Summer After High School

Summer after high school was the beginning of life my changing moments. I was off to college in the fall, so when I received my certificate I knew I had exactly 80 days to enjoy my teenage years before I'm shipped off to Berklee.

I had very unexpected moments with people I hardly thought I'd talk to and even grew to love them in a way I never thought. I've experienced things I never thought I would. I've befriended and met people who were close to the stars and I've never been happier than to be with the people close to my heart, but of course, happiness doesn't always last.

Things changed and now I know I'm safe, but in everything I've been through, I've grown to be the mature young lady that I am. My friends left for their college courses, others went off to being actresses and actors, things changed, but the memories we've had together never does and I'll cherish them till the end of time


1. Finn Walker



My back slammed against the hard concrete wall and a huge fist jibed on my face, causing my glasses to fall and shatter into millions of pieces. My body was in complete and utter pain. I have been kicked and hit unceasingly and my face already seems swollen.

"Spare her face, Bronze!" a guy from the back yelled. "We don't want her to look ugly don't we?"

"Well, she's already ugly!" another guy laughed.                                        

Thirty minutes ago, I was doing fine, walking on the sidewalk from a mini mart, until these guys grabbed and hauled me into their car. The next thing I know, a fist collided with my face and the constant beating continued for what seemed like forever.

I am where I am now. In a dark and cold place where a single bulb provides light. I nearly thought I was going to heaven when I saw it glowing above me. Immediate death was better rather than being punched all over. I could feel something wet covering my face. I didn't need to check what it was. I already knew it was blood.

Bronze laughed out loud along with his friends who were mocking and throwing broken glass at me. They didn’t have something against me actually; they’re just assholes who have nothing to do. They pick on girls for fun. Over the year, 12 girls were victims, one girl each month. Some were raped, heavily bruised, or even killed.

Realizing that Bronze’s attention has altered, I scampered up to my feet and began crawling away but Bronze must have noticed because I was kicked in my belly. I clenched my stomach and rolled to floor, utterly in pain.

"Bronze!" A familiar voice yelled. "You're killing her! Get away!" I heard him groan. "Sam, you better stop him now!"

Bronze, a big and buff guy, looked over to their leader, who just walked into the room, Sam was a guy with unruly messy blond hair and eyes as blue as the enchanted river. Sam didn't move, he only continued to look at me with that same expression on his face. His blue eyes were laid heavily on my dark emerald green ones, eyeing me carefully like a hungry lion hunting his prey.

"Let her go, Bronze." Sam said his voice deep like the ocean. "Finn", he said, gesturing to the guy who stood in the corner, "get her out of here."

I could hear Finn walking towards me, but I still didn't hear Bronze walk away from me, he did stopped beating me up and grunted in response. I closed my eyes and relaxed a bit, knowing that finally my pain and suffering was going to end shortly.

Then the surroundings grew quiet, but then Sam's voice went booming. "Get out, NOW!" He shouted, and he almost sounded like he was angry. I heard footsteps scurry away from me. They were gradually getting farther. I sighed and lay flat on my back. My eyes still closed and I began to relax, that was until a huge foot kicked me painfully in the stomach.

"Bronze!" Finn shouted, angrily. Everything went blurry then white and I heard Bronze laughing across the room.



Chapter One: Finn Walker





When I fluttered my eyes open, I found myself in a place far from familiar. I propped myself using my elbows and scanned the room. Immediately, I realized that I was in the hospital. Despite my aching head, I forced myself to sit up, but then something caught my eye, or someone rather.

At the end of the bed where I lay, was Finn Walker. He was an 18 year old guy who happens to go to school with me. We don't really know each other that much, but I've noticed him around the school campus and went through some group studies and projects with him. He's mostly alone and not much friends. He's gone through lot of trouble, but he brought me here, in the hospital, and saved me and hauled me away from death last night. I guess he isn't really that bad after all.

His head was laid gently on the bed and his arms were folded around it. His dirty blond hair was unruly, totally out of control, and his face was relaxed, he seemed harmless at that point, and I almost wanted to touch him, to know that he was ok.

I used my legs to push me away from Finn and leaned on the wall behind me. I continued to watch Finn as he slept peacefully, wondering why he was here in the hospital, watching over me. Last night was the most horrible night that I've experienced and Finn was there to rescue me, to take me away from that hell hole, why?

When he started to wake up, my heart started to hammer riotously in my chest. When his dark eyes met with mine, I just didn't know what to do. It was like I just saw someone so beautiful. I know that he's a guy, but 'beautiful' seemed like the perfect word to describe him. He was just stunning. He was like a beautiful statue, carved or molded by the angels. His pink lips were glimmering as it moved in slow motion. And his eyes were sparkling, like watching the night sky, or a beautiful sunrise, the darkness it held kept I concealed secrets waiting to be revealed. I also saw sadness in his eyes, but it was quickly hidden after a flash of a smile.

"Can you hear me?" He said, snapping me from my thoughts. "I've been talking for a while and you haven't been responding." I nodded my head in response and I must've shook it hard because I felt dizzy afterwards. Finn smiled, like he was holding in a laugh. "Does your body still hurt?" He asked, concerned. I nodded and he laughed. "Well, can you talk?"

"Yes," I replied. My eyes were locked on him and I could picture myself right now looking like a complete freakish zombie hungry for human flesh.

"We'll you must be hungry by now aren't you," he said as he stood up and grabbed his coat that was hanging on the chair he was sitting on. "You haven't eaten for a while now. I'll go get you lunch."

"No!" I said quickly when he started to walk away, and he immediately turned to face me. "I mean...I just ate last night. I don't want to be that much of a bother."

"Last night?" He seemed confused and his fingers went rummaging through his hair, then his eyes brightened and I could almost see the light bulb glowing above him. "Oh right!" His fingers snapped. "You don't know, do you you."

"Know what?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You've been in the hospital for three days. Bronze beat you up real bad that night," he said, making a face and started to walk away again. "I'll be back with your lunch!" And before I could say anything, the door closed behind him and I was left to myself. My heart started to slow down a bit, now that he was gone, but I couldn't help but wonder why.

My brother, Max would've been so worried for me right now if he ever found out. Good thing was that he was working abroad, in Italy, and he comes back during holidays, like Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. He sends me money for the whole month and maybe some extras if needed. Max has taken care of me ever since our parents died.

Well, my father died, my mother went missing nearly 12 years go and she hasn't been found until now. Everyone said she died already and my dad already gave up hope in finding her, but I never did. Somehow, somewhere, I feel that she lives, sometimes I feel her watching me and when I'm sad and in need of someone, I feel her arms around me, giving me warmth, courage and hope to smile and move on. She has been my inspiration through my greatest trials in life and I know that we'll meet again.

I looked around and spotted a window five feet away from me. The clouds were fluffy and white, surrounded by the light blue sky. I struggled to stand and held whatever I can to support me so I can reach the window and when I finally did, I unhooked the lock and widely opened it, letting the cool summer breeze inside and peered to the outside environment.

I found the busy streets of the city, cars honking and people walking by the sidewalk with most of them talking on the phone, but something caught my eye, or someone rather.

Down in the sidewalk stood, Sam. He was wearing a white expensive looking shirt covered in a brown hoodie. His hands were on his pockets, his hair, still the perfect strawberry blond disheveled hair he had and his eyes were as blue as the ocean and they were on me. He was looking at me and his face was emotionless, like he was coming for me, like he was planning to do something. My heart started to hammer again. Maybe he was planning to bring me back to Bronze, so he could beat me up and kill me. No, I'm not going back there!

The door slammed close and I turned around, shrieking. "It's me! It's me!" Finn cried, with both his hands up, I could see two cellophane bags clinging on his arm. I eased up a bit, but I didn't move. "Are you ok?"

"Sam!" I quickly said. "I saw him down the road. Over there!" I said, pointing to the street where I saw him, but to my surprise, he wasn't there anymore, he just vanished in an instant.

"Where?" Finn said, peering over my shoulder. "I don't see, Sam." He said and placed his hand on my shoulder. "Maybe you might mistaken someone else for Sam."

"No! He was there I swear," I yammered and held him in both arms, shaking him wildly. "You've got to believe me."

He was silent for awhile, he just gazed into my eyes, finally, he smiled that gentle assuring smile and said, "I believe you." My heart skipped a beat at that and something warm flowed over it and it felt strikingly nice. "Now lets eat! You like McDonald food right?" He said as he walked towards that small table where the cellophane bags lie.

"Yeah, I'm good with those...", I smiled back at him and sat on the table. He sat in front of me and I watched him as he set the food up for me. "Thank you" I told him.

"Don't mention it," he replied, casually and started to munch on his burger like a hungry cayote.

"No I mean...Thank you for bringing me here, for stopping Bronze last night. I could've died if you weren't there to help me, and for that, I'm forever thankful. I told him with sheer sincerity in my heart.

His mouth was filled with food and I think he just didn't know what to say and he just nodded. "I'm glad you're safe," he said, covering his mouth with his burger. "But you owe me lunch tomorrow."

I laughed, "I'd be more than happy to do that," I said, and meant it. "So what time tomorrow?"

"Mmm... 12:30?" He said and swallowed. "I leave work at 12:00"

I nodded. "Alright, 12:30, in Flo's Diner. It's in front of my apartment."

"Sure, I'll meet you there," he said and when he smiled, his eyes sparkled, like I was watching the night sky in the morning. It was just dazzling.


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