Im in love with a stripper?

What will happen when Harry Styles falls for a stripper? will they fall in love and will "Ryder" quit her job or will she keep striping causing Harry some major Jealousy/Protective instincts?


1. Life of a stripper

 * Sabrina's p.o.v*

"Hey Echo are you almost ready for work we have to leave in 20 minutes" I yelled to my best friend. If you were wondering we work at a place called dancing dragon. And yes me and Echo are strippers but what do you expect with two 21 year olds trying to get money to live and survive?

"yah just a sec let me put on my shoes" she hollered at me across our small but big enough to live two people in apartment 

"okay for the rest of the night we need to stay in character so whos driving....Heaven?" and if you were wondering yes Heaven is Echo stripper name. we usually start calling each other by our stripper name early so we can get and character and respond if we are "wanted". i know that Echo could just use her name but that wouldnt be fun for her if it was just Echo and we kind of dont want to be stalked by creeps.

"oh wait a sec we have to have a dab hit before we go" Echo reminded me. Yah we do drugs but we have to. we need to numb our selves up before we go expose our bodies to creeps for money. We took the hits and were on our way


We entered the club and right away i was up to work. i saw a guy who was alone so i want up to him. From what i could see he was kind of cute! he had curly hair and emerald green eyes.

" Can i help you with anything?' i asked the guy sending him a seductive look. he sent the seductive look back and asked "well how about we go to the back for a private lap dance" i grabbed his hand and pulled him to the back making sure i wiggled my butt on the way so he could be turned on by the time we got to the back room.

I got to the back and realized something. " hey arent you that one harry guy from that one boyband?" he let out a raspy chuckle a replied "yeah. i mean just because doesnt mean i cant have some fun..right?'' okay i never said anything about him not being able to be here but whatever "uhm i guess haha" if you didnt notice that was kind of a nervous laugh "well since you know my name whats yours darling?'' i was planning on telling him my real name but i just couldnt "uhmm its Ryder" he looked at me with a shocked face " what a delicious name" he answered 

"well i dont really want a lap dance" he admitted "well then you need to leave i HAVE to make money" i said "if you just talk to ma for a while ill pay you, please ive been lonley latley" he said with sad eyes. " okay just for a while i need to get back to work to get money for rent and food"


"oh my god harry we talked till closing and i didnt work to make money" i yelled i mean i wasnt that upset i had fum talking with harry hes funny and sweet and suprisingly hes just a normal boy. "oh im sorry i was just having fun and lost track of time" he told me "here" he handed me 100,000 $ "harry i cant take this it isnt fair"  

" no take it you need it" i didnt know what came over me but i kissed him..ON THE LIPS! it wasnt a makeout just an innocent kiss "thank you so much harry you have no idea how much i appreciate this"

"your welcome" he said and walked away. then i felt something i checked my  back pocket and found a note that read

call me 


- harry 

and it had 600 more dollars in it. awwwe he is so sweet bless his heart. and i dont think i can admit this but i think i have feelings for harry?

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