They dont know about us.

En historie om Louis Og Eleanor.


3. Tired of Rumors!

When i came into the Living room again, Louis had turned on the TV and watched some football. He looked at me with a smile.

I sat down beside him and hold his hand. He put his other arm around me, and i lay my head on his shoulder. He kissed my hair looked at the tv screen. While i was lying in Louis arms, i checked my phone and went on Twitter. I checked some of my notifications, and what i saw was horrible. A tear streamed down my face, and Louis noticed. He looked at me- he looked worried. " Babe are you crying??.. what´s wrong" He said and he looked even more frightend.

I removed my tears and showed Lou the phone.

"  @LarryForever - Eleanor!... you are stupid!: Louis dosent Love you why can´t you see that??.. his love for Harry

is so much bigger than your fake realtionship to him...i wish you could just dessapear so Harry and Louis could be together.- Louis shouldnt even be with you... Louis dosent belong to you... he belongs to Harry!"

I stared at Lou´s face to see his reaction. His face was frozen. I couldnt tell what he was feeling, but if knew him right- he fell the same way as i did.


 "Babe... im tired of these tired of  that everyone is telling me how fake our realationship  is, and that Larry thing??... what even is that??.. im really getting tired of  all this" I said and looked at him.

Lou looked at me. " Larry is somthing that never should have exsisted!!.. its bullshit!" He said and I could see the anger on his face. " I know your scared Babe... but listen... your not gonna lose me okay?!... you mean so much to me, that it hurts me eveytime your gone... Eleanor your my world... your my everything.. and nothing or no one can tear us apart okay!... I love you!.. and only you!" He said and took my hand and kissed it. I looked at our hands, he kissed it again and i looked at him. Straight into his eyes. " I love you too... and your right...nothing or no one can tear us apart!" i said with a smile and moved closer and kissed his perfect shaped lips. We kissed for a moment, but then Louis stopped kissing me and looked at me.

" Even though that the cant tear us down...then it dosent mean that its okay that people are sending you hate...I hate when somebody does that...- cause i know it hurts you... and when someone is hurting you they also hurt me... cause you are a part of me.. you are like a peace of my heart.. you are my heart El <3" He said and looked at me with painful eyes. I put a finger on his lip. " I know babe it makes me sad .. it really breaks my heart....But Hey... nothing... nothing can´t  tear us apart" <3 I said and smiled, i could see he relaxed a bit but he was stil upset. I was too, and Louis was right it really hurts. Hate hurts.

No one like to be called " Cow, slut, whore, bitch, skank," all that stuff.. its horrible... and the one i hate the most is..." i wish you would just go kill yourself!" its terrifying!... Im so glad that i have Louis in my life. Louis supports me. He makes me smile. And he is there for me when i get hate. I would be a mess if he wasnt by my side.

I sighed and looked at him. And suddenly Louis started to sing.

"They dont know about the things we do, they dont know about the I love you´s

but i bet you if they only knew, they would just be jalous of us..

they dont know about the up all night, they dont know i´ve waited all my life..

just to find a love that feels this right.. baby they dont know about- they dont know about us..

They dont know how speciel you are...they dont know what you done to my life..

they can say anything they want. .. cause they dont know about us..."

He wanted to keep singing but he started coughing and I hurried to give him his tea.

He took a sip and smiled to me. " I love you!" he whispered and squeezed my hand.

I studied his face and smiled " I know.. i love you to!<3"

We sat in the coach for a moment, hand in hand. When i was with Louis i felt complete. I felt whole, safe and warm.

He was the other half of my heart, and i enojy evey moment i have with him.

Louis smiled and finished his Tea, and looked at me. " are you gonna be okay? <3" He said and lay his arm around me again. I lay my head on his shouler and took his hand. " I guess.. well i hope so <3.. I just dont like the rumors.. they are aweful!" i said  and looked at him.  He smiled and kissed my forehead.

" i know its hard babe.. we just gotta be strong"<3 he said and kissed me once more.




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