So What??

Jamie is one directions new photographer for their take me home tour. What happens when she falls for some one who already has a girl friend???
Read to find out :D


2. Meeting the boys

I looked ahead of me and I saw Syco Music offices. I sighed and walked into the office.

Ok so your probally asking what I look like anyway I have blonde hair dip dyed pink down to my mid back im about 5'6 and im 19. I didnt ask to get this job it was just assigned to me. Any way back to the story

I walked up to the front desk and saw a bleached blonde bimbo. She was wearing a thin white blouse with a bright red bra and way too much make up "hello welcome to syco how may I help you?" she asked with a fake smile "umm Im Jamie and im the new photographer" I saw with no emotion "5th floor" she says rudley, I just roll my eyes and not answer. I head over to the elevator and step in I press the 5th floor button and wait. The elevator dings and I step out. I stand around hopelessly not knowing where to go when Simon Cowell came up to me "Hello my beautiful little niece" he says smiling. Oh did I forget to mention he is my uncle. I just roll my eyes "everything is great" I reply sarcastically he chuckles and leads me into his office which is filled with loud screams "BOYS" my uncle yells all their heads shoot towards me. "this is your new photographer and my Niece Jamie" he says eyeing the blonde one with blue eyes and te curly head. "ok uncle Si" the one with the shaved brown hair. "Hi umm what are your names im not exactly a fan" I say. "oh well im Harry Style" curly says while winking I just roll my eyes and the other boys laught. "now befor you continue I have a meeting to get to so you can get to know each other and do what ever as long at it is legal" my uncle says while walking out. I have a puzzled expression on my face. "anyway Im Niall" blondie says with the most amazing accent ever "im liam" the shaved head one says. Im guessing he is the sensible one. "Im zayn" The one with the back hair and a quiff says shyly. "and im Louis" The one with brown hair and the most amazing blue/green eyes. We have eye contact for a second then I brake it. "so tell us about your self" Liam says "ok well im Jamie Cowell, um in 19 and yea thats about it I guess." I say "NOOOO we will play 21 questions to get to know each other" Louis says enthusiastically I just roll my eyes and sit down. "ok so you are asking me questions?" I ask they all nod and I sigh. ok let the game begin (A/N im not gonna put who asked what)

Favourite food? -Too may cant decide

Favourite band?- The fray

Fave eye colour?- wow random but blue or green

Boyfriend? - Nope

Birthday?- 28 september 1993

Virgin?- no

The game continued and nothing really interesting happened.

Then my uncle came back in "ok boys and Jamie" I roll my eyes "you boys are going to help Jamie pack for tour cause we now leave tomorrow and since you have already packed youo bviously dont need to" he says looking at the boys. I was about to protest when my uncle said "no matter what" I sigh and head to my car with the boys following me. "ok one of you can come with me" I say pointing to my black with a red stripe Toyota 86. Niall heads toward me so I take it as he was coming with me "we will follow you" louis says while looking down. The boys look at him and basically ask if he is okay with their eyes Louis shaked his head no and heads towards the car. "ok see you there!" I say entusiastically getting into my car with niall aswell.

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