Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


6. night with Zayn

after the movies and games Zayn came in and said ''Kelsy your with me tonight,'' he smiles at me ''oh ok,bye Liam,'' i say giving him a wave ''see ya,'' he replies ''so Zayn where's your room?" i ask ''right next door,'' he says opening the door ''oh thanx,'' i smile akwardly i walk in and sit on the bed he then walks in shuts the door,locks it and then sits next to me. "so,'' i say breaking the silence ''so,'' he say not really knowing what to do ''what you wanna do,''i ask ''rember earlier befor Niall inturpted,'' he smirked ''yeah,'' i simle remgbering it ''wanna finsh that off?" he ask looking at me. I didn't even replie when i found myself with my arms around Zayn's neck kissing him and he kissed me back, i feel his hands snake around my waist lifting me up so my legs were ether side of him. I feel his toung running itself along my bottom lip and i grant him entry our toungs then dance together wraping and unwraping as if fighting for domance eventuraly he won wraping his toung around mine not letting go we then lay down still kissing and i feel his buldge press agenst me. He then breaks the kiss ''you have no ider how bad i want you,'' he moans ''i can feel that and it's not happing tonight,'' i moan back ''can we dry?" he asks i give him a questioning look ''dry hump,'' he breaths ''ok,'' i say my heart racing. He smirks and starts humpping faster and faster ''say my name,'' he wishpers ''Zayn,'' i say ''louder,'' he says ''Zayn,'' i say louder ''louder,''  he says going as fast as he could ''Zayn!,'' i nearly yell, he then collaps releshing his load ''wow,'' he puffs rolling off me. He then kisses my cheek and say good night "night,'' i breath thinking about what just happened . i mean it was wonderful it would be even better our skin touching his hands beside me mine on his back. I would love that. i then feel strong arms wrap around i then fall in to a peaceful sleep





hey guys heres chapter six hope you liked it leave your comments and love ya guys 

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