Imagine for Livy

so..I copied my best friend Olivia's idea of writing imagines,I decided its only fair to write one for her; Livy,I hope you like it xx ♡


1. Livy's imagine with Harry :3

~Harry lays his head on your shoulder and looks at the spot on your computer screen where your eyes are locked,tears threaten to fall,you've gotten more hate than usual this week,after rumors of 'Harry Styles' secret baby!',where would they even get that idea? Harry would never lie to the fans. He looks at you but you can't stand to look him in the eyes,another massage notification pops up,the annoying ding noise is heard as you see the words 'he can do so much better.' Appear,Harry's jaw tightens in anger as another ding noise,and another,and another echoes around the room,at ear rolls down your cheek "this ends now." Harry says in a deep raspy voice,normally you would find this incredibly hot,not now though,he was angry,and nothing good ever happens when Harry's angry. "Harry,-" you get cutoff "no Olivia,i know you're going to say "it's okay,everything will be okay",you'll fake a smile and just deal with it,but not anymore." he says as his fists clench tightly "this is fucking ridiculous! NO ONE IS GOING TO GET AWAY WITH TALKING TO YOU LIKE THAT." He states loudly,you take his abnormally large hand in both of yours and try to open his fist,but he's a lot stronger than you,"Harry,haters are going to hate" you say in a calming voice "not on you." he says "you haven't done anything wrong." "I know,and it doesn't make much sense but people do stupid things when they're jealous" you say looking at his hand,still in a fist,you sigh "Harry,I don't care what they have to say,they don't know me,they don't know you.",he looks at you with a blank face "you cried..that means you care."I-I..." you search the back of your mind for an excuse,"you saw that,huh?" You ask with a heavy sigh,"Harry,I cried because sometimes I think it might be true,when they say you're too good for me,or that I'm never good enough,I feel like I'm wasting my I'm wasting your time,like your not happy being with me.." You trailed off,a tear rolling down your cheek,he silently wipes it away with his thumb,he gently holds your face in his hands,he kisses you deeply,slowly he pulls away and leaves tiny kisses on your forehead and nose,then your cheek,you blush. He takes your hands and places them on his hips,then he slowly comes closer to you,he brushes a strand of hair from your face and looks into your eyes "I've been with girls before,some of them old a wrinkly..but still girls.." He says and you giggle, he continues "I've been with girls before,they're great to be around,they're not bad people..we just had differences..with you,there is so much we have in common,other than the fact that you're so much cuter than me." He winks "but that's just fur on he cat.." "fur on the cat?" You ask and you both laugh "yeah,it's awesome that you're adorable,but I would still like you if you weren't." he smirks "my point is,to me your flawless,you make me laugh,smile,be weird,you accept my flaws,my insecurities,my mistakes,you love me on my worst days,you cheer me up when I'm sad,you made me a better person,you've changed my life,you're so crazy,weird,loud I want to pretend I don't know you sometimes when we're in public,sometimes we fight,or don't agree on what to have for dinner but  I need you in my life,not just for now but for complete me." He says and your covering your mouth to keep from crying "Harry,I love you" you say and he smiles "forever?" He asks holding out his pinky "forever." You say with a huge smile as you guys pinky promise. you both sit back on the couch,your laying on the opposite side of the couch playing temple run,he's smiles over at you every few minutes,between typing something on his phone. He finally finishes typing and wraps his arms around you,you open the twitter app and look to the tweets you're mentioned in, "@HarryStyles_Official: hello everyone x,I know some of you like it that I'm dating @SexyLivy1D69,but there have also been some people calling her rude things,this makes me angry because I love her,I really,really do,I would do anything for her and I know that it's not all of you who dislike the idea of me being in a relationship,but the ones that do,please just be quiet if you can't be nice,I still love all of you so much but please stop being rude to my girlfriend,she's amazing and doesn't deserve that kind of treatment,also,there is no miracle baby,so believe what you want but Livy isn't pregnant..haha any wayyy,good night guys,xx" you lock your phone "honey,you didn't have to do that" you look down at your hand where Harry's playing with your fingers a smirk playing across his lips "your fans are going to get mad Harry" he looks at you "then they're not real fans." He says calmly- "and anyway,if I do loose all my fans,I have everything I need right here." he says and kisses you on the top of your head,his arms wrapped around your waist. ♡

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