How to be popular!

Have you ever wanted to be popular? At school? On Movellas? At camp? At church? Online?
If you have... this is the perfect guide to help you!

*Note the sarcasm. Don't blame me if this doesn't work*

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2. Lesson 1.2

Expanding on some of the points previously stated.

So... to start. Don't even consider the other genres! Fan fictions for the win! You know which type of fan fictions? One Direction. Obviously! They are like so hip. If you write one... you'll be instantly popular. The magic word is... "One Direction." Once you include that in your movella... you're in. 

Oh... and a new point. If your movella doesn't get any attention in the fan fiction category... Always, and I mean... ALWAYS... Put your movella in another category such as, "others," or "realism." You know why? Because One Direction are "real" so therefore... it's realism!

Bad grammar... always the best!

jus b talkin lik dis da hole time. ppl be understanding wut u say. thats jus how u get popular. u be stupid. u be not using capitals. ppl dont get annoyed bye u r lak of punctuation lik commas, apostrophes  etc. oh and dont 4get to ad numbers. use 4 instead of for. use 2 instead of to/too. ppl luv that shit.

Predictable plot! 

1D fanfics:

- Make the girl get preg! (It's like the best plot evaaaaa)

- Mystery girl that passes by the store window and all the guys be like, "O.M.G. I'm gonna marry her! Now... I just gotta find out her name..."

- Homeless girl/poor girl gets saved by One Direction.

- Sex slave. Oh yes! Intimate scenes. Make it extra detailed! Always make the guys "pound" the girl. All the way till the girl organisms. LMAO. Seriously, organism and orgasm mean the exact same thing. They're synonyms. 

- Always. Always. Always... make the girl cry their heart out and then having One Direction comfort her.

- Another nice way to be popular.... turn rape into something good. 

- Kidnapping. Omg! One Direction kidnapped me! Don't come looking for me! I'm enjoying it here.

At the end of chapters.... remember to add this message, "Come on guys! Only 10 more likes and favs until the next chapter. I'll make it extra extra long. Just for you guys! X -Author's name." 

Hey... you gotta get popular some how right? 

One more thing... this is the most important component to getting your story to number one. Whore it out. No, it's not a friendly website. It's a dog-eat-dog website. You gotta whore to get popular!

Always leave comments on random movellas.

"I didn't bother reading your book. Read mine!"

"Hey everyone! Read mine. It's so much better than this book! It has One Direction!"

"This movella is amazing! CC mine?




If this book does not help. Refunds will not be given. You read this book in your personal time. No one influenced you. I almost guarantee this book will teach you how to be popular! Be patient, young grasshopper.


By the way, this mac and cheese is so good!


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