The Life Of Zoe Mendez

I made this because I was bored and it's totally FICTION! Zoe Mendez is my friend and go follow her! Her user name is. ❤ThisIsUs❤ okay hope you like it!!


1. chapter one

Once day there was a girl named Zoe who came out of her mommy's vagina. When she turned 17 she was allowed to drive her dad was a cheapskate and bought her a old tiny car   when she drove it was the day that a lot of people died. She passed three red lights drove through 2 warning signs and killed a kid on a bike Zoe heard sirens behind her when she looked there were two cop cars 3 ambulances and a fire truck FUCK! Yelled Zoe she throw her bottle of beer out the window  she put the beer in a baby bottle because Zoe is very strange. Zoe took out her cigarette and gun and shot everyone she used a knife if anyone came near her. When Zoe was 69 she died



He he anyway hope you like it!!

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