He Is My Escape

It took Charlie years, to figure out what actually happened. When she did, she could not believe it. Why did her father keep her from the world? What was his secret? She never went to school. She was street smart. She moved every month. She didn't even bother unpacking anymore. She sees her father do the unthinkable. She is in shock. She has to get away. Before anything happens to her. But will she be able to escape?


10. You have what?

Last time on He is My Escape:

"Who's here for Charlie Simms?" Niall jumps out of the seat at the sound of her name. The doctor waved him over and as they talked, his jaw dropped open. What happened?


*Nialls POV*

What did I just hear? It can't be true.. "Uhm Doc, did you just say that she has asthma..?" I breath heavily. "Yes, Mr.Horan I am very sorry to tell you that she has asthma. I honestly wish I hadn't been the one to tell you. This is always hard." He said, his voice sympathetic. "Does s-she know?" My voice shakes. "No, and I think its best if she doesn't find out right away." He says, his voice hard. "Charlie deserves to know!" I shout. "Be the doctor you trained to be or else I will complain about poor treatment to your patient! Who do you think you are not allowing my girlfriend to know how she is?" The doctor shakes his head, and walks into her room. I can hear him talking to her. He walks out, looks at me and says "She wants to talk to you, your majesty." I glare at him as he stalks off. I walk in and look at her laughing. I look at her confused. "Ive had asthma for years. He didn't know that and obviously you didn't either." She said, her face red from laughing. But her face gets serious.. "Uhm Niall, I guess you should know now.." Her eyes fill with tears. "I don't just have asthma.. I have.."




A/N: IM SO SORRY!!!!!!! I probably wont update again this week.. I have exams and then a CODY SIMPSON CONCERT!! Anywhore, I was going to write about cancer but I know nothing about it so yeah.. asthma it is!! aha so im sorry for the wait, but yahh... Short Chapter, im kind of writer blocked right now but it will pass!  Sorry for the cliffhanger, its my thing ;)


Contest Winner:GAlover1010 Thank you for everyone who entered!! Maybe ill use one of you guys further into the story!


Daily Question: Straight, Bisexual or Gay? Im straight, but I don't judge :)

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