They dont know about us.

En historie om Louis Og Eleanor.



" Hi Lads" i said and waved and grabbed a water bottle.

Liam picked up our microphones and handed one to me and Harry. He smiled.

"Here you go... Paul told me that we need to do all the songs that we are going to sing on friday ... we start from the top and go all the down.. okay" He said and looked at us.

I lifted one eyebrow. " wow... okay- well lets do it" i said and took a sip of my water.

Harry also grabbed a water bottle. " Lets go!" he said and took his microphone.

And then we started from the top. We sang all of the songs that we was performing this Friday.

We started of with Up all Night- and ended with What makes you beautiful.

And when we were done,we hang out in the Coffee room.

" soo Lou... how was it to see Eleanor again?" Liam said with a cheeky smile and slammed his legs up on the table. I looked at my coffee cup, and  then took a little sip.

" It was awesome Man.. i really missed her alot... i actually invited her to the concert on friday.. I need her to be there" I said and smiled.

"Thats cool Man.!" He said and took a sip of his coffee.

I smiled and nodded. I was only thinking about her. Elanor Jane Calder.- the beautiful Brunette, with Hazel brown eyes, and a twist of perfection. I smiled for a while.

When we had been in the room for a while- we alle decided to go home.

"Hazz do you need a lift?" i said and lay my arm around Harry´s shoulder when we walked outside.

"Yeah that could be nice.. you dont mind right?" He said and stopped for a moment to look at me.

I looked at him with a cheeky smile. " Didnt i just ask you if you needed a Lift home??" I said- and when Harry understood what i was saying, we both started laughing.




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