Skies Are Grey

"I've always been guilty, baby."


3. xx

"What the fuck yo' doin'!?" Logan shouted from the door as Ryder grabbed his balacava off the floor and pulled it back on over his head.

"He pressed the silent alarm! I warned him!" Ryder shouted back in response, collecting the money from the till himself. Logan rolled his eyes.

"Yo, its too late now! They've all seen what ya look like!" Logan said, walking to me and standing by my side, his gun pointed at the customers before looking to me, as if asking for my permission.

"Aye, Ryder, get the money and lets get outta here." I shouted to him before looking back at the customers, smirking a little before nodding at Logan. Logan then began shooting them, one by one, his shots echoing around the room. A shrill scream quickly caught my attention and I turned to see Logan shooting the young girls boyfriend. I glanced to the girl, she seemed familiar. "Stop." I ordered as Logan pointed his gun at her. I slowly walked towards her and squatted down in front of her, my eyes boring into hers as I tried to place her. I reached out a hand and pushed back some of her long blond hair that had fallen in front of her face. "What's your name?"

"H-Harleigh-May." The girl answered, shaking in fear. My jaw dropped a little and I stood up, a hand on my head as I glanced down to her before shaking my head. Suddenly, police sirens sounded in the distance and blue lights became visible in the distance.

"For fucks sake!" I thundered, placing both hands on my head in frustration.

"Da hell is goin' on?" Logan asked as Ryder jogged over to us.

"Just grab her and lets go." I told them, looking down the the girl as her trembling fingers ran over her, now dead, boyfriends hand.

"I ain't killin' her?" Logan asked as Ryder grabbed the girl from the floor and slung him over his shoulder, throwing the rucksack of money to me.

"No! Leggo!" I shouted, kicking the door open again and heading back outside in the cold night and jogging over to the car and throwing open the boot. "Throw her in!" I shouted whilst Ryder got in the back and police cars became visible. Logan quickly threw the girl into the boot and got in the car as I slammed the boot shut and got into the car myself, slamming the door shut and before the police cars could get to us, we had disappeared off into the cold winter night.

(Girl in the photo above is Harleigh-May.)

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