Hopelessly Devoted To You

What will happen when best friends discover they love each other but don't know how to tell the other person. Louis and Evelyn have been best friends forever but suddenly both of them feel differently towards each other. Will Louis tell her before she is taken or will he try to be happy for her when he is in pain? Read on to find out...


1. Chapter 1~Undiscovered Feelings

Chapter 1

Evelyn’s POV

It was the first day of senior year and I was waiting out the front of Louis’ house. He had offered me a lift to school as mum was going to a meeting early in the morning. I reached into my back pocket and took out my iPhone 5; my dad had got it before he went away on work stuff. He said that he wanted me to have the best of the best, so that meant getting an iPhone 5. I was scrolling through my messages when my best friend walked out of his front door twirling the keys to his new convertible around his finger.

“Hey Loubear, excited for the first day of senior year?” I asked sarcastically. “Sure am Evelyn,” he responded, jeez I hate it when he uses my full name. “We have been friends for how long, ever, yet you still insist on calling me by my full name when you know I don’t like it.” He looks at me and pouts, “What about if I like your full name,” he questions. “I mean why would you want me to call you Ev when Evelyn is such a pretty name.” “Please can you just call me Ev, Lou,” I whined. “Fine but only because it is you, anyone else I wouldn’t even care what they wanted.”

The whole ride to school the words that Lou had said were playing continuously through my head. What did he mean by if it was anyone else? Does he think of me more than a friend? He couldn’t, could he? No way, I have liked him since freshman year and he has never shown any interest in me.  By the time I had finished my argument with myself Louis had pulled up in the school car park. He was looking at me with a look certain on his expression on his face that I couldn’t decipher. In the end he broke the silence lingering in the around us, “Are you ready for school?” I wasn’t exactly sure if I was or not so went with a simple yes.

Louis’ POV

The whole day at school Evelyn was running through my mind. Every single one of her features, including the ones she doesn’t like. Why does she have this effect on me all of a sudden, during the holidays we hung out like usual, but I did notice different things about her; like how she bits her lip when she is nervous, plays with her hair when she is bored, the way she looks you in the eyes when she is talking to you or vice versa and her laugh, oh her laugh is amazing, whenever I her it I feel as if I am on cloud nine. Am I falling for her or something?

Ok back to reality now, I have five minutes until the end of school. Which meant, five minutes until I would get out of math, five minutes until I could jump up and down and be myself, five minutes until I see Evelyn. Yep it is now official; I have fallen for Evelyn Edwards. I have to tell her eventually right? I can’t just leave it until she finds someone new and I am left with a broken heart. I will have to tell her after class when I am driving her home.

Evelyn’s POV

I have five minutes of dance left and my partner, Benjamin Auburn, keeps looking at my funny. Was there something on my face? There can’t be Lou said there wasn’t anything when he walked me to class. Anyway for the people that don’t know Benjamin Auburn, is the quarterback of the football team and dumb as a post. Not to mention his looks, I mean damn, he is fine.

Now back to reality, Mrs Archibald has finally finished her rant on the expectations of the assignment and now we have to work with our dance partners to start the planning. This is the part I hate because you actually have to work, but dance is my passion. Benjamin turned around and stared at me for a while before introducing himself, “Hey I am Benjamin Auburn, but you can call me Ben, what is your name?” there was really no need for an introduction on his behalf, I mean the whole bloody school knows who he is, anyway it was a sweet gesture. “Hey Ben, I am Evelyn.” We sat there for a while planning when he came out with the weirdest question, “Hey I know when only just officially met but will you go out with me?” I had to think about it, I mean would Lou be angry with me, will he be jealous, no he wouldn’t because he doesn’t like me. “Yes Benjamin I will go out with you.”

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