Skies Are Grey

"I've always been guilty, baby."


2. x

"Dammit Jason, will you shut the damn window?" Ryder snapped from beside me, rubbing his hands together and blowing on them to try and conceal some heat. I turned my head slowly to look at him, eyebrows raised before taking another puff of my cigarette and leaning towards him, exhaling the smoke slowing in his face. I then returned to my previous position and glanced out the window to the petrol station across the road as another car pulled up to get gas, inside were a young couple who were quite obviously arguing. I smirked a little before inhaling more of my cigarette.

"Yo, are we gonna do it or not!?" Logan said from the back, leaning forwards with his elbows resting on the corner of both front seats. I rolled my eyes. "Cause, it's getting late and Nay-Nay ain't gon' be happy with me if I don't get home soon." Logan added. Ryder snickered a little, he always found the name 'Nay-Nay' amusing. I leaned forward and slapped my hand against the dashboard angrily before turning to look at both Ryder and Logan, who had now sat back a little.

"Aye, listen up! You were for me. We do what I want, when I want. A'ight?!" I shouted, raising my eyebrows as I looked from Ryder to Logan. Logan sat back in his seat and clasped his hands together in his lap and Logan nodded, looking back out the window. I narrowed my eyes at them both before nodding. "Good." I said, taking a puff of my cigarette and leaning back in my chair.

"Seriously though, its midnight now and Nay-Nay ain't gon' be happy." Logan said. I groaned and flicked my cigarette out the window.

"For fuck's sake, a'ight. Leggo!" I shouted, throwing the car door open and slamming it shut again as Logan whooped happily, a grin on his face as he got out the car and jogged to the boot, flinging it open and pulling out a gun as myself and Ryder joined him. I grabbed my usual SWAT Mini K while the boys grabbed their own usual weapons. I then reached through the window and grabbed three balaclavas from the dashboard and pulled mine on before throwing one each to both Ryder and Logan. We then all began heading across the road, towards the station.

"We're just getting the money right? Not another blood bath like last time?" Ryder asked as we stalked across the road. I shrugged.

"Depends if anyone gets in our fucking way." I answered, jogging ahead a little as I kicked the petrol station door open and fired some shots up to the ceiling so everyone would know not to try anything. Ryder immediately ran over to the man behind the counter and demanded that he should put his hands up while Logan walked around, rounding up the few customers and sitting them down against a wall while Ryder watched the man behind the counter closely while getting the money. As it was late at night, there were only 4 customers, the young couple from earlier, a woman who looked around 40 and a young man who looked about 25. "Go stand by the door." I told Logan, who immediately did as he was told. I began pacing up and down, my eyes focused on the customers, who all glanced from me to my gun and were shaking with fear causing me to smirk a little. "Don't worry. You're all gonna be fine, just so long as nothing goes -" A shout from where Ryder was cut me off and gun shot was fired, my head  snapped over towards him and groaned as the man behind the counter dropped to the floor, holding Ryder's balaclava. Ryder had been unmasked and everyone now knew who he was.

 (Image One; Ryder Smith, image two; Jason McCann and image three; Logan Carson.)

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