The Life Of Zoe Mendez

I made this because I was bored and it's totally FICTION! Zoe Mendez is my friend and go follow her! Her user name is. ❤ThisIsUs❤ okay hope you like it!!


2. Chapter 2~I'm in hell?

The life of Zoe Mendez
By Lindsay Clarke
I'm in hell Zoe says when she sees the 
 Devil Zoe sees that her car is in hell too "how did that get here" she's Hafly whispers. She walks over to her beat up car and she sees her old iPhone 4S in there but she has the iPhone 7000 now she takes the and throws it to jimmy  who is her hellmate (like a roommate)  Zoe got in her car and ZOOOMED off and killed triplets  and their mom and dad  they are all in hell thought Zoe as she hit jimmy  DAMN IT I KILLED MY HELLMATE she yelled but if I killed them where do they go. "They go to earth  my dear Zoe" said the devil  so she wanted to go back to earth to do unfinished business so she grabbed her gun and shot herself 

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