My true life

Hey guys!!!!!
I am making a my life book just to let you know what I have been going through lately.Hope you enjoy!Oh and this kinda has a lot of category's so I picked nonfiction!
Hope you enjoy and hope you favorite,like,and fan because I love my fans and I become a fan too all my fans so ya!


2. Sad

I finally joined Kindergarten! I was happy and thought that I was a big girl.I would always come home and do homework with my mom.Until one day she got in a car accident!I came home and saw her like that!She turned out fine and only had one scar.

After a day of Kindergarten,I came home with no mom or siblings!I asked everybody where they were and they told me she went North Carolina.My brother and sister went with my evil Grandma!I was so upset and screamed in my pillow all day! I finally shook it off the next day but still felt horrible and confused!

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