Summer After High School

Summer after high school was the beginning of life my changing moments. I was off to college in the fall, so when I received my certificate I knew I had exactly 80 days to enjoy my teenage years before I'm shipped off to Berklee.

I had very unexpected moments with people I hardly thought I'd talk to and even grew to love them in a way I never thought. I've experienced things I never thought I would. I've befriended and met people who were close to the stars and I've never been happier than to be with the people close to my heart, but of course, happiness doesn't always last.

Things changed and now I know I'm safe, but in everything I've been through, I've grown to be the mature young lady that I am. My friends left for their college courses, others went off to being actresses and actors, things changed, but the memories we've had together never does and I'll cherish them till the end of time


4. A Nightmare and a Plan




Spencer's P.O.V

The tempting aroma of eggs, honey-coated bacon and toast were drifting through the air. As I sat up, inhaling the fragrance, my daddy went inside my room with his morning smile. “Oh, my little girl is up,” he said, with his normal cheery voice. He carried me up from bed and placed me on his lap. “Good morning, my little princess.”

“Mornin’, Daddy!” I said and hugged him tight, my little fingers were twirling on his hair as he carried me downstairs. The whole western wall beside the stairs was entirely made of glass, and I saw the morning dew glistening on the grass like crystals. Squirrels were slowly crawling out from their hole and climbing to the trees, chattering to each other. Trees were swaying gracefully to the side as the breeze gently brushed their leaves.

When we got to the dining room, dad gently laid me down on my special baby pink chair and lovingly kissed my forehead. He placed a bowl of mashed food on the table in front of me and I began to eat. He and mom talked, they were all sweet, hugging and disgusting while my brother, Max, and I ignored them and continued to eat our breakfast.

“Dad,” I heard Max say and dad turned to face him with eye brows up. “Can I not go to school today?”

“What?” I heard my mom say. Her voice was sweet and gently, full of concern. “Sweetie, is it because it’s the first day of school?” Max didn’t say anything. “Sweetie, you’re ten years old. You’re a big boy.” She placed one hand on his face while the other was stroking his hair softly. “You’re my big boy.”

“And mine!” I chimed in, but all I could get was ‘a mine’ instead of ‘and mine’. My parents, including Max, chuckled at my failed attempt. My dad looked at his watched and adjusted his tie.

“Alright, Max, you’re going to be late if we don’t start movin’!  Get your backpack ready and I’ll drive you there myself,” he said with a smile.

Max stood up and grabbed his backpack from the sofa, slinging one strap onto his shoulder. He went beside me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You are so lucky you don’t have to go to school yet, baby sister.” He whispered to me and ruffled my hair. Max gave mom a kiss on the cheek and headed out with dad. I waved goodbye as the door closed and I heard the car zoom away into the streets and I was left alone at home with my mother.


   The water was running and from my room I could see the steam rising in the air and mom came out from the bathroom. “Ready for a good bath, my little princess?” I hated baths, so I began to scurry away, but she got to me quickly and twirled me up in the air before securely holding me in her arms. “I thought my baby loved baths?” she chuckled. I did love baths, getting me IN the bath was the problem, but once I get in its hard to get me OUT.

When mom finally stripped me off my clothes, she slowly dipped me in the bath tub filled with bubbles. The warm water was soothing in my skin and I began to play with bubbles, popping them and making shapes. “Mommy!” I shouted, my little squeaky voice echoing the bathroom. She turned to look at me, but she only saw a tub full of water and bubbles. No baby.

“Ainsley?” she called out. “Ainsley, where are you?” I heard the panic in her voice, so I emerged from the water, panting. “Ainsley! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” I chuckled and continued to play with the bubbles. This time, mom never took her eyes on me and smiled when she saw what I made.

“Is that a star?” she said. I nodded and clapped my hands, amused by her expression. “What else can my little princess make?” I didn’t answer and I continued to gather bubbles and forming them into shapes. “A heart?” I nodded.

“I yav you, mommy,” I told her and her face grew warm and gentle. She took me from the tub, quickly wrapped me with a towel and hugged me as tight as she could.

“I love my baby girl so much,” she said and her voice began to break. Suddenly, the bell rang. Mom placed me back on the tub and patted my wet hair. “I’ll be back, okay?” I nodded. “I’m coming!” mom yelled to whoever was at the door and I continued to play with the soap and made it sink like the titanic.

“Yes, what can I do for you gentlemen?” I heard my mom say

“Is the house of Robert Spencer?” The man asked, his voice was rough and hoarse, like he’s suffering from a sever cough.

“Well, yes-“

“You’re his wife?” I heard several footsteps inside the house. “Nice house you got here.”

“Thank you,” my mom said, but her voice wasn’t the same cheery one I always hear. “Do you need something?”

“As of matter of fact we do,” another man said and my mom grew silent. “Where is the vault?” my mom didn’t answer. “I said where is the vault?” the man shouted.

“I don’t know, I-” mom stuttered.

“You don’t know?” The man said and I heard something click. “Listen here, I’d hate to do this, but I will kill every single soul you love or talk to if we don’t get that vault!”

“Speak louder!”  The man shouted. “I hate mumbling!”

“She-shelf. B-behind the b-book shelf...”

I didn’t hear anything else, but after a few moments, I heard footsteps running up the stairs and my mom was whispering my name. She took me out from the tub, quickly wrapping me in a towel and placed me inside the wooden chest beside my bed.

“Hide here ok?” she whispered and she was already fighting tears. “Stay strong, Ainsley.”

“Where’s my, Bubbie?” I asked, and she forced a smile and handed me my gray stuffed kitty, but before she closed the lid, she took her bracelet from her wrist and placed it on mine. Suddenly, there was a loud bang downstairs.

“Hey! There’s nothing here!” one of the men downstairs said. “She tricked us! The hag tricked us!”

“She’s gone!” the other said. “Find her!”

“We don’t have much time, Spencer!” Mom whispered. “I love you.” She whispered and kissed me on the forehead and began to close the lid, leaving an inch open. “Mommy will always love you.”

I heard footsteps behind the door and mom finally closed the chest shut. The door swung open and the men stepped in. “There you are,” the man said. “I don’t like to be deceived...” his footsteps getting nearer. “And people who deceives me....dies.”

I didn’t know what was going on, because I couldn’t see, but I heard my mom yell and grunt, like she was fighting them. I heard objects fall and shatter into a million pieces, I heard the glass window break and clothes, probably the curtains, getting ripped apart. She was fighting them to protect me, because my mommy loves me. I fought hard not to cry, because mommy would be sad if I do. She told me to be strong, so I did my best to fight back a tear, but when I heard a gunshot, my heart started to pound and my breathing was uneven.

“No,” I heard my mom say and I could almost see her crying. “No...”

Then, the second gun blew and I quickly emerged from where I was, panting. I quickly rubbed my eyes with my knuckles, realizing that everything was just a dream. A horrible nightmare.

Someone tapped on my shoulder and when I looked up, there was a boy around the age of ten, holding out a glass of water. “Drink,” he said and I took it from his hands, taking small sips. “I’m Charlie,” he said, with his thumb pointing to his chest. “It’s good to see you finally awake.” He said as he sat on the end of the bed. Then I realized...

“Where am I?” I asked him.

“I have no idea where we both exactly are,” he said. “It’s to keep us ‘safe’, they say. All I can tell you is that we are deep in the forest.” I stood up, holding on to any object I could to keep me from falling. “So what’s your name?”

“Ainsley,” I answered. “But people call me by my last name- Spencer.”

The hard metal door opened and a head of a guy poked in. It was the guy they call Bruce! Has he come with a gun to finish me off? Or will he bring me into a place where I am to beaten up, just like what Bronze did.


Is it possible for him to be the master mind of all this? Has he come to finally take on his victim? Will I die in the hands of this cruel creature that has killed many innocent people? If I die, what would happen to my brother? I’m all he’s got and he’s the only family I have left.

  “Is she awake ye-“, he stopped when he saw me and hesitated to go inside. He had two big boxes in his hands and he was shifting his feet awkwardly, like he was nervous to see me. “These are for you,” he said.

“What are they?” Charlie asked, grabbing the box, but Bruce slapped his hand away. “Ow!” He yelled, rubbing his hand.

“You’re Bruce, right?” I asked him and he nodded. He placed the boxes on the ground and outside. Moments later, he came back with a bucket of water and a small towel. He motioned me to sit and I did. I feel so stupid obeying the person who kidnapped me, who tried to kill the people who were trying to save me, but if I wanted to stay alive, I had to be good.

He sat beside me and started dabbing the wound on my head, wrist and ankle. He was gentle and very careful with the way he cleaned my wound. Maybe he isn’t really bad? But I still have to keep my guard up. “Thank you,” I said the moment he finished. He nodded.

“They’re expecting you,” he said.


He nodded. “And you have to be very good, or else.” He gestured to the door across the bed. “You should dress up now. Vassily isn’t a very patient man and he doesn’t want to be kept waiting. He expects you to arrive at his table before sun down.” I hardly know this man and he expects me to be at his table? I sound like a delicious meal for dinner.

I stood up, carrying the boxes to the Rest Room and closed the door. There wasn’t a lock so I leaned against the plastic door. The Rest Room was a little big with a full-length mirror, a sink, toilet, tub and a shower. I opened the lid of both boxes and took the object out of the first box, holding the dress over my chest. Minutes later, I slowly walked out from the bathroom.




Sam’s P.O.V

(Several hours earlier)


   Scanning the huge house concealed by overgrown trees, I noticed some of the windows had bars and two of the windows were pitch black from the outside. And the men on the balcony were pacing back and forth with armed forces. They’re guarding something in the building and other than Ainsley Spencer, something or possibly someone is being protected and concealed from the world.

Finn was asleep under a blanket that looked like a bush from the outside; it was given by the agency to conceal ourselves while sleeping, but it was useless because Finn’s strident snoring would easily give us away. He slowly rose from the blanket, yawning and stretching. His jet black hair was sticking out, his clothes were messy and unarranged on his body and he didn’t even bother taking out his shoes when he slept.

“Up so early?” he yawned and crawled on beside me. “What’cha got so far?”

“See those bars on the window on the fifth floor?” he nodded. “I believe they place the prisoners there.”

“So you think Spencer is there?” He asked, stretching his arms.

I shook my head. “I don’t think so. Vassily knows where she’s come from and will take good care of her as long as she’s good. I think she’s over there...” I pointed to the pitch black windows on the fourth floor. “I believe her room is somewhere over there. Knowing Vassily, she wants her to be protected and caged like a hamster.”

“So what’s the plan?” Finn asked. “Do we head on?”

“No,” I answered almost too quickly. “I never head on that quick.”

“So what’s the plan?” Finn asked impatiently. I didn’t answer him right away, because honestly, I don’t have a plan. I’ve been sitting there, spying at these men and observing the way in and out of the house. Suddenly, something popped into my head.

“I have an idea,” I finally spoke

“Really?” Finn’s face lightened up. “What do I have to do?”

“Gather wood.”

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