They dont know about us.

En historie om Louis Og Eleanor.


2. A lovely surpsise!

When the clock turned 5. Talisha went home to her own place, and i went home to my appartment.

When i came home, eveything seamed so silent, otherwise little Pepper was jumping up and down when he saw me.

" Hi Peps!" i said and gave him a litlle pet on his forehead. I walked into the living room, turned some music on and sat down by my table and started to study. When i had studied for an hour, someone suddenly knocked on my door.

" Hold on!" i yelled, i was in the middle of putting some sweatpants on a a baggy cozy sweater. When i was done, I ran out in the hall and opend the door. I got a chock when i saw who it was. " Hi babe!" Lou said with a smile. I covered my mouth with my hands and i felt my cheeks got hot. Blushing. I was totally blushing. " LOUIS!" i screamed and gave him a big hug. He coughed when our bodies touched each other, and i jumped back!. " Im sorry!" i said and looked nervous. He coughed again and smiled. " it´s okay" he said and smiled. I looked at him. He was looking very handsome. I bet he and the boys just came home from one of their concerts. He looked amazing. Lou was wearing a black tight shirt, a beanie, and some grey shorts. Perfect.

I looked excited at him, but then i got confused. " did you just came home from a concert?.. i thought we was spending time together on friday" i said and invited him inside. Louis sat his luggage on the floor, and turned to me.

" No.. we had a concert yesterday... and today we was talking with your mannager, and he said that we go home, and take a break.. so here i am" He said and put his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek. " what about friday?... do we still have plans?" i said and kissed him. He kissed me back and smiled. " surprise!" he said and took something up from his bag. He came back to me. " Friday night, you are going to the 1D concert here in Manchester with me and the Boys:)!" Lou said and kissed my cheek. I smiled. " Really!!... yay!! Thanks Babe thats awesome!" i said full of excitement. Ofcause i wanted to spent some alone time with him, but i know it was hard for him with the Tour- and ofcause i was happy about the Concert tickets. One Direction´s concert´s are always something i love to attend to. I love their concerts, and it always makes me so Happy and proud, to see my boyfriend on the big stage with his four best friends. Its incredible that they made it so far. I studied Lou´s face, and when he looked at me i smiled. " what?!" He said and smiled a cheeky smile. I laughed " nothing!.. i just can´t believe your here!... its so lovely to see you!"  i said and hugged him. He coughed again, and i stepped away. " Baby!!!. your not feeling well!!.. let me make you some tea!" i said an looked worried at him. He smiled. "Thanks babe... Tea would actually be lovely right now.. by the way i missed you so much, its great to see you:)!" Lou said and walked over to me and kissed my cheek.

I gave him a little squeeze that was supossed to be a hug, but i didnt wanted to make him cough again. I kissed him, and walked out in the kitchen. " go lay on the coach Babe.. i´ll be right back with the Tea in a few minutes<3" I said and started to boile some water.


When i was done making the Tea, i walked into the living room where Louis was sitiing in the coach.

I sat the Tea infront of him on the little table, and sat down close to him.

" Here you go my poor baby... is there anything else i can do for you<3?" I said and looked at him.

Louis looked at me, and studied my face. He touched my cheek, and then my neck. Louis had the most beautiful eyes. So blue and green at the same time. " Yes.. actually there is something i want you to do for me<3" He whispered and smiled, while looking at me. I looked at him, and touched his fingers, one by one. " anything babe!" i said quietly and studied his face, running my fingers through his silky brown hair.

" Kiss me" he said and moved closer. I giggled a bit, but moved closer as well.

I started kissing his cheek, and Louis looked at me like i was stupid. " what?.. am i doing it wrong?" i said with a cheeky voice. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. " kiss me right here" Louis said and pointed at his lips, and i laughed.

"actuallly i was about to do that<3" I Said and smiled- Louis laughed. " Ohh sorry Babe.. try again" he said and closed his eyes. I pressed my lips against Lou´s, and he was very intens. I had missed Louis soo much that it hurt inside.

He touched my hair very gently, and lay his hand on my lap. I missed kissing him, be close to him, feel his love, tocuh him, i´ve missed eveything about him. Pepper came running into the living room, and when he saw Louis he started barking.

I looked at pepper. " Shhh Peps!... its just Lou why are you barking?" i said and looked at my little dog, who sat infront of the coach. Pepper was just looking at me like he didnt understood a thing. Lou began to laugh, and touched my cheek again. I smiled and turned to him. Louis pulled me closer, and started kissing me.  We didnt make it far, cause everytime Louis tried to kiss me, Pepper was barking like crazy.

" Pepper! NO!.. stop it!" i said and looked at again. Louis coughed and looked down at pepper as well.

"why do you think he keeps barking?" I said and looked at my beautiful boyfriend. Louis looked at me, and squeezed my hand.

" hmm i dont know babe.. maybe he´s hungry" Lou said and coughed again, and took a sip of his tea.

I looked at pepper, and then i looked at Louis. I kissed his lips and raised from the coach.

"i be back right away.. i promise" i said and walked out in the kitchen. I looked back to see if pepper was following me.

He was. The little dog was following me like a magnet. When i came out in the kitchen, i took Pepper´s food and held it into his bowl. " here you go Peps.. now eat" i said and looked at the little dog. Pepper walked over to the bowl, and sniffed. Then he started to eat. " good boy" i said and gave him a gently pet on his head.

I left Pepper in the kitchen, and walked towards the living room.




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