I'll be Your Protector

Have you seen the movie Killers? The one with Ashton Kutcher in it? Well in it, Ashton's job is to kill the criminals an that's what I do for a living without choice. The only difference is, I'm the criminal, I kill innocent people who I'm told to by my boss. My next assignment is to kill to world wide sensation boy band, One Direction. I wasn't counting on that ever happening. I've never failed my boss. My name is Mia and I'm supposed to kill five boys I love.


1. New Assignment


I took one last look in the mirror before slipping on my combat boots and heading to George's office. He had a new assignment for me, one that would put me on top. I would no longer have to worry about competing with all the other agents. I smiled to myself before turning the handle, just one more kill and I get a break. 

"3367," George started. My number, my name couldn't get out  so the only thing I go by is 3267. All the agents have their own number. George cleared his throat, "How nice to see you. Are you excited about your final mission before you get some relaxation?" 

"Yes sir," I smiled. 

"Good! For this mission you need to travel to New York. There are some boys staying there who are your next targets. You won't have too long before they fly back to England so this needs to be done quickly. I can count on you, can't I?" I nodded. George held out a folder for me, "Alright, here's all the information you need. Once you complete the mission, come see me." 

I nodded and took the folder, flipping through the papers. I froze at the pictures, no. No, no, no, no, no. I looked up at George, "Sir, this is One Direction." 

George raised his eyebrows, "Yes, very good. Is there a problem." 

I bit my tongue to keep from saying I was a huge fan, "Why do you want them dead?" 

"Because, they're a stupid boy band and the world would be much better without them," George said as he picked up the newspaper. "Ah, Shelly's death is in here at last. I was wondering when it was going to go public. You did a good job with her."

"But sir-" I started.

"3267! Is there something you're not telling me? When I gave you this job you confirmed you didn't care for anybody but yourself and didn't have and friends or family. That's precisely why I gave you the job. If I knew you had cared for this boy band I wouldn't have ever given you this job." George stood up and walked over to me, "Now, tell me. Do you care for this band?" 

I swallowed, "No sir. Not at all. When does my plane leave?" 

He smiled, "Midnight, so I suggest you get ready." 

I nodded before walking out. 


I closed the door to my apartment and leaned against it, sliding down to the floor. I couldn't do this. One Direction meant the world to me. If I don't kill them though, I die. I have to kill them. I care for no one except myself and I must stay alive.

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