How to be popular!

Have you ever wanted to be popular? At school? On Movellas? At camp? At church? Online?
If you have... this is the perfect guide to help you!

*Note the sarcasm. Don't blame me if this doesn't work*

Photo credits to PiZap


1. Lesson 1.1

How to be popular on Movellas.

These are tips on how to become popular on Movellas:

- Write a One Direction Fanfiction

- Use bad grammar that the audience has to guess what it you are trying to say

- Make the story extra predictable because the audience wants to know what's going on 24/7

- Never waste time on writing a normal novel. Only 1D!

- Never interact with other movellians

- Insult everyone you see

- Use a typical story line such as: One Direction's Harry was a bully to me. He still is. Now we love each other. The end.

- Make Harry mean. Make Louis love carrots. Make Zayn a badboy. Make Niall lovable and food-loving. Make Liam the grown-up of the group and afraid of spoons.

-Always comment on movellas with, "BrilLiam! FabuLouis! AmaZayn! PhenomiNiall!  ExtraordinHarry! 

- Whore around by commenting on random movella that you don't even bother to read. "Read my movella!" 

- At the end of a chapter always include, "25 more likes and I'll write another chapter!" or "10 more favourites and I'll write an extra-long chapter!"

- Make a thousand fake accounts to "look" popular!

- Copy others' stories

- Have erotica in your novel!

- Make the erotica scenes extra, extra detailed.

- Fan people just so they fan you back.


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