Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


7. emmbrassment

i wake up to Zayn kissing me ''finally your awake,'' he complanes ''not that im complaning but why were you kissing me?" i ask "tosee if it would wake you up," he smirks ''well it worked,'' i laugh ''com'on let's get breakfast,'' he says pulling me up. I look down at my cloths and say ''ah, Zayn do you have some cloths i can borrow?" i ask "oh ummmm yeah,'' he pulls out a shirt that said 'cool kids don't dance,'' some jeans that were way to small for zayn and a vasity jaket and chucks them to me, i stand there wait for him to leave ''well,'' i say ''oh right,'' he snaps back to reality, he walks out and shuts the door. After i got dress i open the door and the smell of bacon filled my nose 'mmmm,' i breath i then slowly walk to towards the lounge room where i found Louis sitting there ''hey Louis,'' i say quietly ''hey kelsy,'' he replies ''i guess you and Zayn had fun last night,'' he winks, my face goes red ''don't know what you're talking about,'' ''don't lie, i heard you 'ZAYN','' he mocks ''hey atlest we wern't naked,'' i say defensaly ''oh, so you dryed,'' he nodds "m-em,'' i say snaping my fingers in a 'z' formation ''ooooo, a sassy one,'' he gerrs, i flip my hand. Zayn then walks out with a plate of bacon made in to a heart with a heart shaped egg in the middle ''thank you Zayn,'' i smile ''no probs,'' he says sitting down next to me. He then snakes his arm around my sholder, i smile, Niall walks in and scowls ''Zayn kitchen now,'' he snaps ''ok,'' he say pecking my cheek Niall pretends to gag.

Zayn's prov

I walk in to the kicthen after Niall ''what,'' i snap ''what the fuck are you doing with you arm around that bitch and kissing her,'' ''whats it to you ass,'' ''she's a slut,'' he snaps, i lift my fist but then back down ''don't call her that and because i can, i want to, i think i might love her,'' he glares at me ''love her lo-love her! YOU HAVN'T KNOWEN HER FOR A DAY! HOW COULD YOU LOVE HER!" he screams "BECAUSE I CAN! SHE IS EVERY THING THAT I NEED! SHE HAS THE PERFECT SMILE, PERFECT EYES, PERFECT LAUGH PERFECT EVERY THING! EVERY THING I COULD ASK FOR YOU FUCKING MORON!" i scream back "well untill you relise she's isn't i'm not your brother and i will make her life a living hell,'' he snaps

Kelsy's prov

''EVERY THING I COULD ASK FOR YOU FUCKING MORON!" i hear Zayn scream, Louis looks at me ''wow, Zayn must really like you,'' he says in shock ''why?" "he never said that about a girl, deffently not one he just me a day ago,'' he tells me ''really?" i say the one in shock now ''yeah, he must really lo-,'' ''DON'T SAY THAT FUCKING WORD I HATE IT,'' Niall bursts in walking fumied ''what lo-,'' "I SAID DON'T SAY IT LOUIS!" he sreams walking away, me and Louis look at eachother. Zayn walks in and sits down next to me pissed off ''Zayn?" i say worried ''what!" he snaps, i get taken aback ''are you ok?" i ask ''just piss off,'' he sanps ''Kelsy go to my room 1st door on the right,'' Louis says sofly ''ok,'' i cry. I walk in to Louis' room and sit in a corner crying.

Louis' prov

''what.the.fuck.Zayn,'' i gritted my teeth "what,'' he snaps ''dude she is cry over you! you just say you loved her and she is every you could ask for and you just told her to piss off you idiot!,'' i yell ''if you really love her you will go in there and apoligize ,'' he didn't move ''move you dipshit,'' i snap , still just sits there ''fuck sake Zayn she loves you,'' i say giving it one more shot ''she......she loves me?" he asks ''yes you dumbass  now go,'' i breath. He smiles at me then runs to my room

Zayn's prov

i run to Louis' room and rush though door and see Kelsy lying on the ground crying ''Kelsy.........................Kelsy,'' i say she looks and me with red puffy eyes ''what?'' she says looking away from me ''i'm sorry..............please look at me,'' my eyes starting to water sh edidn't move. I start to cry she must of heard me cause she looked at me with worry in her eyes ''Z....zayn," she sniffs i look at her ''why?" "N..N....Niall got in my head i was mad and he said that i couldn't love you even thought i love you and did't know what i was sa-" she cuts me off by crashing her lips onto mine i emidly kiss back ''what was that for?" i break the kiss "just to get you to shuy up annnnnnnnnnd because i love you,'' she smirks "i love you more,'' i smirk kissing her.


hey i know this is going kinda fast with the hole Zayn and Kelsy love and junk but there will be somthing that Hazza dose but i dont know wht yet so leave what you think he should do and yeah


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