, placing it down on the side with the other cans and jars shaking his head “no” before sighing loudly. I bit my lip trying to hold in my giggle but it escaped after three attempts.
“Oh, we’re laughing are we? I see! Well you won’t be laughing after this!”
I wasn’t sure what he meant until his large arms snaked around my waist hoisting me over his shoulder. I screamed out in breathless giggles as his fingers tickled over my stomach.
“Ash…okay, okay! I ... I’m sorry!!!” I giggled loudly.
“I can’t hear you, Em.”
“I’m sorry I called your nose horrible.” I said trying to catch my breath as he stopped tickling.
“Thank you.” He grinned lifting me to my feet.
I patted down the front of my t-shirt, fixing my beanie and sweeping my hair over my shoulder before following Ashton back into the kitchen. Most of the unpacking was done and I knew he didn’t like me packing things away, as I apparently always put them in the wrong place or order. I propped myself up onto the counter and watched as he stacked the cans and packed the stuff into the fridge/freezer.
“My sister would have killed me if she saw what just happened.”
“Nah, she knows you’re my little girl. I love you like my own, and I wouldn’t hurt her like that. She knows that too.”
“Yeah, I know. It’s my mum that thinks I’m fucking everything that moves on two legs and has a dick.”
“Watch your mouth, little lady!” He laughed putting the last of the jars away in the pantry.
“Oh c’mon, Ash. Don’t give me that it isn’t lady like to swear speech. You know I never listen.”
“Clearly not.” He chuckled. “If your mother heard you…”
“Let her hear.” I poked out my tongue.
I sighed as I looked up at Ashton, knowing he was happy with Catherine, wanting what they had with someone. Luke popped into my mind while thinking about spending my life with someone, but then again so did Xavier. I sighed again, louder this time catching Ashton’s attention. He quickly scampered over to where I was, wrapping his arms over my shoulders.
“Wanna talk about it, kid?”
“Boys, Ashton. Would you like to talk to me about them?”
“Well, I can try and help?”
I looked up into his orbs, letting go of a muffled grunt before pulling away and facing him. I wasn’t sure how I was going to word my thoughts out to him, to make him understand them because, to be honest they were very scattered and unsure most of the time, sometimes I wasn’t even sure what was going on inside. I shook my head, taking in deep breaths, earning a “you aren’t giving birth!” which I kindly returned with a thump to his upper arm, hurting me more than it did him. I swallowed, starting at the only place I knew would make sense…
“There is this boy…” 

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