In My Veins (Larry Stylinson AU)

Sometimes, things aren't as they should be. There lines that should never be crossed. The ties of forever shouldn't be messed with if they keep order.

Louis was looking for vengeance, but he got more than he ever bargained for. Vengeance for his family, for his best friend; but mostly he wanted revenge. Harry was bent, twisted, broken, and torn in every way imaginable, but he'll never admit it to anyone. He can't run from the truth, even if he didn't ask for it.

Louis is a vampire slayer with a painful past. Things go south, and he meets a vampire named Harry. Louis senses Harry's different, giving him a chance. After getting to know each other, Louis discovers Harry isn't like the others. He can control the thirst, and hunts evil vampires. Harry and Louis form a team, much to Louis' advantage. Louis grows closer to Harry, and begins to develop feelings for him. Harry confesses his love for Louis, and everything is good. Until they find something no one should've ever found.


2. Chapter 2

Louis opened his eyes as he stirred into consciousness. He felt a shockwave of fear and pain hit his body. He did his best not to groan from the agony, resulting in little, almost inaudible whimpers. The coppery brown haired boy’s eyes darted back and forth searching for danger, becoming aware of the situation at hand.

He didn’t seem to be in a threatening situation, and there was no sign of the vampire that caused the crash. Trying not to panic, Louis looked over to Eleanor, checking her safety. “El, wake up”. She didn’t respond, leaving Louis at a loss for words.

“Eleanor! It’s safe now”. She lay in the same spot, unmoving. Now worried, he shook her gently. The corners of Louis’ mouth tilted down, forming a troubled frown. “Eleanor! Please wake up!” Feeling her cold arms, Louis slowly began to realize what had happened. It all added up; the lack of the rise and fall of her chest, pale warmth-ceased skin, the frozen motion.

Eleanor was gone, and she wasn’t coming back. She was Louis’ only friend. It’s not easy to explain the whole ‘Everything that haunts your worst nightmares and more is real and, oh yea, did I mention I hunt them?’ thing to most people. He tried once, and nearly got thrown in an insane asylum. That was one of the many times Eleanor had to save his sorry ass.

It had only been a week since Eleanor found and saved him. They were in Texas; just another small town that he couldn’t remember the name of. Louis was in a local bar with a fake ID, drowning his sorrows in vodka. The bartender noticed his depressed mood, along with the sheer amount of alcohol he had drank in an hour. She had figured he had something weighing on his shoulders. Taking a break from scrubbing the counters, the brunette turned her attention to Louis. Concern showed on her face, and in her voice. “There something you need to get off your shoulders? I’m a real good listener”. She spoke with a heavy southern accent, the drawl of it weighing on her voice.

Louis looked up at her, sadness and guilt burning in his eyes. “Um… yea. But, it’s really depressing. I don’t want to trouble you with it”, He spoke with a tinge of warning.

The bartender, however, didn’t catch this hint, and prodded more at Louis. “C’mon. I’ve heard a little bit of everything. So what is it? Bad breakup? Get fired?”

Louis chewed on his bottom lip, staring down at the table. He dragged his finger across the smooth wood surface, feeling the polish from the recent dusting. “Not exactly. I’m Louis, by the way”

“I’m Naomi” She pulled up a chair from somewhere behind the bar, making herself comfortable. “Now what’s on your mind?”

Sighing into his glass, Louis took another drink and gathered the courage to tell his story. “About a week ago, my family was murdered by vampires”

Naomi’s eyes widened. “What?”

Louis raised his voice, saying it louder. “I said, about a week ago, my family was murdered by va-“

Eleanor walked in the bar at that moment, hearing Louis’ tipsy ramblings from where she was standing. Rushing over to Louis, she clamped his mouth shut. “Sorry for whatever he said. He gets really weird when he’s drunk” With that, Eleanor rushed Louis out of the bar with her hand clasped firmly over his mouth.

The impact of the events hit Louis like a ton of bricks. Digging in his memories for what he should do next, He began to fill with anger and sadness, making an attempt not to scream. Louis pulled at his hair, tugging at the brown roots. A tear slipped its way onto Louis’ cheek, promising more to come.

Louis sunk to his knees, cradling his head in his hands. Small droplets leaked from his eyes, searching for relief. He began to cry, shaking and releasing more salty tears with each sob.

Moments passed, consoling Louis in no way. Time was not on his side. He was 17, had no family, no friends, no home. All he had was anything he could salvage from the crash.

After several minutes, Louis collected himself enough to move out of the road. People would eventually drive down the road, and Louis wanted to be nowhere near the scene of the crash when they did. Sauntering over to the demolished pile of metal, Louis examined the contents of the trunk. Not much was harmed in the crash, and most of it was usable. He grabbed a handgun, some extra bullets, some knives, random weapons for killing creatures other than vampires, a few bottles of holy water and a duffel bag.

Patting his back pocket for his wallet, he grabbed the limp piece of leather and counted his money. Louis figured he had enough to get by. Slowly but surely, the languishing boy walked into the woods, hoping he wouldn’t do something stupid.

Louis began to start a steady pace into the greenery, sticks and autumn leaves from the past season crackling under his boots. He was determined to find a safe place to stay, or at least a small space to provide shelter.

As he walked, thoughts began to swim about in his mind. Thoughts of happy memories before he was forced into the curse that is vampire hunting, of past hunts with where he barely made it out (and probably wouldn’t have, if it wasn’t for Eleanor), of his dead friends and family who he missed so dearly.  

The sun lowered itself below the tree line, leaving Louis with limited vision. He searched for a decent place to set up camp for the night; he was deep in the woods and had no idea where he was. Louis settled on a small clearing, set his bag down, and made a fire.

Louis sat alone below the stars, watching the fire’s slow, unsteady movements. He began to wonder if this was all his life had to offer. He didn’t want to live in a world where everyone he knows is dead. It would break him slowly from the inside out.

Silent tears fell down his cheeks, small trails forming where the once were. Louis cursed himself for crying so much; this was the most he’d cried since his family died. Lying over on his side, he let out more uncontrolled sobs, hoping he would cry himself out and fall asleep soon.


A curly haired lad walked up the street, smooth strides making people swoon. He had a knack for that. Being a vampire did have its perks. You get immortality, killer good looks, you’re faster and more. And all it takes in return is a newly acquired taste in human blood. The lad figured at least he didn’t sparkle like those Twilight pansies.

Ignoring the nearly drooling teenage girl behind him, he dashed off to his car and popped the trunk. He made sure to face the car opposite of the most human traffic when he parked it; people tend to get scared when they see enough weapons to supply a small army in the trunk. He skimmed the trunk, and then settled on a small bronze flask.  Screwing off the cap, the tall lad poured the red liquid in his mouth.

It was real human blood, but he didn’t kill for it. He simply just snuck into the local blood banks while people slept. Its way too easy to slide past humans; they can be such simpleminded creatures. He figured if he killed for it, he’s no better than the evil things he hunts.

Opening the car door, he put the keys in the ignition and drove off. The sun began to set, acting as a reminder to him. Stopping at a seemingly random part of the road, he remembered his mission. The vampire dug in the glove box, settling on a map. He opened it, looking at the twists and turns the map displayed so poorly.

He shoved the map off him, it landing in the passenger seat. Pulling a small jar of holy water from the glove box, he slammed it shut and exited the car. Clutching the jar, he began the trek into the woods to kill an evil bloodsucker. He remembered when he was turned into the thing he was today, clear as day. He wished he didn’t remember it so well; it’s not exactly on most highlight lists.

“Harry...”  A small, innocent-sounding female voice echoed around the room. He woke with a jolt from his bed, thinking he was hearing things. Harry’s eyes darted around the room, finding no threats. Settling himself back onto the pillow, he tried to fall back asleep. “Harry...” He opened his eyes, this time seeing a small figure standing at the foot of the bed.

“Oh my God” Harry panicked. The girl laughed loudly, sending the sound of her cackles all across the room.

“God? Mm, I’m afraid he has nothing to do with it. Guess again, try... oh I don’t know. Hell’s side?” She looked Harry straight in the eyes, baring her fangs. Harry’s eyes widened at the sight of her sharp white teeth.

“What the hell are you?” The question seemed to please the woman; a smile began to appear on her face.

“Hell’s more like it. I’ll give you one good guess. Here’s your hint: bloody fangs” Her presence felt menacing, like she was an embodiment of pure evil itself. Harry’s mind raced, unable to come up with a logical answer. “Tick, tock, tick, tock. C’mon, sweetie, I don’t have all night” Seconds raced by, feeling like minutes. “Time’s up.”

She raced over to Harry, sinking her fangs into his wrist. A bolt of excruciating pain shot through his body as he let out a loud cry of pain. The intensity of the bite increasing by the second, the sheer amount of white hot pain felt overwhelmingly insane. She bit her own wrist, making sure to get it good and bloody. She shoved her arm at Harry’s face, having seemingly strange intentions “Drink”

Not being able to explain why, the blood seeping from her extremity looked very appealing. Harry would normally think it to be disgusting, but it was almost like he just had a hunger for it. Harry gave into her orders and slammed his mouth down on her palm where the blood had been collecting. Harry ran his tongue in the creases, making sure to get every last bit off the still bleeding arm. As he continued to drink, she jerked her hand away, saying to him that he’d had enough.

The girl wiped Harry’s saliva off her arm, rubbing it on his comforter. Harry stood up in a daze. “What just happened?” Harry’s face practically radiated curiosity and wonder. His vision was clearer despite the time being 3:00 am, and he could faintly hear the neighbor’s daughter sneaking through the kitchen cabinets. “What did you do to me?”

The creature bared her fangs, a glint of satisfaction playing in her bright blue eyes. After a few moments of standing still, she rolled her eyes. “Ugh, geez kid. Are you really that stupid?” Harry continued to stare at her, searching for answers. “Here, let me fill in the blanks for you: Harry, you’re a vampire now! Welcome to the species, stay away from holy water, try not to get your head cut off, good luck with the humans, and no, we don’t sparkle” The vampire walked out of the room, leaving Harry dazed and confused.

Harry was snapped out of his deep thinking by the sound and sight of a crackling fire. His face scrunched up, wondering why one of his species would need to light o fire. Walking toward the source of the light, a small, balled up figure was huddled up in the corner crying. Harry rushed over the figure, getting a better look. “Hey! What are you doing out here? It’s not safe, you know.”

The boy in the corner sat up, taking note of the newly found presence of the taller lad.  Harry looked down at the small figure, getting a glimpse at his eyes. Finding a pair of cerulean blue orbs, Harry’s wonder about the fire diminished as he realized that this smaller lad wasn’t one of his kind. He was human. 


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