They dont know about us.

En historie om Louis Og Eleanor.



Louis p.o.v

when i walked Down to my car, i was only thinking about one thing. One person. A person Who i just had left alone. Eleanor. She was stück in my head, and if only i could, i Would run back up the Stairs,  knocking on her door, and hold her in my arms. I went inside the car, and started the Engine. I sat in the car for a moment, and looked up at the big apartment building. And there it was. Eleanor's Window. It was open. I sighed. Pressed my fingers against my lips, and blowed it towards the Window. " i miss you already my love" i Said and then i started drivning.

On my Way to the studio, Liam called my on my Phone. I put it on speaker on the radio.

" hi man... Where Are you bro?" Liam Said.

" hi man.. Dont worry im on my Way... I Think i'll be there in about ten minuttes"

there was some noise in the background. " okay man.. See you soon then, by the Way dude Can you Pick Harry up on the Way.. He's not here yet" Liam Said hopping i Would say yes.

I nodded. " sure i Pick him up.. See you soon man" i Said and hung up.

Drivning had never been  funny to me , - so i sat some Music on- the Fray- and started to sing along.


"If I don't say this now I will surely break 

As I'm leaving the one I want to take

Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
My heart has started to separate

Oh, oh,
Be my baby
Oh, oh
Be my baby
I'll look after you


When i had been drivning for a while, i stepped by Harry's place.

Liam must had called him And told him i was comming, cause he came right away.

Harry looked charming as always. He was the guy Who made the girls' sigh.

Harry was Wearing the typical Harry outfitt, skinny Black jeans, a White slim t-shirt, Black shoes, and a Black pullover.

" Ohh Harry Harry I love you.. Your my hero!" I Laughed and tried to Sound like a Girl.

Harry laughed with me, and we started drivning again.

" Did Liam call you?" I said and looked at Him

"Yeah.. he did... something with some vocals right?" He said and smiled.

I nodded. " Yup Buddy.. you know we have to keep up the good work.. We have a concert on friday you know:)"

Harry Nodded and took his sunglasses on.

The studio wasn´t far away from where we was, so i started to count to 10 in my head, and when i reached 10. we was right infront of the vocal studio.

Paul was standing outside. He didnt look impressed.

"Seriously Boys... your late... Get your bud´s in there!" He said and gave me and Harry a furm handshake.

" Sorry Paul..." Harry said and we walked inside.

We walked down the Hall. It was a long Hall with a red carpet.

We found the Vocal room, and when i opend the door- Niall was jumping around the room jamming on his guitar. Liam and Zayn were drinking some water. When they heard the door slam, they turned their heads and looked at us.





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