Kidnapped by 1D :)

Kelsy is a normal 19 old girl, with beautiful long brown hair covering her wonderful ocean blue eyes and she absolutely HATES One Direction. What happens when she is kidnapped by them?


10. a call

kelsy's prov

i wake up on the couch in Zayn's arms, i look up to his peaceful face when i fell my phone bribrating in my pocket. I pull it out and answer it ''hello?'' ''hey babe,'' i here his devilish voice say, no no no please dont be him please ''J-j-Jake?" ''that's my name dont wear it out,'' ''w-why are you calling me?" "im out and i want to see my girl,''. Jake is my psyco ex, he used to beat me and make do things i would never do i eventually called the cops on him and he was put away. But his sentece must be over ''i'm not you girl, and i never will be,'' i spat ''you are, and always will be my girl,'' ''i was nothing but your toy! never your girl you fucking asshole! you don't know how to treat a girl,'' "yes i do! and when i find you i will keep you and never let you go! and if you dont do what i say you will be punished!" he pauses ''listen babe i have to go love you,'' ''hate you,'' i snap i then hang up.I look over to find Zayn looking at me ''what,'' ''who was that?" ''my psyco of an ex, Jake,'' ''what did he do to you?" i look over to him pain in my eyes "you really wnat to know? well he used to beat me, make me do things i would never do and,'' pause remembering all the pain he caused me "r-rape me like Ha-,'' i close my mouth ''like what?" he asks "like Harry," i cry ''Ha-HE WHAT! IM GONN-" "no p-p-please don't tell him i told you he will k-k-kill,'' me i cry in to his chest ''no he touched my girl and he is going to pay,'' he says storming up stairs. "how how i love seeing you cry,'' an irish vocie taunts, i look up and then start backing up "w-w-what do you want,'' i studder "its not what i want its what i need and what i need is my revenge. Not the 'im gonna hurt you' revenge but this,'' ''wha-" i get cut off by his lips crashing on to mine, his hand touching any part of my body he can reach, i then knee him in the place no man would like to be. He collaps to the ground in pain so i jump up and run but i trip because Niall grabed my ankle tugging me towards him. He then slaps me and stands up and kicks me "don't EVER do that6 again you understand? i will hurt you worst then that,'' he spits walking off

Zayn's Prov

i storm off to Harrys room and bang the door open "you pethdic little boy,'' i snap "what are you talking about,'' Harry snaps "you know what im talking about! how dare you hurt Kelsy!" "SHE FUCKING TOLD YOU! SHE'S DEAD," "touch her your dead," "birng it pretty boy,'' he says rasing his fists "bring it curly," i snap

skip fight

We had a bloody fight, by the end of it we both and blood all over our faces and shirts. He was knocked out on the ground and i walk down stairs to kelsy sleeping on the couch, i carry her up stairs to my room, lock the door and lay under the blanked with her in my arms and let sleep take over me.


hey how are you guys!  hope you liked it!

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