My true life

Hey guys!!!!!
I am making a my life book just to let you know what I have been going through lately.Hope you enjoy!Oh and this kinda has a lot of category's so I picked nonfiction!
Hope you enjoy and hope you favorite,like,and fan because I love my fans and I become a fan too all my fans so ya!


1. Where it all started

So of course I was born and everything so lets skip to when I was about 5.I lived in a apartment with mom and dad and had no brothers or sisters.I was bored and we didn't have a lot of money.But then my mom had two babies.One girl named Mattelyn and a boy named Zack.I was the oldest and than Zack than Mattelyn.We didn't have no money to pay for the apartment so we moved to houses with roofs that had holes in it and bugs and nasty stuff.My parents and the kids had to share a bed and it was not even a bed! It was a matteras! We had to move constantly until I moved in a house that my parents got.It went okay until my dad got crazy.So me and my mom and my siblings went too another house while my dad lived somewhere else.Are life was okay but my mom was always sad and crying.Sometimes we would meet my dad and he would grab the kids(Not me) and lock the door.We would break the door down and grab them and put them in the car.My mom would run in the car but my dad would throw vases and anything else he could find at my mom! She is okay and never got hit witch is fine and a miracle!Than we got to poor and we lived with my moms parents.Thats where it interesting.

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