I've Always Been This Way {1D Fanfiction}

A girl named Elizabeth as been texting a random boy she met off youtube. Her mother died. Her father was abusive. She got separated from the boy she loved by asking 1 question, What's your name? Lizzy left her father for a new family, who treats her right. Once she decides to text this mystery boy, HS7, he answers her which makes her shocked. After texting each other for a few more months they decide to meet up. Elizabeth is shocked to see who's been behind the phone this whole time, Harry Styles, the national super star. They start going out, but realize Lizzy is getting way to much hate, which makes Lizzy decide to break up with him. What will happen to the two in I've Always Been This Way?


1. Chapter 1 ~ This Is My Life

I've Always Been This Way

~ Chapter One ~


I look around the room to find no one in it. Thank the lord. But, with my luck I speak to soon.

"ELIZABETH EFFING BENETE!" My father yells in my face.


"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS IN MY HAND?!" My face turns bright red-- he's been reading my texts. This will be great..[Note the sarcasm]

"M-My phone.."

"And What is on it?" he says calmly. I read it aloud;

To HS7:

Hey H man :]

From HS7:

Hey Mary!


My dad paused me;

"Mary? That-That's your mothers name. Why did you use it??"

"T-To not tell him my real name." I continued.


To HS7:

Guess what?

From HS7:


To HS7:

I think.... I love you. We need to meet up sometime.

From HS7:

You love me? Wow, and we really should! Whenever you'd like, cupcake, name the place, date + time. (;

To HS7:

I'm so sorry, but I really need to go. BYE.


My dad stares at me really awkwardly.

"Need something?"

"A life.." he quietly mumbles. I seriously want to laugh at the comment, but I know I'd probably get a great big slap across the face. I've only gotten those when my dad was drunk and was depressed over losing my mother over 2 years ago. I miss her so much! Obviously you heard her name, Mary, Mary Louise Benete. She was my role model. The greatest mother ever! No one could compare, because she my mother, and my mother only. I'm an only child, to now, my father. Ever since my mother had left us my father had been going to the local bar nonstop- never paying any attention to me and beating me.

I quickly snap out of my thoughts as my ears catch a loud door slam, coming once, than another, and the last being a car door. By the time I regained my face feeling I shuffled around my room to look for my phone, my dad took it. But, what he didn't know was I had an iPod touch. It was won at a carnival from my mum 2 months before she had passed. I sat against my wall pulling my knees up to my face and started to cry, then quietly sob. Once my last tears rolled down my cheeks I turned on my iPod. It came to life in a few seconds and about 2 minutes after, my fingers typed in the passcode. Then knowing exactly where I would be going, I went to the app Kik®, and texted the mystery boy, HS7. He never told me his name and I never told him my real name, Elizabeth Grace Benete. To him I am Mary Hennington. Weird name, I know, but it was the only last name I could think of for my mums name. It wasn't her maiden name, but I guess it would do. I started texting this mysterious boy until he asked me to Skype him. Being me, I refused only to ask him to tell me him full name.

To HS7:

I know this is out of the blue, but what's your full name? I mean I told you mine, so what's yours?


I never received a reply until about a half hour later. I saw that he had seen the text, but must have been shocked at what I had said for some odd reason. Maybe he was uncomfortable telling me even though we told each other every one of our secrets. At this moment I have no clue what's going through his head. Maybe HE isn't even a HE, it could be a SHE for all I know. I knew messaging a random guy on youtube and giving this one person my kik even when he gave me no name what so ever. Now I'm starting to get nervous. Like, what if he tells me one of his deepest secrets and he turns out to be a rapist!!

Right then I hear the loudest slam of the front door, which makes me jump. I quickly shut off my iPod and put the device in its original place. Then shortly after I rush off to my bed and hear dad yelling and slurring his words around. You could tell he went and got drunk. Sometimes I feel really ashamed that my dad drinks so much. And so, every time he comes home from the bar I go and hide in my closet to prevent getting hurt or beaten. He never checks there, how do I know this? Well, I've been doing this since I was 14 and now I'm 17. Do the math, 3 years.

I pick up a sound that sounds like crashing glass. I'm tempted to go down there, but I know I'll definitely get hurt. My eyes begin to get heavy as I drift off to sleep, in my closet.


"D-Dad? W-What are you doing?" My dad walks up to me with a bat. A loud, ear piercing scream escapes my mouth. Which earns me painful slaps numerous times across the faces. Tears flow - non-stop - down my cheeks. My father takes a swing with the bat, but before he does I scream this multiple times:

"BLOODY MURDER!! BLOODY MURDER!! BLOODY MUR-" Before I can finish my loud cries for help the bat comes in contact with my stomach. Right then and there lay on the ground motionless, feeling almost paralyzed. My eyes shut and I feel as if my life went black, I knew I was a gonner. That was, until I woke up in a huge meadow. My eyes flickered open to see the beautiful tulips, trees, and a gorgrous figure making their way over to me. This woman was wearing a bright white, long flowy dress. S-She looks like my mother! After seeing the woman clearly I jump up onto my two feet and run towards her. "Mum!" I was the happiest girl ever. She smiled as well as I did, myself.

"Elizabeth!" My mothers arms wrapped around me, giving me a tight bear hug. "Its so nice to see you after 3 years. I just want to let you know everything will be okay. Your father has been abusive and you need to know, you deserve none of his nonsense." A tear rolled down her cheek,"Sweetie, He's giving you away. There's a family coming to get you in 1 week time. Life with them will be better there. I know it will be." I nodded with tears rolling down my cheeks. I was happy. Happy to see Mother, happy to be leaving my father, and happy that everything will be good, in 1 week.

"Mum, I've missed you." Her sweet smile spread across her face. She grabs my hand then squeezes it slightly.

"I know, sweetheart. I know. But, I have to go, now." Warm tears make their way down my face. At this moment I realized she was really gone. And I couldn't do anything about it, just live my life and have no worries. She would have wanted it this way. I know nothing could have changed the fact she died, but I've always felt that it had been my fault. I love you mum.


Beep! Beep! Beep!

I get awoken by the most annoying alarm in the whole entire world. Two days passed since the glass incident my father had, had after he came from the bar. Two days since I had that dream about my mother. And two days since I've texted HS7. He won't answer my question! I mean how hard is answering a question like, What's your full name?, are you kidding me? My legs feel weak, but I still manage to get around the small room getting ready for school. I wear a mint green tie-front shirt with the word, love, written across it, ripped jean shorts, and a college jacket that is blue. I make my way into the bathroom and do my hair into a quick fishtail-braid. While walking back into my small room I spot my blue charm bracelet sitting on my nightstand as well as my phone, so I snatch them up and fasten the bracelet around my wrist and shove my phone into my back pocket. I walk to my kitchen downstairs and see no one home, so I whip up a quick breakfast; meaning a breakfast bar with a piece of toast, my specialty! haha I'm just kidding. Before the clock hits 7:45 I speed-walk over to my laundry room, snatch up a pair of my shiny, blue studded high-tops. And now it is 7:48. My feet dig into each step I make. I start heading for the bus stop when a yell for my name comes upon my hearing.

"LIZZY!!!" the voice calls. My body turns around facing the way the shout came from.

"LOUIS!!!" I yell back to him. Louis is my best-guy-friend. I run towards him, then hug him. 

"So, I heard your dad smashed glass 2 days ago.." I bite my lip, how does he know this? "Your so cute when you do that..."

"Do What?"

"You know.."

"Obviously I don't if I'm asking you what you think I'm so cute when I do that thing that don't know. That sounded really confusing didn't it?" his expression was blank.

"Umm.. Well it wasn- HEY LOOK ITS THE BUS!" We run towards the bus then hop on. Louis is ignoring my very confusing question.

"Hey Lou, what ever happened to that Harry kid you always hung out with after school?"

"He became a huge player. May I ask why you asked?"

"Well, I sorta liked him then, but if he's a player then no way.."

He raised an eyebrow,"Now sweets, don't go all goo goo on Harry, he's an idiot." I giggled at his attempt at a Louisiana-southern-accent.

"What if I ever fell for him?"

"Why, did you? Because there are a lot of crappy things about him... and ilawvchu."


"Never mind." Did he say... He lawves chus? What in the world? We sit down in one of the bus seats and continue our conversation.

"Louis, am I pretty?" 

"Of course, beautiful!"

"Your lying." I put my head in my hands. Louis gets called by one of his other friends and goes by them. Sigh... "He did it again, Louis.." I mumble to myself. "He did it again..." Tears brimmed in my eyes, but I fought back and nothing came out.  I took deep breaths and soon the bus reached school. My wrists were hurting from the cuts I had made, it became so unbearable I had to cut. My fingers pulled the sweater sleeve over my wrists more so they weren't visable. My feet scrambled over to my locker where, coincidentally, Harry was. Harry Styles, the player.

"Hey, Lizzy." A smirk spread across his face.

"Go away Harry."

"Rawr, we got a feisty one. And I just wanted to know-"

"Whatever it is.. my answer is a no."

"Why do you hate me? Seriously, what did I ever do to you?" I bit my lip not wanting to tell him, but it slipped.

"I used to like you and you never liked me." I covered my mouth can't believing I just told my crush that I liked him.


I took a deep breath,"You didn't know I existed." For some reason I felt guilt. I am not guilty for anything, but I feel guilty...

"I-I used to have a crush on you too, Elizabeth." When he said my real name it was a real turn-on. Like seriously. Before I could take in what had just happened a pair of warm lips came in contact with mine, but I pulled away regreting it fully. "Ergh, I'm such an idiot. I-I gotta go... by-"

"Shut up, Harry." I felt guilt so I pulled him to give him a kiss, but I was yanked away which only made Harry fall, face first, to the floor. 

"LIZZY?! WHAT THE HELL!!??" Louis yelled. I turned around to face him, my face turning bright red. My SECOND crush just witnessed Harry and I kissing. I'm in deep shit. Deep Deep shit. Tears brimmed in my eyes, I tried to hold them back, but no they just kept falling and falling. My feet took me to the farthest bathroom from the "scene". I open a stalling, sat down and cried my eyes out. I can't believe I have feelings for Harry Styles AND Louis Tomlinson... oh AND HS7. Wait.. That name.. it looks so, so familiar..? I guess I'm just really confused at the moment. And when I thought I was done I heard two girls coming into the bathroom, so I shut right up to eavesdrop on the two's conversation.

"So, did you see Alisabith kiss Harry?" Alisabith? What the fuck?

"YEAH! I was like, Harry what the fuck are you kissing that ugly whore for when I'm right here?!"

"OMG! IKR!!"

"Well TTYL!" STOP USING TEXT FRAISES. Jesus. Once the two idiot blondes left I got up and left the restroom. Which only led me to bump into the one... the only... Harry Styles. 




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