Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


11. pranking Zayn

Kelsys prov

I wake up and see.......BLOOD!? I look up at Zayn's face and see cuts and brusies. I snake out of his arms without waking him and walk to the bathroom to get a face towle, i dampen it and walk back to Zayn. I then start dabbing at his wounds his eyes shot opens and he grabs my wrist, when he see's me his grip lossens "what are you doing?" "cleaning your face, what does it look like?" i say dabbing at him again "ouch," he wishpers in pain "oh, tougthen up princess," i say dabbing at the last wound. "Princess......pri.....princess this," he says tickling me "STOP!HAHAHA! Z,Z,ZAYN STOP PLEASE!" i laugh "say sorry!" "s...s....sorrrrry," i laugh. He then stops tickling me and says "im going back to sleep now," he pecks me on the cheek. Once i knew he was in a deep sleep i walk over to Louis' room and open the door slowly, he didn't stir so i pick up a carrot randomly sitting on the ground. I then thorw it at his face, he shots up and says "yes filty peasnt?" "Lou can you help me prank Zayn?" "arrr sure," he rubs his eyes "sweet i'll get Liam," "what about Hazza? he's strong," "Liam. im. not. picking. Harry," i say thoug gritted teeth "why no-" "because. Now im gonna get Liam," i walk to Liams room to find him awake "hey Liam can yo-......Liam?" he was sitting there crying "*sniff* oh hey Kelsy," "are you alrig-" "im fine," "ok well ummmm wanna help me and Louis prank Zayn?" "yeah sure,"

Liams prov

I still cant belive Danielle cheated on me... i was gonna marry her. I look at that stupid ring *flash back* I dressed up in a tux and was standing out side her house, I open the door like i useally do and hear....moaning? i walk up stairs with the ring and roses in my hands. As i got closer the moaning got louder "oh Damien....ohhhhhhhh Damien!" i look though the crack of the open door and see my girlfriend and my ............... best friend fucking i stand there for a while why the anger boild over top i kick the door open and yelled "DANI! DAMO! WHAT THE FUCK!" they both look at me and Danielle says "it's not what it looks like," "not what it looks like! well it looks like the two best people in my life and fucking eachother when i dating one!" "Liam calm down," Damion says "NO FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOUR AN ASSHOLE! FUCKING MY GIRLFRIEND! HOW LONG!" "what do you mean," "I MEAN HOW LONG HAVE YOU TWO BEEN FUCKING BEHIND MY BACK!" "7........7 months," Danielle say with sorry writen allover her face "i......i was going to perpose to you...... but i guess that will, never happen. Danielle goodbye we are over," "Liam please," "no it's to late... we will never be back as a couple and Damion," he looks at me "we are not friends i hate you, i hate both of you dont ever get in to my life again because i never want to talk to you again," with out another word i walked out side and started walking home since i walked here. And it started raining *end of flash back* I wipe away the tears and follow Kelsy. Louis has every thing we need Kelsy grabs the glad wrap and rope and we sneak into Zayns room. We remove his trakie panths and carry him to the back yard and then glad wraped him and roped his to a pole. It's snowing out side so its cold we then get fart bombs and throw them at him. He then wakes up "what th- AHHHHHHHH! COLD! SO FUCKING COLD!" he screams as we pour bucket after bucket of ice cold water on himm "YOU JUST GOT PRANKED!" we yell. Just then Harry and Niall come out "who's ider was it to prank Zayn?" Harry asks "Kelsy she is a mastermind at pranks!" Louis says "stupidest prank ever," Niall scowls at Kelsy "more like best prank ever," Zayn says "really?" asks Kelsy "yeah!," we then untie Zayn and go inside for hotchocolate



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