They dont know about us.

En historie om Louis Og Eleanor.


7. Safe and sound

Eleanor´s POV:

I had waited.. it seams like hours. I started to miss him, and i wanted to call - but a part of me knew he would be back soon. I looked at Pepper. "Hii sweetheart!.. what are you up to?" I said and began to talk to my silly little dog. Pepper looked at me, and his little tail was sliding back and forth. I smiled and lay a hand on his head. Suddenly i Heard someone by the door, and my heart started to pound.

"He´s here Pepp!" i whispered full of excitement and jumped up from the floor.

I ran out in the Hall and opend the door. Louis was talking in his phone, he smiled when he saw me and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and helped him with his jakcet.

I walked out in the kitchen to makes us some Tea. Louis was still talking. I bet it was his Mum, i knew he havent seen her in a long time, and i knew he missed her. When the Tea was done, i walked into the living room. Louis was sitting in the Coach with pepper on his lap. He was still talking. I sat beside him and took a sip of my Tea. Lou looked at me and smiled, he placed his hand op my leg while he was talking.

" I know Mum.. i miss you too... i was hoping that you and the girls are comming to the concert on friday.. El will be there too... i´ve saved excatly 6 tickets for you.. then you can bring Dan"

Louis said and took a sip of his Tea and looked at me with a smile. I petted Pepper on the head and listend to Lou´s conversation.

" Really!? your comming?!:D... That´s awesome Mum!.. thanks!... I can´t wait to see you!.. So I see you Friday!?... That´s Buzzing!... okay thanks Mum... yeah I love you Too... okay Bye!<3"

Louis said and hung up. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hi babe!.. i missed you!" He said and kissed my lips.

" I missed you too!...How´s your Mum... havent seen her for a while!" i said and took his hand.

Louis smiled. " Your soo sweet that you carry about my Family Babe.. she was good, she sounded Happy" he said and kissed me again.






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