Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


5. a day with Liam

Liam's prov

i was in my room listening to music, i then decied i wanted to watch a movie but not alone, i walk to Harry's room and knock ''what,'' he snaps with sweat on his brow ''come back to bed Hawwy,'' a girl says wraping her arms around harry wearing nothing but his rob hin in the sheat ''one second,'' he says she walks back to the bed and spreds her legs waiting for Harry ''what,'' harry says ''nevermind your busy,'' i shurg "thanx she was about to come when you interupted,'' he says locking the door ''oh harry,'' i hear her moan. yuck. i walk to Louis' room and knock ''what,'' he yells from his room ''wanna watch a movie with me,'' i ask ''not right now mate im talking with my mum,'' he yells ''ok,'' i sigh i walk off to Nialls room *knock knock* no respons i go to Zayns *knock knock* no respons i walk to the kitchen not paying atention to that was around me there stood Niall and Zayn cooking ''wanna watch a move with he,'' i breat ''sorr.. little busy,'' Niall says licking his fingers ''take Kelsy she's on the couch,'' Zayn recomends ''ok,'' i say walking out of the kicthen walking over to Kelsy ''hey kelsy wanna watch a movie with me?" i ask. I startled her ''umm......ok Liam,'' i smile  ''comon!'' i jump up and down, she laughs standing up following me to my room. I clear a spot for her and say ''stay right here, im getting popcorn,'' she nodds

Kelsy's prov

after Liam went to get popcorn i sat there when i see a girl walk by ''thanks for the good time Harry would love to do it again," she winks ''same here,'' harry says she walks off he gose back in his room right then Liam comes back with two bowls of popcorn

Liam's prov

i hand her a bowl of popcorn "wanna watch toystory," i ask ''ok,'' she shurgs i put it in and jump on the bed, she flinces ''whats wrong?'' i ask ''nothing,'' she breaths ''ok,'' i say with popcorn in my mouth and we begain to watch the movie. we then watch the rest of the toy story movies and then we spend the rest of the day playing bored games

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