Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


4. a close esape

I wake feeling strong arms around me, i gently slide under them and creep out of bed. I then notise the window slightly open ''yes we're close to the ground,'' i thought i quickly but quietly ran to the window i open without a sound and climb out. I was about to jump down when my hair gets pulled and i fall backwards  ''fuck, and i thought i could trust you,'' a pissed off irish accent snapped pulling my hair making me fall to the ground and kicking me in the stomch ''opfff,'' i groun

Nialls prov

i can't belive she tried to escape! im so fucking pissed off right now, after i pull her in side i kick her 5 times and lock the window ''stand up,'' i spit, she just lays there "stand up bitch,'' i gritted my  teeth she slowly stands up clucthing her stomch i grab her by the arm and pull her to the loungeroom where Zayn was sitting ''watch her, im getting food will be a while,'' i snap to Zayn pushing Kelsy to the couch she collaps on to it crying i walk in to the kitchen and start cooking

Zayns prov

Niall pushes Kelsy on to the couch and she just lays there crying ''what did you do,'' i breath ''i tried to escape,'' she pauses ''and h...he kicked me,'' she crys ''Kelsy,'' i say she looks up at me, i stare in to her brath taking eyes witch where shining of tears ''maby you shouldn't try to escape,'' i shiver still looking into those amazing eyes ''o.o.o.ok,'' she breaths staring back in to my eyes


kelsy's prov

i look in to his chocolate brown eyes and i feel all my worries go away its wierd as like he was the only one who i would feel safe around in the hell hole. He then starts leaning in and he closes his eyes as do I ''ZAYN!" Niall yells from the kitchen mine and Zayns lips centimeters away from eachother ''we'll finsh this another time ay,'' he wishpers pulling away ''coming Niall,'' he yells winking at me. I couldn't help but blush.



hey sorry it took a while to post this one had no internet

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