So What??

Jamie is one directions new photographer for their take me home tour. What happens when she falls for some one who already has a girl friend???
Read to find out :D


3. Pink suitcases...

We arrived at my apartment and I unlocked my door. I walked inside and they boys followed, "don't touch anything!" I say sternly looking each of them in the eyes. They all nod and we head towards my bedroom. I get out all 3 of my pink suitcases and a back pack. "ok so clothes in these two and shoes in the other suitcase" I tell the boys while shoving my underwear and bras in the suitcase. After about 2 hours of packing later I only had to pack my carry on. "oh wow its already 1:30! you guys wanna come for lunch?" I ask Niall smiles broadly and I laugh "ok nandos ok?" I ask Niall runs up and hugs me "I love nandos!" he yells "same!" I respond while high fiving him. We head towards out the cars and head towards nandos.

(Im gonna skip lunch cause its boring)

After lunch the boys leave and I head home its 3:00pm so I get on my laptop and head onto twitter... Before I knew it, it was 9:00pm so I quickly warmed up some left over soup (don't judge) and ate it. Then I went into my bathroom and had a shower then brushed my teeth. I got into my pyjamas and got into bed and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow...

A/N: Sorry its short! its just really a filler and im still looking for a girlfriend for niall and for harry! any ideas for the story comment them!!!!!!

~enjoy my cupcakes~

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