He Is My Escape

It took Charlie years, to figure out what actually happened. When she did, she could not believe it. Why did her father keep her from the world? What was his secret? She never went to school. She was street smart. She moved every month. She didn't even bother unpacking anymore. She sees her father do the unthinkable. She is in shock. She has to get away. Before anything happens to her. But will she be able to escape?


14. They meet .

Marrisas POV

I getinto my car and search for Niall. That son of a bitch hurt my sister and hes gonna pay, only Charlie knows this. Im an angel. No. Not with wings and shit. Its an elite agent force and im the #1 agent. Charlie used to be my partner. But when she shattered all the muscles and bones, in her left hand, she quit. Once it healed she was invited back. She declined,  saying she wanted to try a normal life. But now. She doesn't bave an option.  She's being recruited and we havd a target. Eleanor Calder.  One Directions management knows aboug us. They say Louis has been with Eleanor for far too long. Its a good thing she met Niall, or else id be screwed for this mission. I call into headquarters to find Nialls whereabouts.

HQ: Agent Marissa. Good to hear from you. Hows the mission going?

M: Its begun. But listen I need to know where Niall Horais.

HQ: the bandmate .. yes I see. Oh hereit is. He is at Jasons Flower Bouquet shop on 99st. 

M: Okay thanks.


She heads up 99 and catches Niall in the parking lot. She steps out of the car points at himand says loud eenough for him to hear you. "You."

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