Summer After High School

Summer after high school was the beginning of life my changing moments. I was off to college in the fall, so when I received my certificate I knew I had exactly 80 days to enjoy my teenage years before I'm shipped off to Berklee.

I had very unexpected moments with people I hardly thought I'd talk to and even grew to love them in a way I never thought. I've experienced things I never thought I would. I've befriended and met people who were close to the stars and I've never been happier than to be with the people close to my heart, but of course, happiness doesn't always last.

Things changed and now I know I'm safe, but in everything I've been through, I've grown to be the mature young lady that I am. My friends left for their college courses, others went off to being actresses and actors, things changed, but the memories we've had together never does and I'll cherish them till the end of time


2. People From School and A Night Out




It was approximately 12:51 in my wrist watch and my deep green eyes began to scan the surroundings for familiar sources. I saw business men and women on their lunch break or probably on a meeting. I saw teenagers like me on their date, holding hands, kissing passionately like there were no other eyeballs around. I saw old couples, laughing, enjoying, talking about their past and wondering about their future, but no indication of Finn Walker.

My fingers tapped impatiently at the glass table. I’ve been waiting for Finn Walker for almost an hour now. We were supposed to reconvene at 12:30 but of course I came thirty minutes earlier. The Diner was just across the street from my apartment, therefore was an easy stroll for me.

Flo’s Diner was one of those restaurants that had a fancy bell at the top of the door. So when someone goes in, you’d hear the ring of a bell followed by the employees' screaming voices of welcome.

I’ve been thinking that Finn Walker might’ve got into traffic or probably gotten astonishing pink flowers for me that would somehow bring radiance to my dull apartment, but when one of the clock’s finger stroke 1:00PM, I started to give up the hope of Finn Walker showing up.

I slumped on my seat like a scolded three year old with my arms folded against my chest. I actually felt dumb to think that a guy like Finn Walker could actually go on lunch or even dinner with me. Yes he may have taken care of me while in the hospital; yes he may have saved me from the brutal incident with Bronze, but those deeds of kindness may have come from sympathy rather than admiration.

“May I get you anything?” A feminine voice offered, clearly one of the waiters.

“Steak, well-done”, I said, not bothering to look up. Even though my appetite has completely vanished, I didn’t want the owner of the place, whom I happen to know, to think that I’ve used her restaurant as a simple place to sit then leave after an hour.

“Excellent choice, Ma’am, and what beverage would you like to go with that?”

“Maybe a diet coke,” I answered.

“Wonderful, I will be back after fifteen to twenty minutes with your order,” the woman said and then left.

Florence Mackenzie, a girl at school with shoulder-length light brown hair with the face of a mouse owns the restaurant I currently am in. Florence Mackenzie was one of those girls that wore really above-the-knee tight skirts and all those skimpy outfits and referred mostly as a “Hot Chick”. She was a year younger than me and also one of the popular girls in school.

Her mom, who was standing by the cashier, looked ancient. She had worry lines on her forehead and even from a far I could see the wrinkles and fine lines on her face to her neck, but despite the old features, she looked radiant and really beautiful.

As promised my well-done steak and diet beverage was served. I still didn’t have the appetite to eat, so I rolled the cut pieces of steak using my fork. Suddenly, the bell rang. When I looked up, I saw people whom I least expected to see this summer.

I started to slouch lower into my seat hoping I couldn’t be seen, but when she started to run towards me screaming my name, I just wanted to be dragged to a third place between reality and space. I just wanted to be alone and the last thing I needed was an annoying being lingering in front of me and telling me of things I hardly understand.

“OH MY...GOSH!” she exclaimed and hugged me as tight as ever. “I never thought I’d find you hear!” So she was looking for me? My, this chick can be weird. “How are you?”

“Oh I’m doing relatively fine, given my so called date just bailed on me,” I told her and turned to look at the guy next to her that was clinging to her arm like a monkey latching on to a branch.

Her name is Wendy Haynes. She had dark messy hair that was often tied into a pony tail and light brown skin and her eyes were brown with gray linings. She looked like a black person, but she’s actually a Filipino. Her dad is American and her mom is a Filipino. They aren’t quite rich like most of my school mates, but her family owns several big farms and big town pharmacies.

“Oh,” she simply replied. “Anyway, I’ve been really busy at work and...” I didn’t listen to most of the things she said because I knew they’d be medical things and given my hardly working brain, I couldn’t understand anything she’d say. Instead, I stared at Dan, who was ever so clinging on Wendy’s arm.

Dan Daniels wasn’t like among all kids. Sure he had two arms just like every normal body you see. Sure he had a nose just like everybody else. Sure he looked pretty normal, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and when I say ‘The inside’ I meant his brain. He had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), something kids are born with and they’ll forever grow up with. It’s not a sickness actually; it’s something that’s forever part of them.

Dan can’t stay still sometimes and sometimes throws tantrums at worse places possible. Last year at the senior prom, Wendy went to the prom with Dan since Wendy’s future course was going to be nursing and the principal thought it was best for Wendy to have Dan for training and observation. At first he was perfectly fine, sitting at the table next to Wendy, greeting people and introducing his name over and over to anyone who passes by. Suddenly, Bronze came and everything went wild. He (Dan) started to knock the table down (it was a small table. Dan is weak and thin) and started to pee on the punch. It was a horrible night, but everyone managed to get over it since the prom was moved to Sam’s house after thirty minutes since Dan’s pee reeked. It smelled like fouled noodles and vinegar.

I shivered at the thought of the moment and looked down at my now cold steak. I started to eat little by little since my stomach roared, demanding to be fed. I kept on nodding to whatever medication Wendy was blabbering about, hoping that she‘d think I was actually listening and I only looked up to look at her when she said my name.

“What again?” I asked.

“Who were you waiting for?” she asked.

“Some dude at school,” I vaguely answered. I didn’t want the rumour to spread out that Finn Walker and I are dating. Even though we’re not in High School anymore there are still lines of communications and they might somehow do something that would make me regret telling anyone, like for example, they’d publish it on the town’s newspaper or I’d magically read in a magazine article or a picture of me and Finn side by side would pop up in a gigantic plasma screen in the mall. My mind leads me to things hardly possible, I know, maybe I have ADHD, too, but we could never predict the future, all we could do is be cautious in the present.

“How about that hot dude in class...err”, she stopped to think. “James Bond?”

“James Colton,” I corrected her and nodded. “That boy is might hot.”

James Colton is two years older than me. He flunked second year of college and worked at my school as a janitor, saving money for this fall. That boy is capital H Hot. He mops without a shirt, revealing his generously well oiled muscular tanned body as he worked. The hot girls would flock around him like they girls were his sheep and he was hot tanned shepherd with his plastic mop as a rod.

Once the girls in school planned a food fight in the cafeteria just so they could see James Colton mop the floor and wipe the walls, shirtless. They even brought the stereo to the cafeteria and played some music...Surprisingly; James caught the bait and danced with the beat, swinging his hip to the music as he wiped the walls. The girls went crazy.

“So is it him?” Wendy asked, leaning closer to me.

“No”, I answered. “I think he’s too old for me.”

“What?” Wendy exclaimed. “Age doesn’t matter, plus he is only two years older.”

“Yes,” Dan agreed and nodded his head like a robot.

The bell above the door rang again and more costumers went in and out of the restaurant. Most of them were teenagers on dates for the summer. A boy with his arms around the shoulder of a girl is what I usually saw coming in, but then there was a guy who came in, he came alone.

“Sam”, I whispered under my breath.

He wore a shirt and a hooded jacket that looked dirty and recycled and his pants were ragged and dusty, like a huge battalion of cats ambushed him and scratched every part of him. His blond golden hair was messy and unruly, like he just got out of bed. He turned his head, searching the room, and his ocean blue eyes finally laid on me, he smiled.

I felt a shock wave run through my heart when he smiled, it felt strikingly warm, but painful. I saw pain in his body, but alleviation in his eyes. I’ve never seen him like this; so rugged and dirty. He was panting for air and holding on to the door knob for support. His smile vanished quickly and he turned around, limping slowly and went out.

What was Sam Price doing in a place like this in clothes that didn’t express his big name? A few days ago I saw him watch me outside the hospital window and now he came in the store on an outift that I never saw him wear, and the worst part? He looked like an abused slave. Something is definately going on with Sam Price.

Sam was the richest kid in school. Actually, his dad owned the school and it was the COOLEST school anyone has ever seen. I’m lucky that I even got in (thanks to my inner nerd).

The school had two huge swimming pools. One for athletes and the other for parties like the prom. The class rooms were all white, even the desks and chair. The teacher teaches through the help of a huge screen facing the class and each of us gets a white laptop, which we get to keep if we graduate. The school has really strong Wi-Fi and the cafeteria never feeds you like you were some kind of diseased animal. In that school, everyone is treated royalty. We even had lockers as big as a normal closet.

Minutes later, Wendy still didn’t leave and I couldn’t take it. She was nice and all, but she talked a lot and it irritated me like a rash, plus Dan was a creepy creature staring at me like I was some kind of an exotic wild dinosaur that vomits gold. So I lied and told her that I had to clean my apartment. She took that really well, and when I walked out of the restaurant, the bell rang and it felt like it rang for my freedom. Free from weird creatures (Dan Daniels).

The moment I arrived in my apartment, I dropped the plastic bag containing the goodies that I purchased from the mini mart, it was 6:32. I check the phone to listen to the messages left for me. Maybe my older brother called, checking up on me.

I heard my own voice saying “Hey creature! This is Ainsley Spencer, but just call me Spencer. I’m kind of busy at the moment so leave a message.” Then it was followed by a beep.

“You have two messages”, the machine said and then I groaned, realizing that the world was filled with billions of people and among them only two of them cared enough to leave me a message. The machine beeped again, and I heard the voices of the people leaving the message.

"Hey, Kiddo!" I heard my big brother Max say. "Just calling in to ask you how you're doing. I haven't heard from you for a while. I'm a little worried. Call me as soon as possible when you get this, ok? I miss you, baby sister."

Then it was ended by a beep and followed by the second message.

“Hey, you’re Spencer, right? It's Finn...Finn Walker? I’m really sorry for not arriving at the restaurant this noon.  I really feel bad about it and I want to make it up to you”, there was a moment of silence before he continued to talk. “Meet me 7:00PM in Ozone park. I’ll wait for you.”

I just froze and it seemed like worled suddenly slowed down. I couldn’t believe it. Finn, Finn left me a message! He was meeting me somewhere. Is this a date? I’ve never had a date since the prom, which was three weeks ago, but still. I looked at my wrist watch, 6:46PM! I had less than fifteen minutes to get ready!

I looked down on the dress I wore for the lunch meeting I was supposed to be with Finn, but then he didn’t show up and I sort of bumped into a lot of dirty things and car pollution was something I definitely despised. So my dress was definitely NOT an option.

I rushed to my room, yanking my wardrobe open and pulling out things to wear. Well everything sucked. I couldn’t say that I was poor and didn’t have the money to buy for wonderfully expensive clothes, because my brother was sending money monthly plus some weekly bonus, and I have uncles and aunts that is definitely wealthy, yet I don’t socialize with them, they give me money for the sense of ‘duty’ to their orphaned nephew. Anyway, I had terrible clothes because I don’t know HOW to shop. I had no sister and only one brother and no, he isn’t gay to help me with shopping.

Finally I ended up with dark denim jeans and my blue tank top, covered by my favourite over-sized black jacket that once belonged to my brother. So alas, onward I go to a place where awaits a mysterious adventure with Finn Walker.

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