Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


9. I hate Harry Styles

Kelsy prov

Zayn and i sit there for awhile holding eachother ''eh-hem,'' someone says, i look up to Harry ''your with me today,'' he says ''ok,'' i wishper ''Zayn come to the shop with me!" Lou yes ''i'll see you later,'' Zayn wishpers. Zayn leaves and Harry says ''let's go,'' i follow him to his room. As soon as he locked the door he pressed me up to the wall ''what are you do-,'' ''no Zayn to save you, your all mine,'' he says in a rapsy voice ''get off me!'' i yell ''dont want to love,'' he says kissing my neck ''get off me you assh-" i get cut off by Harry crashing his lips on to mine, he runs his toung along my lip i denied him acces he pushes all his body on to me and bites my lip, i gasp and he shoves his toung in my mouth. He then starts grinding his growing member on my area, his hands then start ripping my cloths off. He then tosses me on to the bed and removed his cloths so all i could see was his erection ''like what you see,'' he smirks ''no i think im about to gag on my own vomit,'' i snap ''how about you gag on this,'' he says pointing to his dick ''i would rather die,'' ''bitch shut up time to feel me rocking you world,'' he says climbing on me. He pulls a condom out and say '' dont want a kid now do we,'' placing it on ''Harry please don-AHHH,'' i yell him shoving himself inside me grinding his hips on mine when all of him was inside me. This continued a while untill he moaned and relase him self he pull out and say ''best sex i've had cant wait till next time i have you,'' ''asshole,'' i wishper ''what you want the backdoor to be used?gladly,'' he smirks flipping me over and entering me again he later moaned and released his lode in to me he climbs off and tosses my cloths to me "get dressed...or stay naked i perfer you naked,'' he winks, i quickly put my cloths on when a knock came to Harry's door. He wishpers to me ''you tell anyone you will reget it. Got it?" i nod he opens the door to Louis ''i'm here for Kelsy,'' ''oh ya no promlamo,'' Harry smiles i slowly walk over to Louis. Harry closes the door i follow Louis to the lounge room to see Zayn sitting there with popcorn and movies ''i gave my time with you to Zayn,'' Louis smiles ''thank you Lou,'' i smile weakly ''whats worng?" Louis asks '' nothing,''  i lie. Louis looks at me wierdly then walks off i go and sit next to Zayn and he smiles ''scary movie, if you get scared you can cudle me,'' he smile ''sweet,'' i say about half way though the movie i was snuggled in to Zayns chest i started falling asleep when my last thought was 'i fucking HATE Harry Styles'


hey sorry it took so long ya ya i understand if you are pissed or whatever but im sorry

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