Summer After High School

Summer after high school was the beginning of life my changing moments. I was off to college in the fall, so when I received my certificate I knew I had exactly 80 days to enjoy my teenage years before I'm shipped off to Berklee.

I had very unexpected moments with people I hardly thought I'd talk to and even grew to love them in a way I never thought. I've experienced things I never thought I would. I've befriended and met people who were close to the stars and I've never been happier than to be with the people close to my heart, but of course, happiness doesn't always last.

Things changed and now I know I'm safe, but in everything I've been through, I've grown to be the mature young lady that I am. My friends left for their college courses, others went off to being actresses and actors, things changed, but the memories we've had together never does and I'll cherish them till the end of time


3. The Chase





  I walked outside of my apartment in frenzy, like there was unmanageable fire blazing around the room. My hand clung tight to my bag like it was the only thing I had left and headed for the elevator, pressing the button of my destination over and over again, completely agitated that I could almost feel my heart pumping endlessly in my chest. My foot was tapping on the metal floor impatiently as I stared at the numbers on top of the elevator door slowly descending. When the doors began to open, I slipped through them before they fully opened and raced toward the streets.

  Cars were still zooming wild on the streets. The sky was already dark and the moon began to shine as the stars twinkled above the horizon. A swarm of people were walking busily on the side walk; most of them had phones on their ears, tapping on iPads. The Ozone was just a few blocks away from my apartment and I just didn’t think about things thoroughly and ran as fast as I could that after two blocks I could feel my knees beginning to quiver, then came the slight burning pain surge through my chest as I lacked air in my lungs.

  I heard a screech of a car and everything just happened so quickly that I didn’t even realize what was happening until someone tied my hands and feet together, dropping me to the car floor. I’m being kidnapped. It was a spacious car and from the inside, I could tell that it was a limousine. I thought of screaming for help, but all I could get from my mouth was a faint wheeze of air.

 My chest was in utter agony and I was hyperventilating when someone kicked my head and I rolled on the floor, hitting my head on a metal chest. Blood was oozing from my head to the white Mowhark carpet and I heard laughs echoing the room.

Suddenly I thought of Finn Walker. Maybe the people who are after me are also after him, just in case no one would try to save me like the last time, but then, maybe he started this in the first place. Maybe Finn called me, asking me if I could meet him in a certain place and in a certain time so these people could kidnap me. Maybe the date was all a setup, saving me was all a setup to earn my trust.

The ache in my chest slowly diminished and I was starting to breathe normally again. Someone splashed my face with cold water and I began to struggle, but it was impossible to break free when the ropes on my feet and hands were tightly tied. I looked up to the heartless being that was sitting in the comfortable sofa of the car, but the light above me was concealing his face.

While his boys were laughing and drinking on their seats, he was looking at me, staring intently as if a single blink could set me free from these tight bonds. I heard a gunshot from outside the car and it scratched a part of the window, the car was bullet proof and everyone inside it was completely relaxed. The guy who stared finally took his eyes off me.

“Bruce,” he said and the people in the car immediately stopped and listened to his deep and heartless voice. “Take care of the problem.”

The car window was rolled down and the guy, who must be Bruce, began to slip his head and arm out with a gun on his hand, but before he could, a gun blew and Bruce quickly pulled his head back in, panting.

“It’s them, Sir!” Bruce quickly said. I could hear the panic in his voice. “He has come to get the girl back!”

Thank goodness! Someone was after to save me! Had someone seen these vile men carry me from the sidewalk and into the car? Had someone called the police? There was still hope in me, but then what if, the people whom I thought was saving me actually wanted me for the same thing these vile men want. What if they’re much wicked than these beings with me are?

Bruce and another guy were already shooting the car behind us. The limousine began to zoom fast and my back hit someone’s leg and he began to screamed and curse in pain. He kicked me in the back and stomped heavily on my stomach. “Stop, stop!” I begged and curled into a ball. He laughed and kicked me one more time in the head. Suddenly, everything went white. I fainted.




Finn’s P.O.V


The car was already running fast but it wasn’t fast enough. We were already ignoring the traffic light and road rules and we still couldn’t keep up that well. I felt utterly stupid and I wanted to point the gun to my head and pull the trigger, blowing my brain into tiny pieces. I should’ve never invited her out when it was dark. I should’ve known that they were after her again. They were already shooting at us, but their bullets were useless for our car was bullet proof and so were theirs.

“Finn!” he yelled as soon as he pulled his head back in, nearly shot in the head. “Why can’t you use your mind?” He jerked his hand out and quickly shot one of the enemies before they could do the same. “You knew this could put her in danger. You knew this could put us indanger, put our whole family in danger!”

“I’m sorry, ok?” I yelled at him before he pulled his head out and shot a bullet or two. “I didn’t know they were after her again!”

“We were sent to be with her to protect her not to date her!” he countered and he seemed a little angry.

“It wasn’t a date!” I bellowed and I saw him roll his eyes and mumbled something, but then he took his metal mask away from his face and I saw his eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped slightly.

“Go left! Go left!” He pointed to the black limousine going the same way he said. I jerked the wheel at the last minute causing him to tumble his weight on me. “Be careful!” he seemed irritated.

“I am! I am!” I shouted and stomped hard on the accelerator. “This damn thing won’t go any faster. We’re going to lose her!” He punched me in the arm. “Ow!” I scowled at him. “What was that for?”

“We’re not going to lose her!” determination and irritation was flooding his voice. “We’ll keep trying. We won’t give up.”

The enemy kept on shooting on the windshield, but it had no effect whatsoever, so they sped off. “Great!” I said, with sarcasm in my voice. “Stupid car wouldn’t go any faster!” I grumbled. “Tell Steve to scrap this thing and get us a Ferrari!” Suddenly, the limousine turned into a sharp curve, but oddly they didn’t drive away, they just parked the car there, like a barricade. “What the heck are they doing? They’re committing suicide!” Then I realized something, they want us to crash!

“Stop the car! They’re outside, they’re getting away!” he yelled, but even if I step heavily on the breaks, we’d still crash and die. “I said stop the car!” He yelled and jerked the wheel causing the car to spin wildly.

“Get out! Get out!” I slipped the seat belt off and we both jumped out of the car, landing roughly on the wet dewy grass as the car and the limousine collided and exploded wildly into flames

 I lay there on my back beside my partner, dizzy and panting heavily. I’m alive!

“You’re an idiot, Finn!” he bellowed. “I told you to stop the car!” He sat up and covered his head with his hands.

“We still wouldn’t make it! We’d still crash and we couldn’t save her anymore if we do, Sam!” I countered. “Stay calm if you want to save her!” That shut him up.

“Sorry,” he mumbled. “I got the backpack,” he stood up. “Now let’s go find her.”





Sam’s P.O.V



We left the cars blazing in frenzy and quickly headed to the forest where I last saw them run off to, a man carrying Spencer in his arms. She was sleeping. I saw her in the arms of a man I hardly know, someone I’d never trust, someone I’d possibly hate or kill.

 The black leather backpack was securely hanging on my shoulders. It was a little heavy, but it was a mandate for it to be brought. If anything happens to it, either Finn or I, possibly even both of us, will go through consequences because of a failed plan.

 Those men were going to get it if they ever lay a finger on her. If they scratch her, or break anything, I’ll brutally do ten times worse, I’ll shoot them, cut them, blow them until there’s nothing even left to bury.

I began placed the metal mask on to conceal my face from the enemies and swore under my breath. I will destroy Vassily and everyone precious to him  if he ever hurt what’s mine.

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