They dont know about us.

En historie om Louis Og Eleanor.


4. I'll be back

After a while Lou's Phone was calling, it was Niall. We both started at it. Louis looked at me, and i smiled. 

" its okay babe.. Just answer it... It could be important <3" i Said and looked curious on the phone. Louis picked up the Phone, and started talking. 

" Hi man what's going on?" He Said and raised from the Coach. 

He walked back and forth, and couldnt really Tell what their conversation was about. But somehow i could see on Louis face that it had something to do with Work. 

" what!!!.. Really? When?" He Said and looked Quick at me. I sat strait up in the coach, and listened. Louis face was confusing, he Kept touching his forehead, and he was Also touching his hair, and sommetimes he was looking at me. " Lou?" I Said quietly.. He looked at me, and nodded. Then he cleared his throat, and went back to Niall.

" Now??!!...ohh man I just reached Eleanor's place... Did Paul Call you?" Louis Said, and walked around in the living room. 

" Well okay.. If The Crew say so... I'll be there in a few minuttes ... I see you there man... Okay bye" Louis Said and hang up.

I looked at Him, and he came over to me, and kissed my cheek.

" Im sorry babe.. But i need to go to Work on some vocals with the Boys.. I'll be back very soon i promise" he Said and touched my hair. 

" but i thought you had a break from Work" i Said and looked at him. 

" i know babe... But its just for a while.... I'll be back really soon... And i cant want to spend time with you" he Said and kissed me again. 

I sighed. " okay.. I guess i Can study a but while your gone" 

Louis smiled. " okay hun. I Wont be gone for a long time i promise!" He Said and smiled again. Everytime Louis smiled, my heart started pounding. I smiled back, and raised from the coach. 

I walked over to him, and he put his hands around my waist, and i threw my arms around his neck. He pulled me closer, and kissed my forehead, and i sighed. 

" you cant go to bed without a cup of tea..

 maybe that's the reason that you talked in your sleep..

and all those conversations Are the secrets that i keep

though it makes no sense to me" 

Lou sang in my Ear, and i sighed again. 

" i love you" I whispered.

Louis looked at me and smiled a cute smile. 

" and I love you Mrs. Calder" he whispered, he kissed my hand- and walked out to get his jacket.

and when i heard the door slamming..- i knew he was gone. 



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