In My Veins (Larry Stylinson AU)

Sometimes, things aren't as they should be. There lines that should never be crossed. The ties of forever shouldn't be messed with if they keep order.

Louis was looking for vengeance, but he got more than he ever bargained for. Vengeance for his family, for his best friend; but mostly he wanted revenge. Harry was bent, twisted, broken, and torn in every way imaginable, but he'll never admit it to anyone. He can't run from the truth, even if he didn't ask for it.

Louis is a vampire slayer with a painful past. Things go south, and he meets a vampire named Harry. Louis senses Harry's different, giving him a chance. After getting to know each other, Louis discovers Harry isn't like the others. He can control the thirst, and hunts evil vampires. Harry and Louis form a team, much to Louis' advantage. Louis grows closer to Harry, and begins to develop feelings for him. Harry confesses his love for Louis, and everything is good. Until they find something no one should've ever found.


1. Chapter 1

“Louis, you take this bottle of the holy stuff, and I’ll take the other, kay?” Louis nodded in response, ready to kick some vampire arse. He and his best friend Eleanor had been hunting the same vampires all week. Tonight would be the best chance they would get for a few months: when they come out to feed. Vampires don’t need to eat very often, but when they do, they are almost unstoppable. That is what they do for a living, hunt vampires and werewolves. They didn’t get paid for it, but it was pretty much their responsibility since they were two of the few mortals who knew about the supernatural. As far as they knew, only vampires and demon creatures really exist, but with that said it’s safe to say there might be other strange things out there.

There is only a few ways to kill a vampire that’s known of. One is by drenching them in holy water, and the other is by simply ripping its’ head clean off. With only one vampire in their sights for this hunt, they decided it would be smart just to kill it via holy water.

There was a crackling sound in the bushes behind their car in the direction of the woods. Louis looked at Eleanor, she doing the same. Pressing her index finger to her lip, she grabbed a bottle of holy water and motioned for Louis to turn around. She did the same, at an angle where she could see what was going on beside her. A flash of black appeared from the wooded area, revealing a black-clothed vampire standing on Eleanor’s side of the car.

The vampire looked about Louis’ age, but it’s hard to tell considering vampires don’t age. He looked about 20, but could be 1000. The eerie creature raised his hand up and stroked Eleanor’s cheek, smiling. “Aren’t you a pretty little thing? It’s a shame you’re so bent on killing me. You would make for a fine specimen...” he trailed off, hand still resting on her cheek.

“If I’m so gorgeous, then why don’t you just turn me now and be done with it?” she snapped.

“No, I think I’d rather have your boyfriend over there for dinner first” he said, shooting a glance at Louis.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” she said.

Shooting him a piercing gaze, the older creature began to speak. “How unfortunate. I guess you have a decision to make then. You either become one of us and he gets eaten, or you die with him, your choice, sweety-pie.” Eleanor wasn’t too fond of her new pet-name, and the utter distaste for it showed on her scrunched up facial expression.

Louis gripped the bottle of holy water behind his back, placed firmly in his hand. “Eat this!” He popped open the cap and emptied the contents of the bottle in front of Eleanor and onto the vampire. A look of agony dawned on its’ face, the clear liquid sizzling as it hit the creatures’ skin. The vampire shrivelled to the ground, whining in pain before it dissolved into a pile of ashes.

Eleanor shot a thankful glance at Louis, seeming to thank him for killing it. “Thanks. Let’s get out of the woods in case there’s any more unpleasant surprises”, she suggested.

Louis threw the empty bottle into the trunk, tucking his gun back in its usual place under his shirt tucked in the waistband of his trousers. Slamming the trunk lid, he turned and walked toward his side of the car. He opened the door as Eleanor put the keys in the ignition. The radio came on, playing some obnoxious pop music. Louis fidgeted with the dial until he found something that wouldn’t annoy him for the ten minute drive back to town.

“Remind me why I’m not allowed to drive your car, again?” Eleanor had a thing where only she could drive her car. Only once in an emergency had she let Louis drive the car, and she had a broken rib.

“Because you’re clumsy, a lousy driver, and you crashed yours. That’s enough for me to forcibly pry you from the steering wheel with a crowbar, so don’t touch it.” Louis laughed at her response, covering his mouth as he regained his air.

“Oh, c’mon! I’m not that irresponsible!  I’m older than you!” Eleanor snickered, just loud enough for Louis to catch it.

“Louis, the last time you were drunk you talked to a stray cat for 20 minutes”

“I did not!”

“Oh, but you did.”

Louis sighed in defeat. “Fine. I give” he said agreeably. He was pretty strange when he was drunk, and he knew it.

“Do you remember that time when you got wasted in London and ended up going to a hotel room with that weird American guy that insisted you meet his pet goldfish?”

Louis grumbled with protest, putting his head in his hands. “Ugh! Don’t remind me” Eleanor cracked up, trying to keep her focus on not wrecking her precious car.

“Stop making me laugh so hard or we’re going to crash the car!” She said, not really meaning it.

Louis looked over at her with a ‘hell no’ expression. “Correction: You are going to crash the car. There is no ‘we’ in ‘you’.”

“Fine, you win” She said.

Louis leaned his head back against the headrest closing his eyes.

Eleanor kept driving, letting her older friend catch some sleep. She knew he had been having a rough time before they teamed up to start hunting vampires, with his family and all. He had told her about the night his family was killed. A few vampires (of course he had no idea what they were at the time) had snuck into his house and gotten in the family room without being noticed. There had only been a few vampires, but they’re a lot stronger than humans. They killed his mum, step-dad and sisters, he had managed to escape. He was old enough to drive, so he took the Benz that his mum had bought him for his sixteenth birthday (his family was rich) and left to find what killed his loved ones. After some research, Louis discovered the existence of vampires. He set off to find and slaughter the blood-suckers that murdered his family. He found them, but got cornered. He was about to be killed as well until Eleanor showed up. She ‘took care’ of the vampires and made Louis her apprentice. They had been best-friends and vampire killing partners ever since. Louis was 17 at the time, and it had been a year since the incident with his family. He’s still not exactly how he used to be.

Even though Eleanor is and was younger than Louis when she found him, she has always been emotionally stronger than him. Her father and twin sister had been killed by the same vampires that obliterated Louis family about a month before she found Louis. Now they travel around Europe, searching for blood-suckers to slaughter. To most it would seem like they were going around, doing away with random creatures, but then again, most people didn’t know about the existence of vampires.

Louis opened his eyes, something on his mind. “What’s wrong Louis?” Eleanor had a feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Nothing really, it’s just... don’t vampires hunt in packs? Or at least more than one goes hunting?” Eleanor pondered it for a moment, giving a look of slight curiosity.

“Huh, yeah, I guess you’re right. I wonder why this one was alone.” She looked genuinely confused, the curiosity morphing into scepticism. “You don’t think there are any more, do you?”

“I don’t know. It’s likely, and if he has a mate, then we’re in some deep trouble.” Louis said. Vampires mate for life, or their existence anyway. The thing is with vampires and their mates, the connection the two have with each other is indescribable. Humans can have love for each other, but whatever bond a vampire has with its mate is beyond that. They usually do anything to protect their mates, even if their killed in the process. Once one is killed, the other usually goes looking for the murderer, slaughters them, and then destroys itself. It’s a sadistic cycle, really. Once their other half dies, it seems they die on the inside, go on a suicidal rampage for revenge and then crumble.

 One of the poor creatures went as far as to beg Louis to kill her, all because she lost her mate. He of course did it, not only out of instinct and responsibility, but also out of sympathy. She had obviously been crying, and vampires cry blood, so that was quite a disturbing sight, she was trembling and on her knees begging for his mercy to put her out of her misery.

Eleanor was still looking at Louis, searching for answers. He had his hands in his lap, staring at them, deep in thought. He looked up, eyes widening with what he saw. A female vampire was standing in the middle of the road, appearing to be quite pissed off. “Eleanor! The road!” Louis screamed.

Eleanor returned her attention back to the road, an instant too late. The car slammed into the figure, standing her place as the vehicle flew backwards, tumbling into a roll. The car flipped countless times before coming to a stop, rocking back and forth in the ditch.

Approaching the scene of the wreck, the woman smirked contently, happy that she had got her revenge. Peering into the front seat, she decided that they were as good as gone. She walked to the back of the car, pried open the trunk with force. Searching for something, she skimmed the contents of the space until she found what she was looking for.

Popping open the cap of the bottle, she poured it onto her blond head. The liquid sizzled as it hit her skin, small puffs of smoke fuming from her body here and there. She crumpled to her knees as she disintegrated into a pile of ash.


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