Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


2. waking up the face of a Louis Tomlinson

i wake up  with a cloth over my mouth and my hands cuffed to the bed, i struggle to escape ''there's no point in struggling love,'' laughs a British accent ''majsdgyuwgfbbhxxbmhnhmadfg!'' i yell ''haha, listen love if you promise not to scream, yell or even bite i will take the gag off but if you do, well you'll find out,'' he smiles, i nod. He comes towards me and i get a good look at his face, oh crap not him, anybody but Louis Tomlinson! he then removes the gag and i whisper/yell''WHAT THE F#*K WHY DID YOU KIDNAP ME YO A$$,'' ''three things language, because we wanted to and it wa-" i cut him off ''what do you mean 'we'?'' i question ''ok, first don't cut me off ever again and by we i mean me and the boy,'' he growls ''oh great i was kidnapped by the number one thing i hate in the world One Direction,"i groan "oh, well then. BOYS WE GOT A HATER!'' he screams, i then hear the pounding of feet running in my direction. Within seconds the door opened and walked in three boys, a blond one, a curly haired one and one with a buzz cut ''introduce yourself boys ''Niall,'' says the blond one ''Harry,'' curly said ''Liam,'' buzz cut blurted out ''where's Zayn?'' Louis questions ''bathroom,'' Niall says, right after he sayed that a very tanned boy with a black quiff walks in he must be Zayn, to be honest i was stuned he is gourgeous. "hello love what's your name?" he asks sitting on the bed next to me ''k..kelsy,'' i wishper "what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,'' he winks, i blush "well boys who will have her tonight?" Harry asks "i will,'' Niall  smirks at me ''oh f#*k, a night of hell,'' i think



hey guy what you think so far leave you comments and thanx for reading :)

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